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  1. dra1002

    please buff the warhawk

    Everything can destroy components fast, what the warhawk lacks is the ttk that the cannons have. So you must hit more with it to destroy planes (or paras plane) Another deficiency of the warhawk is against tanks, although there are tanks i would say take your he your pilot if you do not want to waste your time and be useful to your team Is the worst by far, but calling it asymmetric balance I can swallow with it, for me the problem would be if the p-51 is equally inefficient with other 6x50 and without cannon
  2. English isnt my mother language maybe for that we dont we do not understand each other. First i didnt want to be disrespectful sorry if you understood that way. I think, and maybe im wrong, that you feel your faction as something of yours that has its own character and even its rights (do not get me wrong, that can also be a positive thing and shows the interest you have both in the game and with your mates). I would go further and say that maybe you think even have a community of its own. Those are my thoughts for how you have written, or at least what I have perceived, and if I am wrong apologize. For that I said "with a sense of nationality or own life" and yes, I have chosen my words well and do not go against any TOS that has common sense. Nationality is a thing nationalism another very different that carries political connotations. From the first one we all enjoy ourselves and we all should feel proud of it, in the second one I am not going to enter. Said that i mean that we will never agree as for me the only community is that of the whole game, of which we are sometimes mates and sometimes rivals but in any case we all need each other. And when things go wrong in the game, they go badly for everyone. Do not think that in Us we enjoy this situation for many wars that can be won just as we did not enjoy when we were a dead faction like now Su (which we also were, like Su and Ge were in the last year without going any further). For me Su (like Us or Ge) is nothing more than a set of weapons, vehicles, etc. under a different skin from the other faction and that has its advantages and disadvantages with respect to these. And the only thing that usually binds to being main of one or the other is where you started and built your army and make friends. Also means that depending on the faction you choose and if you play war, you find a wall to play with friends or meet/know more people. With 3 factions 2 walls, with 4 factions 3 walls (It would be a tremendous mistake to implement, let's give an example to Italy as a faction in itself instead of an ally of Ge), with 2 factions only 1 wall. Besides that I find it easier to equal 1:1 ratio than 1:2. In these case i always will take only 1 wall if cant choose without walls and a ratio of 1:1 what seems easy to get. Regardless of how you want to call the mix for my eyes put together Su and Us has all the logic in numbers and have a historical sense (important for some among which I include myself) and helps solve problems that have been since the beginning of the game but worsened 3 years ago by dividing into 3 the playerbase and not keep in 2 implementing Su as its own faction.
  3. Why you call him "SU SACRIFICE" and you dont call it US SACRIFICE?? We can say that Us join Su. That isnt the point but it reflects too much your way of thinking so maybe we cant agree while you keep thinking about Su with a sense of nationality or own life and it is not like that, just as it is not in Us or Ge. They are recreations of armys/countries that fought the war, just that nothing more, Su and Us on the same side and against a common enemy/s, which makes sense we get it as it was so maybe it would help to feel some kind of immersion. It would be just as logical that at least at the beginning the map would represent something of what it intends to recreate. Mixing two things is not the same as adding one to another. and here we talk about mixing while in your example about a fourth faction we talk about adding. And no, mixing two injured does not make a healthy one but it is easier and faster to heal a person than to heal two with the same problems. Right now for every player that wants to select Germany you need two more to match. if it's allies you only need one. it seems easier, is not it? as twice as easy or half as disadvantage to equal numbers It depends on how you want to see it. And no, make no mistake, in the last two years the US population hasnt grown as you think, as much has been maintained between those who leave it and those who arrive new (without taking into account the percentage of all players lost in general). Dont confuse these deployments and these wars that mix a lot the players of all factions as happened in his time in Su and was just as deceptive as now.
  4. You're right but excep in tanks not as much as you think at least vs Us. If you think competitively, each faction only has two weapons; sa and m1919, avs, stg. Thinking quickly about Ge I think his most iconic weapons are at the level but not in Us who in almost the majority of cases they are not at the level of their legend. All t1 smg are iconical and garbage (i will take mp34>ppd>m3) while t2 isnt good at all although they can fulfill their "function" (iconically speaking loses the thompson and by far you are right, the ppsh like a t1,5). In Lmgs in Us i will take BAR or Browning m2 like more iconic than 1919 (the two in the game and the two are shirt) while in Ge and in Su i see it well (in Su only have that option, which is a reason for complaint). In pistol is a joke that the revolver is above 1911, same with the zooka although in this case it makes sense we get another iconic weapon throw the window. In tanks only hellcat is equated while the M4A1 is a bad joke like the whole family of the carbines. So if i want to play iconic weapons in us i know i taking uncompetitive weapons even with the garand that I use without scope if I want some immersive atmosphere.
  5. You are very wrong. with two factions it was already demonstrated that the game worked and it you ask me it did much better than with three. On the other hand, merging the two factions is a option to solve the lack of players in Su so I do not understand why you want to separate to another post. The shortcomings that Su has and why you think that nobody wants to play there will always be the same until Reto solves them but if the two factions get together the potential players of Su will be more since they would have all those who want to play Su more all the potentials that want to play allies and/or play the three factions so in the same war have the possibility of playing 2 factions at the same time, in addition to all those who only play Us and being on the same side are encouraged to develop their Su soldiers. This solution what will never do is give less players to Su
  6. Reto can you make assaults only with infantry? I'm tired of leaving games full of toys when I just want to level up some specific infantry. You know sometimes you get tired of krepost or want some change. Also you can give the option to search games only vs infantry (just like you can choose the types of vehicles with the specialists) Maybe they will already exist, if so, it must be as weird as finding a M4A1, ptrd or german para in war.
  7. My question is: do you really need to see 3 wars in one night to set priorities? because the current state is going for 1 month. 3 wars in one night, 1 war per day or every 2 days, it's the same.
  8. This seems only a cosmetic to make up the ridiculous state of war, with longer times it seems that wars are disputed and people care. No. The war has been dead for at least a year if it's not close to two year or more. As others have said the problem is not the time it is the people with interest in playing war (or going far, playing the game). I understand quite as much those who say that this will improve as those who think that this will make less people deploy because it can be a bandage that appeases a dying man or that is already too late. I am inclined to the second because I do not think it will change anything, the few of us will remain the same, the few who stop deploying may be replaced by some who return but deep down there is no incentive to fight the war for real. Maybe Im wrong and just for see 6h instead 1h people that he has not done in years will suddenly change and will go to tryhard, or more easy -> just play to win in each game instead of using toys that shine more. Do you want real wars Reto? get at least more than 50-70 people with a real interest in playing and winning the war in each faction and get at least 1-2k more to fill the battlefield in each faction. A good step for people to want to play this game would be that the fps games go back to being fun, something that is REALLY difficult to find for many factors that have always been in your hands. A skill mm can solve one of those so at least something good to read.
  9. dra1002

