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  1. The Puma is ridiculously good. It is over powered in the current game. Specifically in infantry assault maps. It has no real counter. 1. The Puma is ludicrously fast and can run away from anyone trying to blow it up. 1b. No seriously, it can cross any map in seconds. 2. Somehow it can absorb 4 bazooka and not die, and bazooka appear to do less damage to them than equivalent tanks. 2b. Somehow bazooka cannot seem to disable the wheels, like you could the tracks for tanks, letting the Puma always run away. 3. To add insult to injury, you don't even get any AT ribbon experience for damaging/killing one with AT weapons, even though it is straight up a tank. Partially this seems to be because more Germans have it than I see Americans with greyhounds, or the Russian BA-11. But the point still stands. The Puma seems to me to be unequivocally the best vehicle in the game, and its a little too good imo in its current implementation. My Questions... Does this seem to others to be the case? Is there some weak point that I just haven't found? Can you actually disable the wheels in such a way as to slow it down significantly? And should the speed be nerfed to make it not hilariously fast? I feel that that is the case. Or should the silly American stop complaining about Germany's motorcycle panzer?
  2. Kevin_Eagle

    MG13 Reload Speed vs. Other Guns

    That actually makes sense for the MG13 and is historically accurate. And is evident in the reload animation. Thanks for pointing that out. Although the FG42 doesn't have that feature and reloads in the same 3.3 seconds. So for instance the Johnny gun could reload around as fast as the FG42 I would think. But you are correct that having a bolt release mechanism is going to be faster than having to charge the charging handle. But charging the charging handle shouldn't take a whole second longer. Just a fraction of a second longer. For instance the johnny could be changed to reload in 3.5 or 3.6 seconds. Making it slightly slower than the MG13 but more reasonable than the current 4.3 seconds.
  3. MG13 is awesome. But how come its reload speed is 3.3 seconds? That's a whole second faster than the johnny gun (4.3 seconds) which it is comparable to and is even faster than an AVS which is 3.5 seconds and the tier 1 american LMG, the BAR which is 4.1 seconds. All of which have less ammo in a magazine compared to the MG13. I thought FG42 was 4.3 like the johnny but it says it is 3.3, not sure if that is new or has always been that way. In any case the reload speeds of these guns should be balanced. Either Johnny, BAR, AVS should be brought down to 3.3 or less to compete with the MG13, FG42 (my preference). Or the MG13, FG42 should have their reload speeds brought up to match the competition. MG13: 3.3 seconds, 25 rounds, 600 RPM FG42: 3.3 seconds, 20 rounds, 500 RPM Johnson M1941: 4.3 seconds, 20 rounds, 600 RPM M1918 BAR: 4.1 seconds, 20 rounds, 450 RPM 480 RPM AVS: 3.5 seconds, 15 rounds, 600 RPM
  4. Just watched Dev Talk #7 by Reto.Redbjarne. Here are my thoughts on the new scopes they showed off. 1. I like the models on the new scopes, they seem well done. (except one on the G43 had a mount that was too shiny chrome). 2. The 1.9x zoom of the new scopes seems insufficient. They are kinda nice as more of a sight and would be a good "acog" sight style addition to the game. But I think it is too far removed from what a "scope" should be. After all I think the default zoom (with iron sights) is 1.5x? So these would only be 0.4x more than having irons? Again I like them, but I don't think they should be the only scope available to infantry. 1.9x might be great for a m1m2, but it would seem silly on a bolt action rifle. 3. I think that all of the factions should have access to the 2.2x zoom that the American faction already uses. It doesn't seem like a huge difference between 1.9x and 2.2x but 2.2x seems more in the realm to me of what starts to count as a scope. But maybe i'm just used to it since I've played with a 2.2x before. 2.2x seems just that little bit more usable as a scope. Does a 4x scope cut into the recon class? Sure. But a 2.2x? No. It just doesn't seem necessary to push the scope zoom down to be less than the 2.2x that is already in the game.
  5. Sticky Grenades (S.T. Grenade No. 74) should not cost more than the H3's (Hafthohlladung H3) especially when H3's do significantly more damage and can no longer be obtained by the American faction. Sticky grenades cost 380/use and H3's cost 260/use. And last time I checked Panzerwurfmine Langs and RPG-43's cost 190/use. They should not be twice the repair price of these either. Please lower the cost of the sticky anti-tank grenades to be more in line with the rest. Say 210/use or 220/use...
  6. This really seems like an oversight. I just bought the M9A1 Bazooka and realized this. If this was intended then I really feel robbed. My regular bazooka has 7 rounds. Why can't the upgraded one? Hopefully Reto will fix this shortly.
  7. Kevin_Eagle

