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  1. Too Few warfunds awarded to generals issue

    why u dont want free wf because u just have 1 at ? its not our problem we losing WF we need WF back
  2. Too Few warfunds awarded to generals issue

    Free 10 - 5M WF or free deploy for one month
  3. good pilot

    mr professional photoshop stop fake pics what is ur ign
  4. good pilot

    i'm in clan but they don't play staged + thanks for insulting
  5. good pilot

    i want good pilot mate play with me heavy planes in staged pm here or ingame ''dogzon''
  6. network is trying to catch up

    i can't help atm.
  7. Sorry, BattlEye is not enough.

    battleeyes is the best anti cheat atm reto cant do anything more please respect them for once
  8. to all soviet players

    why u insulting me its not allowed !! i dont know who u are and what are u talkin about
  9. keep it up guys
  10. Battle eye

    restart ur pc
  11. me ? nope u are wrong
  12. prove that u lol you killing me then come to me and say '' ez ''
  13. no i dont insult them u can check chat prove that
  14. posting PMs on forums is not allowed. << hahaha but insulting is allowed