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  1. dra1002

    New Tank Destroyers Preview

    The comparison is very unfortunate. It has nothing to do with having a "weapon" of each type of equipment (which is in fact possible with most weapons) with what I am talking about. An accurate comparison would be to talk about pilots and planes or infantry and different types of vehicles. If they put more vehicles for infantry and you could not carry at least one of each type I would say the same. Vehicles of all kinds are resources available in battles (specially in war) and if you can not use a resource you have limited the strategy especially if it is not your decision and you have it unlocked and purchased. Anyway when I comment, the vast majority of the time, I do not do it from my experience just trying to see the whole pic of the game and the players. With the update 1.12 despite not liking the concept of time I had no problem in making a new tanker who is already at level 17 and have almost everything in gold. So my only problem in my main faction is to wait for one of the 5 guys that I have just to make them general to level it up (since I have the 30 max) and make the 3 tanker, something I had already thought only to have all the tanks available or just buy it and change the new for a old (which I will not do) what does not mean that it is a piece of shirt for the new ones or that they have not been playing for so long and that if there are 5 types of tanks with 5 differentiated resources the logical thing is that a specialist can cover that range by itself
  2. dra1002

    New Tank Destroyers Preview

    Same in spanish translation, also into civil vehicles, so check all translations
  3. dra1002


    It is not a bug is intentional so you have to get used to it and use bombs from more altitude
  4. dra1002

    What you’ve been waiting for: The Stronghold Update

    good luck, sadly you will need it 😖
  5. dra1002

    No resources

    +1 The most fun is that if you queue with a specific resource and it ends you are out of the game. For example, you que with a pilot and med planes and these are over, you are out of the game although there are heavy available.
  6. dra1002

    New Tank Destroyers Preview

    Not at all. I see the logic in having 2 or more tanker to have the option of cheap/expensive tanks. But cant have at least 1 per category? No, it doesnt have logic or have Reto logic especially with the new spawn times that force people to change tier within the same category. let's see the math: 1 tanker and cant play all the categorys? good for new players, sure they dont hate this 2 tankers and in a class you dont have the option to use the cheap tier? fun when you have to wait 2-3 minutes in 1 category to be able to have all categories available 2 tankers with the cheap/expensive option and another only for 1 tank category? seems the most ... logical? 5 tankers one for each tank category? Lets pray that in the categories that currently have 4 tanks do not add more Thinking about new players or not so new this is a new shirt while for veterans it will not be a problem, it only takes away more infantry from the maximum of 30 to have more and more specialists. As they continue like this they should start thinking about extending the limit from 30 to 35 or 40
  7. I do not think there's a massive bomb spam but yes, bombs are usually reserved for tanks and apcs and actually are used more than ever to kill a single soldier. Anyway the cancer of the planes is HE and many of the bombs to infantry are to start recharging HE ASAP, especially for those who do not have gold bomber. Since 1.12 I never hide the tank if planes come. If are flying 5 and are competent... ok, I dont use more tanks. If are few or bad pilots? as if they were not, total lose 2 or 3 tanks in a complete game for ignore that there are planes actually works. And as a pilot something similar, while there isnt something more entertaining the play is make turns on the tanks but if I see a single soldier who will capture or defend a point and I cant kill him with the rest, yes, he takes the big prize. why? because with the current game the priorities have changed and you help more to your team (and also have more fun) ignoring the tanks while playing any type of soldier, tanks included. I would say that unless the tanks are in the middle of a bridge or hard camping it always is better to use the HE pilot for fun and victory although the latter no longer matters. I agree that you put a cost for the bombs (it would be nice if you could choose the type as in the ammo) but if you think about the war mode, it is better not to make the planes even worse, with its price and the sponges that are the tanks and vehicles it is difficult to cover the expense of the spawn if it is not with HE vs infantry (speaking of someone with average skills) so the normal thing is that the losses in wf for these ats are even greater than they usually were if you use them without a full clan. Right now you think it's worth using 1k wf in a heavy plane or 400 in a heavy tank? My point is that it is a good business option to increase the life of the vehicles while maintaining the prices of what should kill them (both in wfs and in cred) until the economy leads to bankruptcies to the less experienced guys. So without a readjustment of cred and wf (what is the Reto way) better not nerf anything.
  8. dra1002