    Reduce M24 Chaffee Repair Cost

    Yeah. I agree. But 4th most expensive tank, even more so than a Panther? No, that seems overpriced.
  8. Note: All numbers and costs I am citing in this post are either based on my own experience in game or research I have done on numbers reported by other players as I do not own all of the tanks in the game. If there are any inaccuracies please feel free to point them out. A small balancing recommendation for the game... The M24 Chaffee is far too expensive to repair (716 credits per spawn). My research suggests that it is the fourth most expensive tank in the game to repair behind the three top tier heavy tanks (1009 credits per spawn). It seems ridiculous for a light tank to be the 4th most expensive tank in the game. Now I understand that this tank is unlike the other light tanks in the game. It has a medium tank gun on a light tank chassis. But I don't think that this tank is crazy over-powered or anything as its high repair cost would suggest. A panther costs 658 credits to spawn and is the chaffee as good or better than a panther? Certainly not. The Chaffee is certainly good but with so little armor it can certainly be killed by other tier 3 light tanks (for example the panzer II's with their auto-cannon). I have a low level tanker and repairing the Chaffee costs almost all of the credits that I make. Even if I just spawn 2 that's 1432 credits right there. (And I hear the 'get good and don't die' comments rolling in but I am just looking at this from a numbers balancing perspective, so chill guys ). The next most expensive light tank is the T-70 i think at 380 credits per spawn. That's a 336 credit difference, so nearly 2 T-70 spawns make 1 Chaffee spawn! One argument is that it is basically a medium tank so it should cost as much as a medium tank... except that it is more expensive than ANY medium tank. It costs less to spawn an Easy 8 (701 credits per spawn) and it has way more armor and a better gun. A Hellcat is arguably the best tank destroyer and its cost supports that at 417 credits per spawn (the next closest is the SU-85 at 352 credits per spawn, a 65 credit difference.) The Easy 8 and the Panther are 43 credits apart, but they're probably evenly matched. The panzer II L only costs 322 credits per spawn, 394 less than 1 Chaffee. One advantage of the Chaffee is that it can be used against other bigger tanks like mediums... but at best it is a tier 2 medium tank with no armor and costs twice that of a tier 2 medium tank to use. The Chaffee is good, and certainly can be argued to have an advantage over other light tanks with a bigger cannon. So it should cost more... just not 336-394 credits more.... And admittedly I am bias having only played an American tanker, and not for very long I might add (Though I am certainly no noob to the game). I just don't think that the Chaffee deserves its staggeringly high repair cost. I therefore suggest that the Chaffee should cost somewhere around 450 - 480 credits to spawn. At 450 it would be 70 more than T-70 and 128 more than Panzer II L. At 480 it would be 100 more than T-70 and 158 more than Panzer II L. I feel like this is far more reasonable, leaving the Chaffee significantly more expensive than other tier 3 light tanks or tier 2 medium tanks but not as insanely expensive as it currently is. I feel like this would be a more balanced cost accounting for its better cannon but also its poor armor and current high price in relation to other tanks in the light category. At least with Armor 2.0 incoming changing the spawn system I will be able to spawn Stuarts sometimes to help not have repair costs so high...