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  1. dra1002

    Credit making

    If you havent unlock tanks its good for it too since the t1 are the only ones that give exp on the ribbon for killing infantry and vehicles. Remember that the more you kill, the more credits you earn
  2. dra1002

    STG Underpowered

    It's not that difficult... lately of the 1919 that I find 80% are badly moded and that is already difficult.
  3. dra1002

    Credit making

    Go war, take a t1 light tank without enemy tanks and swim in credits with 10k+ of profits and 100 cred or less of expenses. I forgot ... you will also feel like a player with insane skills
  4. dra1002

    Siege of leningrad (H&G edition)

    Congratulations!!! you did a great game! Although for me I left mixed feelings, we entered in mm when it was already started, something I hate and we were more than an hour in the game so I had to restart the game twice, the second time I left the game was with o1 without enemies and when I returned game was end. So bad taste in my mouth because I did not know how it happened and cant help, imagine it would be for an apc. Sorry for that It was strange, I was in or around the point defending and whenever I saw him he went with pz most of the time even if it was to capture o1 so normal that he died so much. But you're right still he didnt lack determination 😲 I report it as soon as I see it, as I do with everything that is against the rules or offensive. After that, Reto decide.
  5. dra1002

    Why are SU weapons allowed to remain so bad!

    True. I would call t3 at mp40 and pps, t2.5 at tommy and t2-1.5 at ppsh, just didnt want to go into details but the bullet speed of the tommy is a joke that is overlooked by having so many options for cqc.
  6. dra1002

    Why are SU weapons allowed to remain so bad!

    In vehicles you have all the reason and in guns almost. I would only change that the pps is better than thompson and near to p40 and you forget the best Soviet weapon, the avs. For me the problem isnt that you dont have competitive weapons, is that you dont have variety of weapons compared to other factions. Apart from that the worst part is for the at weapon that are a joke and vehicles of all kinds and in all categories (except t-20) or are worse or dont stand out in any class against those of other factions.
  7. dra1002

    Reto, Where is the Fun?

    I do not know why you limit the question to the tanks. This days isnt hard find fun in the game in general?
  8. dra1002

    Current position

    I do not understand all these frictions. The war is dead. She's been dead for more than half a year if it's not close to a year. The clans, with few exceptions, shun more than ever. There are fewer clans and less vets interested in war than ever in the 5 years I've been playing. There's why you start to see more veterans than ever in staged, and I mean Su and Us vets and Ge who until not long they only played war. You even start to see Su clans or Us vets squad in staged very often. And yet the only faction that seems to be in line with these times is Ge, he doesnt care about war, he wants to do wfs and have interesting fights and if things get better than thought start fights for victory and you see some tryhard. I dont understand the tryhard of Us that doesnt need and appears more when dominates the map than when he needs it like last war, and from afar it only seems a way to justify that the victories dont seem unopposed. Maybe im wrong. I also dont understand the tryhard of some guys outside of us, for example @doramass, Su mostly tend to do what Ge so why you lose your time and wfs? I mean nobody or almost nobody cares and sometimes its better reach the bottom to solve the problem and what you do is prolong this situation even more. Reto is characherized by acting only when the situation is limited, as the change of Ar because the wars were one day. The only thing you do is adulterate a reality. Let the war show its real tendency and it may be that Reto cares something again and wants to solve it once and for all. Dont get confused. The war is the same situation as before 6h of Ar. The only difference is that Reto has makeup the situation making it last more. So the 1 day wars are now 6 only for that. Nothing more has changed.
  9. dra1002

    Tank vs Tank Deploy times?

    Well only t1 or t2 light tanks. With the t3 we are in the 3 minutes too 😆
  10. dra1002

    the best faction to start as a tanker

    Just OMG. OMFG. You are pro...a really pro troll
  11. dra1002

    Fun para battles

    I agree with what you say but dont forget that these parablocks are being abused by all factions. Especially by Us and Su. It is not to defend someone, on the contrary, everyone who uses this tactic sucks but be fair and not focus on a person and/or faction. The record I've seen has been more than 15 cities (in the same area) with fun parablock by Us followed by 10 cities by Su and finally no more than 4 for Ge.
  12. dra1002

    War Victory Ribbon - How it works

    Thanks for the explanation but I mean that if they have to be "new" Ats or if you can do those cycles with the same 50 ats with all the guys. Mostly my curiosity comes from, like as I said, in a couple of cases it didnt work for me, so sorry for the insistence but want to have it clear and consider my case like a bug.
  13. dra1002

    War Victory Ribbon - How it works

    Oh good to see the post is finally published. I think it's pretty well explained (sure better than I would have done) and thanks for the mention @HorstVII. @r2gy about that I didnt say much or anything in the previous post because it is the only thing that I didnt try much. It was not easy to end up with enough ats and exchange to see the results and that they were believable and not bugs. I have it pending to do it with another faction in which I have less ats and burn them quickly. Between what I test on a couple of occasions with a couple of ats if you exchange one at for another but this has already given those exp to another hero, you dont gain extra exp. I couldnt try with unused ats for queue and as I said were few tests so cant be sure either. My theory is that in the best of cases, each at can give exp on the ribbon once. If so, you could gain more exp if the ats you trade have not been used by another hero. Maybe not, so the exp is limited to the maximum number of CP you have. When I have information about this I will publish it or if someone has tried it seriously can help us so my question is @Trollfaktor you say it for having tried it? If this is the case, please explain how it works.
  14. dra1002


    Why can people complain that game only lasts 10 minutes? with times like 3:45 in a pershing and Is2 or 4 in KT, 3 min in light or 3:52 in a chaffe, 3+ in med... Camon guys It isnt so bad be between 1/3 or 1/2 of the game waiting in front of the screen (because we all know that whoever can will not take the shirt tanks). Reto do it for us bc at least we already know that if die from the middle of the game we can stop wasting time go out and find another game.
  15. dra1002


    Guys you keep taking a stab in the dark. So if those tanks are the most used in one mode, let's put more time in it... sure it has nothing to do with an imbalance in the tanks and this doesnt matter if affects other game modes. But hey just do something without thinking too much and let's see how it affects the game in the next month. When the month passes, let's do it again. So we can do as many tests-mistakes as we want with our players and maybe with our eyes closed one day let's hit the solution instead of studying a method that solves the problems. I hope that at least you dont ask why the players are so angry and because so many leave. If they are the best tanks, hey let's leave them like that, that those tanks keep on farming as much as they want but that those who want to use them wait longer. So we make everyone happy, those who use these tanks because they wait more and those who face these tanks because their characteristics will continue to be those that make them Op. It seems very logical. Following that great logic why you dont put more time into the Stg used so much in staged? or in 1919 so common these days in war? or maybe in the.... of Su. oh there are so few players that nothing stands out? By the way the Sa is used so much in first encounter... Put in it 30 sec more for all. When you want you take things seriously and solve the problems of the game. It is ridiculous that it is the second hotfix oriented to the new map and still face light and heavy tanks. Notice; the times have not solved anything and never will solve anything, but continue to insist on "solutions" that makes more difficult to the players continue playing your game.