    Can our generals put more apc and planes

    If you are a general (by rank) and do not want to participate in rts at least do not criticize the rest of your faction. Do you want planes? send yours. Do you want apcs? send yours. Remember that you are playing war thanks to others so at least do not try to give lessons about strategy or lack of resources if you refuse to participate and you do not know how it works.
  9. dra1002


    18 without image and 21 with it. Coincidence? however the important is to wish the best to those who leave this adventure
  10. dra1002

    how to run from antitank rambos?

    @VenstreDjevel You have proven to be a staged warrior, so stop telling wonderful strategies and if the new system affects or not. Staged is a rainbow world and there you cant know all the impact of the updates in the gameplay, and even worse if you do it debating veterans who have been in the game for years and know every stone of each map. And after seeing this I really doubt that you've been in a clan (at least of this game) and have actually played clan vs clan battles to talk about it
  11. If a battle is not "fun" the troops act as if they were retreating. For a battle to be fun, there must be a minimum of infantry. If it is only infantry, it is 216 (for assaults, skirt and depot are less) and if it is together with tanks, snipers, airplanes or paras would be less. I recommend that you at least send 180 inf to make sure you do not have to be calculating. In any case I attached this that may be useful to you https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/funbattlecalculator/bjeclmenagoienfpfbfadidjnhfcpiih?utm_source=chrome-app-launcher-info-dialog
  12. dra1002

    Two things about when war ends

    I know how desperate is on the German side, I can only tell you that you must have patience and a streak will come (I really want it) and when it arrives always make sure you play both fps and rts in all the soldiers and as fast as you can. I think few know exactly how the ribbon works, but sorry I'm not one of them. I can only speak of my own experience without numbers that guarantee it. What I have heard over time is that if they are used, you gain a flat experience of 200xp but Im not sure if its in rts and/or fps and in case of rts, per at (with 2 ats -> 400xp) or per at and soldier (with 2 ats -> 200 exp) If I should answer, I would say it is a flat experience, i mean, you get that experience regardless of how and only once per soldier (they do not add up) but I've never monitored it, maybe will do if nobody helps us with this. About rts some guys say that you only need the ats in an active battle to win the exp but I prefer to make sure that at least one soldier is used by every at, and yes, you are right, long wars give much more experience compared to short because the more you use a soldier the more experience you gain but for farm the ribbon, again, in my own experiencie is better short wars since normally the other sides lose interest and not deploy at all or change factions making the streak longest and you take advantage of that flat experience (usually like 200exp per 1 or 2 day + what you have played or in more extreme cases with boycott 200exp per 4 hours). I do not know if I've explained well and sorry for not being able to help you more
  13. dra1002

    Infanty Air Support Call

    The idea is not bad and I do not see it Op by itself because it is the same thing that good pilots use when they are the leaders of the squad (orders -> clear this area). The Op in this game is the teamwork thats for sure. What Im not sure is how to implement it, if it should be a walkie talkie or maybe the binoculars to be more relevant in the game (currently only useful for tankers and sniper inf especially of Us). Maybe a new model of binoculars that allows this function? I mix binoculars with this funtion because I see it correlated, see and indicate. Maybe this function be for the recon to have something of relevance? It is assumed that Reto is working on a rework of the recons, they may be given this function just for being of this class. Maybe pilots can do the same marking things for infantry and tanks? like, inf there is a tank be careful in that area In any case it is an interesting debate
  14. dra1002

    Hit Markers

    The aggressiveness comes because this is extreme, or you love it, like your case, or you hate it like mine, and seeing, apparently, that the 1.12 update will not continue to be molded (the gameplay that has left is terrifying) we fear that this (if you hate it you lose the desire to play) stay forever without giving us any option.
  15. dra1002

    Hit Markers

    Agree like the other 2 post about it. Let us choose and make it As Soon As Possible