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  1. If you are going to let the germs start in Rig, then let the US start in Paris and SU start in Lenin.
  2. Johnny_Reb_

    Can't Decide on Tanker Uniform

    Should I go with the Green, the Light Green or the somewhat Light Green? So much work must have gone into it, i just can't decide.
  3. Johnny_Reb_

    E8 looks so washed out now.

    What did you do to the E8? It looks acid washed.
  4. Johnny_Reb_

    M4A3E8 Sherman

    Well, the new model sucks, it's so washed out.
  5. Johnny_Reb_

    Grease gun is shirt now.

    And this is the gun they going to put a silencer on for the US faction while putting it on the MP40 and the PPS43 for the SU and GE factions. They luv to throw the big D to the US any chance they get.
  6. No crates are appearing on my jeeps. Tried unchecking rechecking, changing, nothing works. They still don't show.
  7. Johnny_Reb_

    gotta do something bout the US Reto

    Well, when reto puts out an update that gives two factions weapons one faction none, two factions 4.0x starter scopes for recon, one faction 1.9x then make them grind and pay to just get a 2.8x scope, this tells you something. What happened to that Fair and Balanced update? LOL, JOKE is on the US.
  8. Johnny_Reb_

    Unbalanced Scopes

    Better yet, why do the soviets and germans start with a 4.2x scope and US sniper gets a 1.9x then has to pay 90k credits for a 2.8k scope. So US solider has to grind more, pay more to eventually get a 8.0x scope. ya, fair and balanced there.
  9. Johnny_Reb_

    American sniper

    Ya, some bias bullcrap here. US sniper gets the 1.9 infantry scope while the russian and german snipers start with a 4.2 scope. Grind and pay 90k credits for US sniper to just get the 2.8 scope. WTF RETO.
  10. Johnny_Reb_


    Have you actually played the game since they gave them the new characters? I been around awhile, this is the first time I seen 12 or more recon, pilots, tankers in a match. Just watched US lose 70 light tanks vs no enemy tanks in a match, 12 guys playing tanker. SO ya, I won't be sending toys in fights now. You go on tho bud, good on ya.
  11. Johnny_Reb_


    War matches aren't experimental battles. They are fought with other players hard earned warfunds.
  12. Johnny_Reb_


    WHat a freaking JOKE! Now all these noobs are playing pilots, recon and tankers. So far I have seen 12 pilots in a match on our team, 12 recons, and 12 tankers. WARNING GUYS, do not send your hard earned planes, tanks, recon into fights anymore. The newbies with all the free characters will trash them like there is no tomorrow. YOU are screwed on wf which is good for RETO bad for your wallet. I won't send anymore toys into a battle. NOT WORTH IT! RETO made sure you get screwed by handing out all these free char to anyone, and allowing all these folks to abuse your resources. Oh, side not, nice to see 90 percent of enemy using all these new mg's and laying waste to the US players like there's no tomorrow. And ya wonder why the US faction is down and out.
  13. Ok, been noticing inconsistencies with wf and exp for battles so set up a test. I sent two footsies into 7 battles. Both units were used in the battles. Losing infantry in all the battles. One unit is showing only 130 exp when it should be 210. The other is only showing 160 and should be 210. All defense battles that won. The other thing I checked, i put 140 jeeps, 150 bikes in a 30 min battle. It won, i lost 60 jeeps, over 60 motos, cost me 3k wf just to replace the inf. My warfunds stayed the same after the battle as it did at the start of the battle. No change, except - amount for the reinforcing. So i strongly suggest you all check your wf and exp on your battles. There is something screwed up and broke right now and it will screw you over. I myself will not put anything else in battle until this is looked into. And yes, i have logged out, logged in rechecked, nothing updated. I waited a day, still no change. Crock O Shiz
  14. Johnny_Reb_


    Sweet something else to get head shot out of for US.
  15. Johnny_Reb_

    1.15 - THE WAR UPDATE

    Sure glad they cut the resource production. Sure glad they added resources from staged matches. Time to find something else to play.