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  1. PrivateMarkosL

    Why is there no UK side

    I mean,he is right.RETO had to break the game in order to introduce like ONE F**** faction and this faction until now,did not even have the arsenal that US and GE had.They tried to fast the proccess by adding lend lease crap(except for the M3A1 and GPA amphibian,Soviets did need an APC and amphibian) Unfortunately we have to stick with them and ''improve'' what already exists(which means still Clown fights(United States vs Soviet Union in a ''ww2'' game lol))
  2. hmmmm thanks for clearing that out
  3. PrivateMarkosL


    Instant death by Headshot when i got shot in the foot once.
  4. If i remember Correctly,that's Reto.Christiano.And he is tasked with updating game models or pasting models and mixing them together(aka the upcoming M36B1,which is the hold purpose why they even updated the M4A3E8) Damn,RETO is in serious trouble
  5. PrivateMarkosL


    That's just Armor 2.1 with Working as intended hit detection.DuDE uR jUSt A haTER!!!
  6. PrivateMarkosL


    No seriously,it will get mods on Infantry.They kept saying no FG42 on infantry and then they added it,they said no FG42 for SU and US infantry and yet,they added it.What makes you think they won't add them just because Hades said ''might''
  7. PrivateMarkosL

    Why is there no UK side

    The Soviet Faction update had devastating results for the game.Now imagine that happening again.
  8. PrivateMarkosL


    Well,FG42 will get the mods on infantry.
  9. PrivateMarkosL


    A)Yes,maybe soviet union needs a para LMG(because Fedorov saw more use as an LMG rather than an Assault role) that can be ''captured'' by SU infantry. B)RETO could make another tier of Assault weapons. Example: GE: Tier1: MKB42H(worse STG44,worse damage,worse accuracy,worse range and worse recoil(maybe like the M2's recoil sorry US lol).BUT,if there's ever going to be an ability to attach bayonets on rifles the MKB42H can have a bayonet attached because some were made with bayonet lug) Tier 2: STG44 US: Tier 1:M1918 BAR without bipod(they were still used after WW1.Some BARs weren't converted to the A2 model and saw use in the pacific and Europe.Due to firing full rifle round and as well being heavier it will have worse accuracy,recoil e.t.c) Tier 2: M2 Carbine(Pls remove the flash hider it doesn't do a goddamn thing.Also improve it's range and buff it in recoil a bit) SU: Tier 1: AVT40 or Fedorov avtomat(Personally,Fedorov should be an LMG in paratrooper.It won't have a bipod but it has a front grip that can be used like a bipod or something while the SU Infantryman gets the AVT40) Tier 2: AVS36(pls buff it a bit.It has trash horizontal recoil) Alternative Paratrooper LMG: Polish Browning Automatic rifle(Captured use by Germans and soviets)
  10. PrivateMarkosL

    M1 carbine, it's guff

    It was a meme Everybody who took it seriously is delusional.That,i will agree with you.
  11. PrivateMarkosL

    Why is there no UK side

    because Soviet Union exists and it's RETO's fault for not adding them as an Ally to US
  12. I mean, @Metal--Sabaton is right,Soviet Union does not have a para exclusive weapon. Yes,there are many weapons RETO can put on Soviet Paratrooper just like the Johnson M1941 on US paratrooper as a counterpart to the FG42 and yes,i do support the Fedorov Avtomat(which overall,saw more use as an LMG than a battle rifle in WW1-1940), It does not matter if it won't have a bipod,as long as it behaves like the Johnson 1941 and FG42(and no,i don't mean copy-paste stats,i mean that it should behave like an LMG since that's how the Soviets still used it after ww1) it should be good.And yes,maybe it should be capturable on SU Infantry too just like the FG42 on the German Infantry.
  13. I have suggested this in the discord.I believe that it should be on all factions LMG assault but US and SU have to pay more for it(I don't mean 1 million.If GE pays 217.000 credits for it then maybe US and SU should pay 417.000 credits for it). Or B:It is only on the German LMG assault and factions have to unlock it via the specialist ribbon but the price i mentioned above still stands.No 1 million,just 300.000-400.000 credits somewhere there. No. FG42 is a better MG13.The Johnson is actually better.It has better damage,range and accuracy.I visited Hng Calculator.
  14. PrivateMarkosL

    Drum mags pool

    i don't really care what SMGs Germany and US get(Drum or not drum).Just give them a damn 3rd SMG.
  15. hmmm It still bothers me how the German infantry pays 217.000 credits for it,but SU/US Infantry pay 1 million for it.They still neglect the idea of ''FG42 for US/SU Infantry''.Disappointing....