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  1. PrivateMarkosL

    E-100 in Heroes and General?

  2. PrivateMarkosL

    BAR mods?

    No need for the Dead eye badge it is better to equip the reload badge. That's what i have on all my machinegunners.
  3. PrivateMarkosL

    What class are you? Based on Weapons you use

    Rifleman(because the modern assault rifles are given to riflemans instead of M1 Garands) or Sturmtruppe? That's what confuses me with the STG44.
  4. Hello I'm the Biased Mediterrainean here. We should get Crete based maps. What do you think?
  5. PrivateMarkosL

    This STG skin?

    Oh no prepare for Wehrmacht and Waffen double S lovers asking why you don't spell it right and instead you instead say Double S.
  6. This word reminds me of the Word Free in Greek: There's 2 options to say something is free: Τσάμπα(Csaba) Δωρεάν(Dorean) but if you say Dorean in English people will laugh just say Csaba.
  7. PrivateMarkosL


    Yay 40.000 credits to unlock both the M1911 and TT33 for my machinegunners. Going to tryhard on hill 60 skirmish because it's my favorite map
  8. Reminds me of Riot Games. They nerfed a champion then buffed him to his original stats again Reto wth?:
  9. PrivateMarkosL

    What class are you? Based on Weapons you use

    I haven't modded the bullet. Only the bolt to make it controllable.
  10. PrivateMarkosL

    What class are you? Based on Weapons you use

    No i just don't own it yet. I called it crap because it looks stupid in the Reto engine. I hope the A6 retexture for the M1919 is better. I don't get it. You mean why i don't use the best of the LMGs, I do when i see someone, but i use them more for what i posted above.
  11. PrivateMarkosL

    Polish Browning 1928 as SU lmg.

    necroposting because i'm interested Polish BAR should be for paratroopers(Like how the US Paratroopers in the war used BARs).
  12. PrivateMarkosL

    Free mp34 crates on other maps.

    Late comment but the whistle i did was both for what you said and to taunt you. You killed me with an PPS43 as far as i remember.
  13. I'm a Machinegunner because i only use LMGs on my soldiers. I just renamed all my soldiers from Rifleman to Machinegunner in other laguanges.(for example MG Schütze). Now I'm not trying to spread the SMG and LMG cancer this game has, I'm only playing as a machinegunner only to support my team. Today i played a match and it was 6 vs 2 in a building. I killed 3 of them, then more teammates came and killed the rest. I play the LMG as a support(ex: LMGs do a lot of damage, killing enemies easier, capable of raping an entire team hiding in building so your team can move and go capture the point). I play with these weapons: And not with this crap:
  14. PrivateMarkosL

    Staged encounter unplayable as a fresh soldier

    They are adding rank based matchmaking, which will solve the issue.