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  1. SandySage

    (Why Rusty) Captured Maschinenpistole 40

    Again... I don't like it.
  2. Hello H&G Development Tean, Was the "Stolen Maschinenpistole 40" textured as a inside joke? Currently the textured looks rusty?! However, every other stolen weapon looks perfectly fine... as with color? The MP40 looks really wacky/odd and orange, though! Maybe could you guys maybe considering looking into changing it? SandySage "H&G Support Center Staff Suggested me to report my findings/ overview here"
  3. SandySage

    [War Room] The issue...

    I wasn't trying to cry, I was showing why we lose.
  4. I screen captured this last night... Nothing about it is at all edited... It's just one guy's army....
  5. SandySage

    Spawn trucks randomly not working

    In the new update, if a enemy gets to close to the truck, nobody can spawn. If somebody even shoots the truck, nobody can spawn.
  6. SandySage

    [Bug] Vanishing Aircraft Bombs

    Hello RETO Members, I've noticed something really buggy since the update. If you fly to faraway or fly to high, the bombs will randomly vanishing after hitting the ground. Even to make things worse, I've had bombs hit targets but there wasn't any explosion nor any experience given from the bomb. They just simply vanish randomly... It's as if there's a (skybox around the player's object.) If it goes out of that box... poofffff... gone! Thanks for reading and looking into this, SandySage