    War Victory badge

    The numbers for victory ribbon are these 508 exp for use hero in fps 122,5 exp for each at that hero/general deploy and move to active battle. In a closed line you get the exp too so they do not need to be used. And yes, there is something strange or wrong because sometimes you gain exp only by deploying the ats but it is random and tends to be in a few ats. For example in the last war, between my generals some did not gain anything and others for an at or for 2
  10. dra1002

    spawn wait time - thx RETO

    In the current state of the game I think the most logical thing is to be selfish and look for your own fun instead of "play as a team" or "play to win" what it was and what it should be. So: Spawn time high? look for another game! Specialist spam? look for another game! Camp game? look for another game! Boring game? why wait until it gets fun? Just... look for another game!!! Repeat this over and over until you're out of leisure time, you change to another game or developers put common sense and solutions to what was a great game. (It is ordered chronologically and the jumps from one step to another can go from days between the first and second to years between the second and third)
  11. dra1002


    Antes de desinstalar prueba a instalar sobreescribiendo los archivos, a mí me funcionó y fue muy rápido
  12. Los tanques y todo lo relacionado con ello esta rotísimo desde tank 2.0 y da igual los cambios que han hecho porque el sistema nació inconsistente, carece de sentido en muchísimas ocasiones y nunca estuvo pensado en conjunto, de ahí que todas sus carencias se agravan cuando se tocan y retocan cosas individuales. Yo ya ni pienso en tanques ni gasto créditos y/o tiempo con ellos, sólo los evito o los exploto para farmear inf en modo fácil. De todas formas, ¿porqué usar un chaffe con sus 700/800 créditos por spawn y sus 3 min de espera? ni es mejor ni compensa por lo que yo te recomendaría que tiraras de Stuart, que hace lo mismo, más barato y en menos tiempo, y, además no te enfadaras porque lleves un t-3 que no se comporta como tal. De hecho, en americanos diría que sólo usaras Stuart y M10 o Hellcat (velocidad o aguante, depende de la situación) y quizás el M36 porque dicen que es una mezcla de M10 y M18, yo ni lo tengo ni pienso comprarlo si no dan opción de llevar las 5 clases y/o intercambiar los tanques entre varios tanquistas.
  13. dra1002

    Picture of the moment

    You do not need to tell me the percentages or statistics. I was there all 2017 in rts and I know what I'm talking about. People in us had periods who got tired of deploying and also some boycott. Since then it has happened in many occasions mainly in Us and Su for the simple fact that they depend more on the regulars or whatever you want to call them and the randoms are more unusual to "mitigate" the effect. Of course isnt the first time in Ge I'm talking about there are no ats around you, you're alone on the map, your flanks are always exposed and if you move you leave everything open for softcap which usually means that new players will lose their few ats, questioning why are you even wasting time in the game while you look like the only one who cares and you see other factions as hunters looking for wounded prey. Although something of this usually happens on the fronts that nobody wants to fight, isnt the same when it happen with the whole faction. Maybe Us would have won many wars like Su in that year and later but those feelings as Ge now has they also had and there is nothing sadder for a faction than reaching those points without a boycott for something in particular. This is what I meant, what brings me memories (good and as you see also bad) and is what, at least for me, shows that image
  14. Nothing confirmed by Reto but the theory is that Ar works according to the cost of wf the ats have in each side. So each apc 40, jeep 30, motorcycle 20 etc.
  15. dra1002

    Picture of the moment

    That reminds me Us a year ago or maybe more. Oh man for me were better times although we had wars in which there was even less que and were raped but at least the battles lasted longer (the fast ones were at 7 min and not 5 and they were not so insultingly frequent), there was no spam and there were many more veterans who left us. I get nostalgic and it make me sad. However it is sad to see the current game state and even more in the Ge faction. It is not easy but we hope that Reto cand find a solution and we can have something like to what we called war, this is now a joke