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  1. The_Last_Hope_77

    Capturing Apc

    yes plz confirm
  2. The_Last_Hope_77

    Why game is hanged and stop working very frequently

    same prb here, i ld strongly recommend reto to fix this issue.
  3. The_Last_Hope_77

    RTS teams

    good questions plz keep asking it helps us to know more about the game.thx
  4. The_Last_Hope_77

    Not Enough Moral?

    thx very much it worked nice question
  5. The_Last_Hope_77

    Extremely imbalanced game

    Totaly wrong statement...why he should not come here and tell the developers about the game experience??? is he not a player? he should not write because you do not like this, who the hell are you? huh...imbalanced things never survives and those can never be successful , everything in this life needs a balance, every building, every vehicle, every human, and every thought and act needs balance, then how this game is good with imbalance in your eyes? strange, loosing a balance is a success ...no way. and plz spell good there are several understandable things in yr comment like perf and many more.