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  1. PrivateMarkosL

    immersion update???

    Soviet Post War camos lol,Recon has access to camos that were actually used but RETO decided post war camos were better. Also the M2 Carbine isn't necessarily a post war rifle,it saw very little use during ww2.The flash hider is also not post war,it's the first T23 flash hider model,which was adopted before WW2 ended.A lot of people confuse it with the M3 Carbine's flash hider but the M3 Flash hider is actually an upgraded T23E1 flash hider.If RETO had added the T23E1 or the M3 Flash hider then yes,it would be post war.As far as i know Heroes and Generals isn't really based anywhere.It's a mix of 1944 maps with 1930s-1945 weapons so it isn't trying to put real locations or real battles into the game.Also yes,Carbine bayonet lug did see use in WW2.The last guy on the left who is holding his M1 Carbine has an M1 with bayonet lug. As far as i remember,Luftwaffe aside from Paratroopers,did have Ground Units too which used the blue camo. Soviets did not use M1 Garands if i remember correctly but they got 7 M1 Carbines from Lend lease.But game was unrealistic since 2014 when Americans could capture Russian Guns.Also the German soldier with the M1 Garand is very historically accurate,Captured M1 Garands were renamed as Selbsladegewehr 251(a) but Germans did not use it that much because they prefered to capture other guns like M1 Carbines e.t.c.
  2. Play with M1 Carbine couple and then you are able to see the ribbon for it.First of all it was the M1 Carbine that was added to Infantry,not the M1A1.
  3. well if it is,then RETO should stop lying and just straight say ''we didn't want to put mods on FG42 because we said so''
  4. because RETO has made a pasta code for it in order to put on Infantry.They said they are gonna fix that code and mods will be added....except for the scope of course.
  5. PrivateMarkosL


    Apperantly the barrel band with Bayonet lug did see some use.Maybe not in Europe though.
  6. PrivateMarkosL

    Submachine gun tiers

    wow thank you dude.Btw the reason i didn't make my own is because idk what program to use.
  7. PrivateMarkosL


    i don't mean Captured STG44 with captured mods.I mean the normal STG44.AVS36 is NOT an Assault rifle and also runs out of Ammo fast since it's only 15 rounds. I thought the Iwo Jima photo is before Germany capitulated.Oh well anyways,why the hell did US Army make the M4 Bayonet before making a bayonet lug on the M1 Carbine.Before it was the M3 Combat Knife then for some reason readopted it as the M4 Bayonet when the M1 did NOT have a bayonet lug. ^M1/M2 Carbine(T4 Conversion model.Reto should have sticked with that model since it's STILL in the game).
  8. PrivateMarkosL

    Submachine gun tiers

    This.But only showing the main guns.
  9. PrivateMarkosL


    The flash hider is not the M3 Carbine's hider.It's the T23 Flash hider,which saw use in WW2 before being adopted as M3 Flash hider.M2 Carbine is not really post war either.The best RETO could do is give normal STG44 to Soviet Union with all mods instead of buying a 1 mil. captured STG44,Because the AVS36 sure handles and isn't,an Assault rifle. PS:i don't like the flash hider either,it looks like it's blocking the front sight and also,they were too rare.It'd make more sense without the flash hider.If only it actually blocks the damn smoke it will be useful.
  10. PrivateMarkosL

    Submachine gun tiers

    As you may know,Germany and United are missing one more SMG.I believe the tier should be like this: Soviet Union: Tier 1: PPD38(Replace the PPD40 with the PPD38 because the PPD38 could take stick magazines.Instead of having more rounds than the M3 Grease Gun and MP34 it will have 25 round stick mags) tier 2: PPS43(already in the game,moved to tier 2 to be with MP40 and M1A1 Thompson) tier 3: PPSH41(already in game,moved to tier 3) United states: tier 1: M3 Grease Gun(already in the game) tier 2: M1A1 Thompson(already in the game) tier 3: M1928 Thompson w/Drum mag will explain why later Germany: Tier 1: MP34(already in game) tier 2: MP40(already in game) tier 3: Suomi KP31 w/drum mag Germany did use KP31s as they purchased them from Finland Explanation: The idea here is that the PPSH41 is a fast,high round capacity SMG.Since the KP31 and M1928 also have fast rate of fire and high round capacity,they should be the direct answer to Soviet Union's PPSH41.They will behave just like the PPSH41 we have in game,sh.tty recoil,Fast rate of fire e.t.c. PS:If someone can make a tree board to show the tiers better i'd appreciate it.
  11. PrivateMarkosL

    M1928 Thompson

    yes.And KP31 for Germany since they did use it.
  12. PrivateMarkosL

    Can GE have 700+ RPM SMG handling weapon?

    i guess if US gets Thompson M1928 and GE Suomi KP31 they will be just as fast as the PPSH41
  13. PrivateMarkosL

    New M2 Carbine model

    From the photo it looks like the Ring is going to be big enough to see through it but the front sight may be half because of the flash hider
  14. Faction uniqueness is dead since 2015.Soviets use american motorcycle and APC and everyone before Soviet faction update had RGD33s,TM35s and PPSH41s. Also people with 2014 PPSH41s have mods on them.I encountered a US soldier in a GE vs US match and he had a rusty PPSH41 with trigger,sight,and bolt upgrade.That was before the new PPSH41 model,that's why it was rusty.So these people had access to captured mods before RETO decided to implement them.
  15. PrivateMarkosL

    New M2 carbine model

    btw yes the T23 Flash hider is real and they were made and got used towards the end of war.Then after the war they were adopted as the M3 Flash hider for the M3 Carbine.