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  1. PrivateMarkosL

    Spy kit

    NO i think that should be their weapons US spy: Semi Auto HDM Pistol(silenced) MK2 Knife GE spy: Walther P38(silenced) M24 Handgranade Knife SU spy: Nagant 1895(silenced) RGD33 Knife
  2. NO AKT 40 and SKT40 are not needed What i wanted to do: Tier 2 Semi automatic SELECTIVE FIRE rifles Soviet Union Tier 1:SVT40(not selective fire) Tier 2:AVS36(Selective fire) United states Tier 1:M1 Garand(not selective fire) Tier 2:M2 Carbine(selective fire) Germany Tier 1:Gewehr 43(not selective fire) Tier 2:Volkssturmgewehr(Selective fire) If we add a second rifle that's selective fire then people will complain for more of them The objective here is to have a tier 2 semi automatic which is selective fire like the US and SU tier 2 semi automatic rifles.
  3. there's been LMG tiers suggestion on Reto Reference Regiment.
  4. PrivateMarkosL

    Add more carbines

    they should add the cap that recon has for infantry at least.
  5. PrivateMarkosL

    SE 4 screenshots

    i mean transform them into a URL so i can post them
  6. PrivateMarkosL

    SE 4 screenshots

    i don't know how to. I don't have photoshop too. Just search Kingdom of Greece on steam and go see the achievements.
  7. PrivateMarkosL

    Add more carbines

    and the winter war happened on ww2.
  8. Expected visitors like you. The reason why i hate forums and haven't been posting too much. You can't post an idea without some guy coming over to pick a fight.
  9. PrivateMarkosL

    SE 4 screenshots

    so you play Sniper elite too? I have all the achivements on all of them except for Zombie Army 1 and 2.
  10. It's the Volkssturmgewehr! Some versions of the Gustloff variant were actually made to use select-fire, however most of the puffs made by Walther, Mauser and others used the semi-automatic function. That means that we have a tier 2 semi automatic for Germany with selective fire.
  11. PrivateMarkosL

    Add more carbines

    you want a cheap rifle alternative? The starter weapon G43 just pick the right mods and you can kill someone in 2 shots and it's not expensive.
  12. PrivateMarkosL


    HELL NO.There's thousands of programs to talk with like discord get out of here. Has been asked too many times. RETO said the engine can't handle it. ok that's good
  13. PrivateMarkosL

    Add more carbines

    was used on mountain troops.Recon is a mountain troop not the infantryman.
  14. PrivateMarkosL

    First need

    The only thing i need here is a damn field grey 41 helmet
  15. PrivateMarkosL

    Some useful suggestions

    PPSH41 for Germany for example. No? ok *sad face*