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  1. SirMrGuyHuman

    RETO you won - I join the dark side

  2. SirMrGuyHuman

    Next round of weapon balancing

    But the MG42 is 5hk and the 1919 is 4hk. Even against no HSG, the MG42 is 4hk while the 1919 is 3hk (an even bigger difference). Your numbers are wrong. do you even own one refer to my above comment MT is far superior to the 42 at beyond 80m. It's not even a contest. The MG42 suffers from much worse individual shot accuracy at longer range, especially combined with the much worse recoil, even with a bipod. I have mained US for the past 6 months. Fits the whole CEF in Burma theme and all.
  3. SirMrGuyHuman

    Next round of weapon balancing

    Literally do basic math; you will find that the TTK of the 1919 and MT against HSG are only about 60 ms worse than the MG42. It's literally a matter of multiplication and division. DPS isn't everything; there's a reason that between 2015 and 2019 few people used the MG42 seriously. M2 Carbine and PPSh, when modded up, are far and away better than the MG42 in CQC (pretty much the only place where the MG42 is still useful with this recoil nerf)
  4. SirMrGuyHuman

    Next round of weapon balancing

    The difference in TTK between the two is about 60 ms (as in, nearly two times faster than the fastest professional CSGO player reaction time), and the MG42 is absolutely not laser precise without recoil, unless the last time you played this game was over a month ago. Even with TGG and bipod deployed it still has far more recoil than its counterparts. Quite frankly, it just makes more sense to use the MG34 for GE atm. The 1919 is mostly fine, while Reto nerfed the DT into ground with pretty underwhelming damage output and high recoil. The MT, on the other hand, is still a very capable weapon, that excels at longer ranges. This screaming and finger-pointing about some truthfully trivial matters is what's killing this game anyways.
  5. SirMrGuyHuman

    Next round of weapon balancing

    well this didn't happen lol
  6. SirMrGuyHuman

    Next round of weapon balancing

    cry harder People have been arguing to just buff other shirt for a long time but I think you know just as well as everyone else that Reto is run by some interesting characters, and y'know, we're all just toxic veterans whose voices don't matter no, the old scope meta was cancer
  7. SirMrGuyHuman

    Next round of weapon balancing

    I haven't kekd this hard at an update in a looooooong time - nerfed into the ground, once again - was this necessary? - lol - uh, sure...? - sure, makes sense - uh, why? - good - good - why - good - good? - WHY? LOLOL THAT THING SUCKED ALREADY - ok - LOL AHAHAHAHAHAHA - sure, not sure if its stats were lacking at all tho - sure, same as above tho - ew, cringe - sure - cringe
  8. SirMrGuyHuman

    New Grenades!

    it seems to be effective to throw these on tank roofs/under tanks. Armor is quite thin there and so it should theoretically do far more hull damage than armor damage.
  9. ...nachladen oh hohohohoh!!!!!! 0:58
  10. SirMrGuyHuman

    Hades Hyped Me

  11. Weeaboos are not taken to kindly in this neighborhood.
  12. SirMrGuyHuman

    NERF AT's

    Woah! Another addition to the endless forum war between tankers and AT soldiers that will never end because of how armor is handled in this game! Wooooooooooooaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. SirMrGuyHuman

    Reto development cycle reverse engineered and exposed

    tfw their current model is worse than the one they made 2 years ago lmaooooooooo
  14. SirMrGuyHuman

    Assault weapon?

    fully semi-automatic death machine
  15. SirMrGuyHuman

    AVS36 (Fix asap,please)

    No no no, clearly K98 needs a 30% weapon stats nerf to compensate for its performance stats /s Anyways, anyone with even a smidge of common sense knows that you cannot use solely raw statistics with no statistical adjustment at all to account for any other factors to do changes to weapons. That simply does not make sense. This method of seeing what needs to be changed has hurt all three factions in the game, some a little more than others. If governments made decisions on statistics of its people without any detailed analysis, extrapolation and interpolation, contextualization, and other factors, we would have a completely mismanaged world. This hardly requires a master's degree in statistics or sociology or whatever other science to understand. If you have a brain larger than an almond, these should be pretty easily understandable concepts. Reto has demonstrated time and time again that they do not possess the latter.