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  1. SirMrGuyHuman

    Oakleaf Panzerschreck with Green Pea or Oakleaf camo?

    Don't buy oakleaf, new textures from a while back made it useless
  2. SirMrGuyHuman

    New technologies and gaming communities

    place is still a cesspool nearly as infested with brain degeneration as this place is
  3. SirMrGuyHuman

    New technologies and gaming communities

  4. SirMrGuyHuman

    So I heard the panzer 3 has buffed HE shells now

    I'm sorry you just can't understand logic of the Reto variety... clearly a shell that's smaller and weighs less should have more explosive filler!
  5. SirMrGuyHuman

    AA Vehicles

    who has ever used those except for brainlets
  6. SirMrGuyHuman

    AA Vehicles

    park it on a slope lol
  7. prob lmao, there's hardly 5 FW190s in the entire German faction in war lol
  8. Right, I'm sure that happens soooooooo often
  9. Headline: HE spammer pilot complains that there are methods besides other planes to stop him from bullying infantry
  10. SirMrGuyHuman

    remove soldiers?

    No, you should be incredibly insulting in the message and use ad hominem remarks.
  11. SirMrGuyHuman

    Prototype server is open now

    because it's a major disappointment
  12. SirMrGuyHuman

    Hurray for Japanese localization!

    shhh don't say that, clannies are sensitive beings
  13. SirMrGuyHuman

    Hurray for Japanese localization!

    The point is that if Asian clans push a front there's nothing another clan can do against them due to the ping
  14. SirMrGuyHuman

    Antichit will go out for a walk

    ironic, DD member jk ik you're not Lauri
  15. SirMrGuyHuman


    omegalul imagine not exploiting fails of bad game I am completely aware of how BS the badge is, which is exactly why I (and basically all other vets) spam the hell out of it lmao not using HS = lower brain level, imagine not exploiting this when it's literally one of Reto's biggest failures to date unfortunately I don't have a mouse that can do motion macros, only button macros ngl the cope going on here is pretty funny, learn to adapt to the scummy ways of others.