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  1. dra1002

    Proper Ammo Pouches

    +1 to idea
  2. dra1002

    Update 1.12 - General feedback

    For kill tanks put at mines and shoot it, with 3 you take a light and with 4 a medium or td. Dont try with heavys maybe need 5. You do not need to think about how to place them, from 4 around the tank or one on top of another. It is a sure death. And if you want to get the tank use only 1 or 2 and wait for the tanker to leave
  3. dra1002

    Sword for 12 melee ribbon

    He was armed with a longbow, bagpipes, and a basket-hilted Scottish broadsword. Nicknamed "Fighting Jack Churchill" and "Mad Jack", he was known for the motto: "Any officer who goes into action without his sword is improperly dressed." +1 to the proposal. In fact one of my soldiers takes his name and for the moment he is armed with a shovel until he gets his "little sword" I hope he can get a sword to match his legend
  4. dra1002

    It's time for deployable AT guns.

    I ask you just like I would in the forum about new AT infantry vehicles... But this isnt and it supposes the same in gameplay that a tank but with another name (in this case infantry)? if the objective is for the infantry to be more numerous in the battle, they will achieve it, the tankers will change for tanker infantry, same uselessness for the objectives with different name. Pd New trolling infantry arriving 🤣
  5. dra1002

    RTS AT organization by type

    I already spent 1.25M just to rename the ats and they were ordered. At least now that you can change the name when buying them I do not have to spend more. I support the idea and going further, it would be good to have the option of grouping them as you like, something similar to units and subunits
  6. I did it with a para, changed to infantry lvling to 17 and changed again to para. I have not tried infantry (yet, I want those invisible mines in my us soldier) but it should not be a problem
  7. That´s Op. Reto.Moto please nerf the Reto.Moto´s silence.
  8. dra1002

    ¡Pregunta a los veteranos!

    Si quieres usar la mp40 con la llave inglesa tienes que hacer lo contrario y disminuir los puntos de equipamiento de ésta, llevándola solo con un cargador de munición (se cambia en las características de las armas)
  9. Nice dude so funny!
  10. dra1002

    Screw faction bias, I am infantry biased now

    No limitation in paras as they must be treated as infantry. And yes, if there are no enemy 2 tanks HE spamming I think that is enough. I am against the limitations but I am even more against the campers. Same with snipers or planes, you do not need more than 2 for the role to be relevant in the battle. This forces to play the objectives that are supposed to be what the game is about, being able to play specialists as necessary or as a complement. Do not doubt that the punishment in fact the games every time last less, but I do not speak of me, I try to defend that everyone's games are more fun for everyone and all those who have neither the equipment nor the knowledge to punish a team of tanks are punished by them.
  11. dra1002

    Screw faction bias, I am infantry biased now

    I agree and disagree. I explain I disagree with the weapons, as infantry always will be infantry and yes you can win a game with the whole team with smg. In fact the american faction is very oriented to cqc so for they would not be anything strange and sms are the best thinking in token system. It may be easier if you have a mix that covers short and medium/long ranges but weapons are not as effective as the knowledge of the map while with a whole team of tanks the odds are reduced because of the difficulty of putting them inside the points. But I agree that a systematic limitation would not be good either, something in between as a team can only exceed 2 the specialists of the opposing team could be tested
  12. dra1002

    Screw faction bias, I am infantry biased now

    Anyone who knows how to play the objectives knows that team play is not the best way to deal with tanks. Take another tank or bypass with apc or paras. You can keep killing tanks? Yes Interested in killing tanks? not much unless the enemy has very few left. Does it compensate to kill tanks? no, you only lose time and credits. Conclusion: let the tankers enjoy killing newbies until there are no more infantry left to kill
  13. dra1002

    Update 1.12 - General feedback

    Ty for clarification and totally agree I have experienced the same problems and I have stopped using them. Although similar things can happen in the jeep, it is more rare and does not affect the gameplay at all. The reverse speed in all the infantry vehicles currently seems to me the most anodyne, could multiply the current by 2 or 3
  14. dra1002

    Update 1.12 - General feedback

    Hey jacky what do you mean or why the bikes are more broken than ever?
  15. dra1002

    Update 1.12 - General feedback

    I do not like the handling or speed both on and off road. And yes, off the road for me it's still slow on all vehicles except tanks and kettenkrad. After the two speed increases at least have some logic to use a vehicle to flank. I dont like for the simple fact that most points are far enough away so, with the new system, to play the objectives, it means for me to drive more time which makes me take longer to get to the fps part, which is what the game is about. For drive and realism i play rally games or f1 in wich I can feel even a coin on the asphalt. But i didnt criticize it while allow to flank and be what the majority of the community wants so I am spawning on foot more than ever, more exp and grinding hsg in my troll guys. The idea of ground sensation can be positive if it is well implemented but that needs that the maps and their lands, roads are designed for this purpose. For example, I would have no problem if I get drastically reduced the speed in a flanking route that leaves me behind the enemy/or its a safe route vs tanks/sniper or would be satisfied if the different zones are studied and have a logic or if you can choose between at least 3 different roads that connect the same point and not just one where 70%+ of the enemy team looking to with tank plane and snipper insane spam. So the problem of Reto is make an effort that nobody asked him (means a lottery that it likes it or not if you dont talk to the community) changing the fluidity of the game in a system that is not compatible with your maps without redoing these and thinking that their players want a more slow game in the style of the games recently released instead of thinking that if you get close to that type of games what will happen to you is that you will lose the few players you have for these games.