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  1. Reminds me of Forgotten hope 2 where it takes some time to Aim Down Sights.
  2. Update 18/6/2019 LMGs are back in their greatest shape @Reto.Hades
  3. PrivateMarkosL

    Submachinegun Tiers

    To be fair i prefer the KP31 too F'ck yeah
  4. I have an idea that the more damage is done based on where you hit instead of what component you hit.Originally tanks would die in 3 hits. Wheels Lose -1 piece of health Tank turret either -3 or 2 sides -4 Engine -6 After they shot 1 part, when they shoot it again the tank won't take damage since the part is already destroyed(To prevent people from shooting in the engine and kill the tank easily for example).
  5. US: Removed M1903 Springfield and scopes and replaced with Iron sight Springfield M1903A3 GE: Keeping the same weapons but the scopes are removed on the infantryman SU: Removed Mosin Nagant Scope Variant and scopes and replaced with MN1891/30 Standard issue: RECON TIER 1 AND 2 RIFLES Tier 1 US: tier 2: m1 garand with scope already in the game Tier 3: Already in the game GERMANY Tier 1: Tier 2: Tier 3: ZS Zielacht SOVIET UNION: Tier 1: Tier 2: Tier 3:
  6. Some maps aren't even made for bipods. I deploy the bipod on some uh....Wall made from stone and when i aim down the sights i aim up and can't aim down.
  7. In the recent livestream you said you won't change anything. Congratulations, that's why the player base is falling. The last time i joined a full match was before 1.12 and so on and now i join a 20,10 or 8 player match. The game is great but when you push a change NOBODY ASKED FOR A TANK TO TAKE 10, 13 HITS TO DIE! Then they all leave. Go on moderators and close the threat for not being what RETO wants to hear.
  8. PrivateMarkosL

    Customisable PDW update

    The hell is a PDW and why does the name remind me of WWE Heavyweight Champion belt? If you mean Carbine weapons i have some ideas for the soviets. MN44 or MN38 carbines
  9. Yeah that's what i meant. As you can see Post Scriptum has both lower recoil than heroes and generals and the bipods actually make the weapon steady meanwhile in heroes and generals it STILL shakes but not that much.
  10. PrivateMarkosL

    Character updates

    oh yeah i forgot....