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  1. dra1002

    Is the game dead?

    Is on that road without any doubt and for years and get out of this is every update more difficult.
  2. dra1002

    Wtf is with the puma

    Do not waste your time if you get what you are looking for, in my case I have enjoyed many interesting conversations and debates and I just look to give my opinion so I do not consider it wasted time. In his case he as a troll/hater has turned his account into a meme in himself since long time ago so I doubt that anyone feels offended or upset that it seems his intention. So the question was because i had a real curiosity about it.
  3. dra1002

    Wtf is with the puma

    I will never understand why you like so much to waste time.
  4. dra1002


    That as a minimum is debatable. All are strategies and for a game to work you not only need to earn money or at least sometimes you need other things to earn money. First, Why did Reto make those offers? They already knew that the volume of sales in real money will be affected so you would confirm that it was a mistake (would be the first one you would see) or had other intentions? whatever it's not such a bad idea A credit discount re-engages players and encourages others, and above all it benefits veterans who have millions and I doubt very much that they were not Reto's main source of income. Is not it interesting that those who have spent money return to the game? There will also be those who do not spend money but in this game with the system to unlock and then buy, as someone said pay to enter the restaurant 100 € to eat something of 40 € dont think Reto have many casual players spending money that way. On the other hand is not any nonsense because what most need the game are players, or what is the same, potential buyers. Its market does not exceed 5-7k, perhaps being generous, daily players that does not seem enough and the tendency is to decrease. How do you solve this? announcing the game, something that Reto has not done and I do not think he does now or doing events that return those who have already been. Over time we will see if the latest events and the strength of the new toys are enough or maybe the discounts will return with credits. To give you an example, you know what is the strategy of a f2p game with gains of 1.8 Billion Dollars in 2016 and 2.1 Billion Dollars in 2017? They have gone from never giving away in their beginnings to that each year, by far, they give more (for free not discounts) of what is their source of income and can only be purchased with real money. Of course it has a trick, the gifts go with events in which you must participate although they are easy for all and accompanied by more exclusive elements so you can spend real money and you keep all the players, who pay and who dont, very happy and without leaving your game. So as a strategy is valid, you only need to have a game with potential, players and an interesting market with adequate prices. Reto only has the first but it has never been exploded, in the second the problem is that it is not accessible to all so it is self-limited market (need advertising and not be only for hight end pcs) and the product by the decisions made every day loses more interest especially in game quality, bugs, metas and equality in fps/rts (you just have to see how a community that mostly seeks fps and especially set in 2ww has declined since the game was launched -> worse gameplay and less interest). And the market is not very interesting in real money for the idea (ribbon system that only makes sense for f2p), prices and variety. What is a good market strategy is the veteran system and the rts part for those who want fast and bigs armys.
  5. dra1002

    Rank this battle

    Neither has any influence nor does it serve anything beyond providing data to Reto. His famous data on the other hand so it may be the most important tool of the game.
  6. dra1002


    It was not your example so it's pure coincidence. They are some of the many examples i saw in years of how to make things fast (specially before bots). What you have described is the correct path but you still do not have FRG as in the example. 😛 About knowing whether or not to inflict the ToS everything is very debatable, I myself did not read the ToS and even if it was only for ethics I have always known that if in a game with 39 more guys I was driving the whole game in circles to get something while negatively influencing another player's economy isnt correct and almost sure not allowed by the rules.
  7. dra1002


    Doing it isnt difficult, doing it the right way without inflicting the ToS is another very different thing. About inflinging the ToS and boasting about it I'm not going to pronounce and its no penalize if im not wrong is more close to ban your account. Many insta report if they see this at war, I am among them. The same goes for unlocking HSG quickly or anything else such as having a full moded Stg with fast reload gold on a 6th lvl character or have a p38 in lvl 3 character without buying a single pistol so in almost all the ribbon or weapons it is easy and quick to unlock it if you know how and "deliberately" infling the ToS. So you can say it's fast? no, you can only say that you decide to "cheat" to make it fast. So if we go down this road we should clarify that any new player has no disadvantage because everything is easy to unlock if you omit the ToS and only do the grind.
  8. dra1002

    How to stop macro fire

  9. Hahaha you are right i dont mean the part where they do test and ask us for a feedback that we all know where go, if not to the part in which they throw it to the public server and after months or years of being laboratory rats have the famous data they need to change something
  10. dra1002


    There is no need to go as far as systems that put one of the parties at a clear disadvantage, like lotobox-gambling that is making laws change in all countries (sooner or later it will be almost universal) or create alternative markets to the one of the own game, that can be positive or negative but like minimum difficult to handle if not directly sell a product known by a reasonable price only in real money and If you want that it is not p2w you do that they are not improved characteristics but details, aesthetics ... it will be by possibilities
  11. dra1002


    Although in the images it seems gamble aspect we havent spoken directly about it being gold for gamble rather sell aesthetics only for gold what I doubt very much that it is bad business (since are games who earn millions annually only with this as a source of income) or have legal problems, correct me if I'm wrong. Of course you need the prices to be adequate and have potential buyers, something that isnt right now in this game but you could go in that direction
  12. dra1002


    I do not express myself very well in English or at least it what I think so the ironic part may be difficult to see in my post. 🤗 Is sad and the problem is that there have been many years in which especially the veterans have been saying that they want to spend the money in Reto and formulas to do it and the only thing that Reto has done in those years is to make discounts only with gold that is not exactly what it was requested. Buyers tell you that they want to give you their money but you continue with your roadmap and ignore it, it seems a working as intended of manual.
  13. dra1002


    Answer: they need money and it seems like a lot Ps. This answer is valid for many more questions asked and will be asked in the future
  14. dra1002


    I know, they were cases with irony. I myself have spent 600+ € in another game even more f2p than this only in cosmetics that do not give any advantage. While in this and when it was still worth it I wanted to spend money and I have not reached more than 60€ because there is nothing to buy or you are giving away the money because the price isnt worth by far what you buy.
  15. But that's not what the players do every time something goes to the live server? test and give data so that a poor and not very thought design can "work" so that phase is fast