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  1. kullitonhirvi

    This is just sad

    What's happened to this game? Or more, lack thereof. I used to take H&G very competitively, climbing high on the leaderboards and putting in many hours every day. Then, quit for around 1.5 years, Now there is literally no new content. No new unique features, and really just zero content. All we've had are some balance adjustments which, don't get me wrong, are great, but are not solving the problem which is that the game is just dying. And I'm pissed off about this. I sincerely trusted Reto by buying like 2 war funds back when they were in the game. Granted its not much but still, I placed my trust, as did many others, in this company to deliver something decent. That's how low the bar is. We dont even need anything good, just something resembling decent. Today I played 2 games and I won't lie, I enjoyed them. Compared to my time 2 years ago, the game balance is... different. All factions now have access to all weapons. I have mixed feelings about this but in the end I believe it to be for the greater good. Also, Reto has done a decent job of nerfing guns in general, and planes (although I got to top 30 on the LB with planes, even I knew they to be OP as hell). It certainly was difficult accepting all factions having all weapons as a veteran player but, I digress. I'm glad for myself that I can enjoy this game still, but it is so ungodly unappealing to every new player. It runs like a potato regardless of the system (I can barely get 80fps on lowest settings, whereas I can get 400 on CSGO), there is no tutorial or introduction, you're just thrown into games with fully loaded AVS's, and worst of all there is no real community on this game. Its truly ghastly when comparing the community (or lack thereof) to other games. Reto has many good features in the game. I believe things like healing others, the wide customization of weapons, a wide range of classes to play is all things we take for granted as H&G players, and we shouldn't. Being able to go from an infantry man to a bomber-fighter pilot in one click of a button without questions asked (assuming the resources are there and you have the soldier) is truly great, and rather unique for H&G. The game has also solved many of the potential imbalances caused by said feature well enough. For these and a few other things done well, Reto has retained an ounce of respect from me. More of a nostalgic respect, though. I apologize for this pseudo-rant, but honestly I'm just so disappointed in this joke of a game dev called Reto moto.
  2. kullitonhirvi

    Share your biggest credit amount!

    Good day soldiers, what's your biggest amount of credits you've garnered in a single match? Here's my personal best; A 3 way battle in which I got 72 fighters (heavy and medium) destroyed, got 67k credits https://imgur.com/a/2jydme1 Share your own personal bests!
  3. kullitonhirvi

    Bug on airfield that makes the player get stuck, unable to move.

    played the game myself since 2015, maybe ive just been lucky thus far but havent come across one b4
  4. So this is an annoying bug to be sure. This spot is near D2 in airfield. See for yourself Video proof I'm sure a little bit of clipping'd fix it, thanks.
  5. kullitonhirvi

    The superior model 1934 to rule all

    It would be unrealistic to expect anyone to aim perfectly at a situation where a) you have multiple enemies and b) there's a hellcat with HE staring down at you. You would have not hit him in the head, neither would have anyone else in THAT specific situation. The human mind can only focus on so many things at once, and even if you try your hardest to focus on one, all the other distractions will significantly weaken your focus level.
  6. kullitonhirvi

    The superior model 1934 to rule all

    Yeah, I'm more or less used to the p38 at this point in time, so I didn't take the increased drop-off into account, admittedly enough.
  7. kullitonhirvi

    The superior model 1934 to rule all

    Yeah you see one clip of me and say I have poor aim, I get why you'd think so, but let me assure you a poor aim is the last thing I have in this video game. Alright you win this arguement, leg-shots do significantly less damage.
  8. I've noticed the Panzer-Büsche is in fact able to 2 shot a medium fighter, yet a bomb doesn't take care of one. It is odd indeed.
  9. Feedback'd be appreciated, thank you.
  10. So I'm fairly new to the RTS, I have a level 19 general with a bunch of leveled up AT's but this hasn't happened to me before... I have all the resources, and there are recons in the stockpile, Morale is at 100 % yet I'm unable to deploy anywhere... Maybe servers being slow? I tried doing this for at least 5 mins, still not working. If someone knows a fix to this, please share thanks.
  11. kullitonhirvi

    ☠The Last Battalion☠

    Age: 17 Country: Finland Reason for Joining: no clan atm, looking for some squad action Time-Zone: EET In-game UN: kullitonhirvi Discord UN: s4mbba#4495 Mic?: Yes Do you have Assault teams? Yes If so how many and what type are they? 11, all Guards