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  1. SirMrGuyHuman

    Captured PTRS

    Funnily enough, it costs over 100 dollars US to buy a captured PTRS and associated ribbon with gold (And I know there are def people who have done this)
  2. SirMrGuyHuman

    Question about GPU&CPU usage

    About 70% CPU, 20% GPU CPU by far GPU: GTX 1050 CPU: i7-7700HQ About 80 fps
  3. SirMrGuyHuman

    suggestion of Capitals shift

    Maybe US and SU should actually deploy rather than "boycott"? Literally a skill issue lol, using only player stats to balance is kind of a meme. In Counter Strike, for example, the vast majority of kills are made with AWP, AK, and M4. Are those three weapons in Counter Strike op? According to Reto logic, yes. It's been a long time coming.
  4. SirMrGuyHuman

    suggestion of Capitals shift

    RS is almost the sole offender of that, funnily enough. Karma bites back, doesn't it I'm sure that our SU and US friends here, known reasonable men and fairplay followers (1919 was so fair back in the day y'know), will be completely fair and not realize that they were the ones who claimed it was just GE toxic vets when they kept losing wars due to having the longest front. Is the current war map an issue? Absolutely, and so was the old one. Double standards? lol lol imagine needing to plan your AT movement rather than mindlessly deploy and live off underdog bonus
  5. SirMrGuyHuman

    M2 Carbine Sights Error

    lol tfw no sleep in 27 hours as stated above, I have found that they actually cannot lol
  6. SirMrGuyHuman

    M2 Carbine Sights Error

    After testing, I have found that INTERESTINGLY: The Carbine actually doesn't share ANY mods with the StG, trigger and spring included. This, despite the fact that their per shot repair costs are actually the same, except for the carbine's bullet being cheaper...I just happened to have some G43 mods that I don't use anymore than I completely forgot about lol Again, Reto, pls fix. Make their mods Assault Rifle type or make the StG have SA type lol
  7. SirMrGuyHuman

    M2 Carbine Sights Error

    I just got myself a captured M2 carbine (finally!). It appears that the StG sight mod (from hereon out referred to as "sights") that costs 23k is not the same sight as the M2 Carbine, as the Carbine uses a sight that costs 22k. It's not the MG sight. I didn't own any other sights on that character except for the StG one, so I decided to go over to my US carbine guy to test it out. I removed the sights from my carbine, and mounted sights on my Garand. Well what do you know, I no longer have a sight ready to equip on my Carbine. So, it turns out that the M2 Carbine actually uses the sights from the semi-auto rifles rather than the ARs. Meanwhile, the StG has its own proprietary sights that are not transferrable from another German weapon, and the AVS has its own proprietary sights not transferrable from another Soviet weapon. Reto, pls fix. Either make them all have their own sights or make them all have the same sights as ARs.
  8. SirMrGuyHuman

    stop expire veteran membership when you are offline

    lol just ingest pure caffeine for 24 hours nerd (btw i hope you're not buying 24h vet lol)
  9. SirMrGuyHuman

    Why do you play?

    kek lmao
  10. SirMrGuyHuman

    Why do you play?

  11. SirMrGuyHuman

    Post your new soldier (faces) creations

    The Cologne Courier
  12. SirMrGuyHuman

    buff german pls

  13. SirMrGuyHuman

    Ps4 and Xbox One compatibility

    You do know you can see your controls in the menu right
  14. SirMrGuyHuman

    Alternative Armor Tier list and Vehicle Analysis

    New players who want to avoid tryhards and tanks and stuff?
  15. SirMrGuyHuman

    How to start making war funds as an RTS beginner?

    There are several places to coordinate with other generals. Usually, experienced generals can give you live (or as close to live as possible) pointers on where to go. I would highly recommend joining an experienced and established clan of whichever faction you're in; they should all have people that know what's going on.