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  1. marton20020324

    Isn't the M1 Carabine overpowered for its price?

    As far as I know, it's not 3 hit kill against HSG and if that's the case it defenitely isn't overpowered
  2. marton20020324

    What 2021 should bring in H & G...

    >Make more roofs accessable PLEASE Reto!!
  3. marton20020324

    Best SU LMG right now

    I just started playing as SU and I'm wondering which LMG performs best after the recent updates, I know the DT 29 was OP for a while but they fixed it AFAIK. Or which one do you prefere? Thanks!
  4. marton20020324

    Ingame HUD problem

    Hi! So here is my hud: Anyone knows how to fix it? I have reinstalled the whole game but it still doesnt work. Thanks!
  5. marton20020324

    War battle list (with concept)

    I mean, there are barely any forward airfield matches, if I saw one on the list I wouldn't care which server it is on as long as my pinger is lower than 130.
  6. Hi! Here is my concept: Basically the pic above. There should be a list of active war battles you can join. So you would be able to see the map you are gonna play on, the ping and the weather condition. As far as I remember there was something like this in the past, but I couldn't find a screeshot of it, so I made my own concept, which turen out to be ugly af, but you see the point. Also, this shouldn't take too long to create, since if you click on the battles on the war map right now, you can see this informations above every match. As you can see I also made a "Suggested match for you", which basically showns a match that has only started in a few minutes, you will have good ping on, and preferably matches you have sent AT's to. Tell me what you think!
  7. marton20020324

    Buff the Pershing

    Now, that you decreased the maintance time of every tank on tank v tank map, I just realised how bad the Pershing is compared to the Tiger 2, I don't know about the IS 2, but it might applies to that as well. It's slow, has a "thin" armor, not that great armor penetration. Because of realistic reasons, the armor cannot be thicker, so I guess the armor penetration and the damage could be upgraded, and if it wouldn't make it completly unralistic, the speed should also see an improvement. Nerfing the Tiger 2 is also an option, but that would make all the german tankers angry, and we have learned it through the history of H&G that buffing is better than nerfing.
  8. marton20020324

    New updates and rebalance of game, Feedback!

    Idk man, US got the best plane, controversially the best tank, JMG is the best close/mid range weapon (might be MG42 tho), best anti-tank rocket launcher, best pistol. 1919 is still 3hk heavy set with barrel mod, so it might be the best weapon in the game.
  9. marton20020324

    Feedback for 1.2

    My captured MG 42 is better than any US weapons, what do you mean it's the worst weapon? You don't even need tight grip to play with it, in fact it feels better without TG, unless you are shooting while standing (why would you even do that??). Other weapons are balanced, tanks and planes are balanced. I think the game has been improved a lot after they messed up everything, still think the beta was better but hey, has been worse.
  10. Getting killed by H3s all the time in tank vs tank is simply the most annoying, infuriating thing I can imagine. Haven't encountered this issue outside the tank vs tank map, but it happens there all the time. Sometimes they don't even spawn a tank just bring the civilian truck and destroy everyone. I have no problems with tankers having mines tho. If you don't want to take away their toys, at least balance the AT granades, since S. T. grenade sucks. Thanks!
  11. marton20020324

    Any news about this map?

    As far as I remember it was meant to be a tank v. tank map, but I could be mistaken. Also I don't get it, you are working on a map that's almost finished, and then dont release it.(tank v tank maps dont have to be big, so there shouldnt be too much to do) So any news about it?
  12. marton20020324


    If that'd be true, why would half of my us friends use captured mg 42? Tiger 2 is still the best tank in the game. Focke is still one of the best planes (if not the best) The game hasn't been more balanced than right now imo. Obviously it's not perfect, but RETO made a good job.
  13. marton20020324

    Hoarder Badge

    It's been bugged since they have added the M2 to the game.
  14. Bring back old mountain town, problem solved. If you ask me, A line and D line have bigger problems, since you have to cross the river.
  15. marton20020324

    When are you going to balance the US devs?

    I'm might be wrong, since I only have captured AVS, so I can't mod it. It really doesn't seem to be overpowered. I don't even use ot anymore, all my modded US guns are better. Don't change anything about it. MG-42 is kinda OP in CQC, but it's kinda hard to balance it since it has a high rof, damage, I'd suggest to increase the recoil a bit, and make the TGG more effective on it.