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  1. OOOOOH WE CAN POST REVIEWS HERE? hang on i gotta write mine after 2000+ hours on how the game "application" is worse off
  2. that's still BS again even if there were more players on one faction that still does not warrant a 2-3x price increase
  3. yes Slow down and count to 10... and realize that reto does not care about the community and what they think, and they only care about releasing assets that have been completed for years trickling them in just to entice people into buying gold, a desperate attempt to make a slight profit by the end of the year
  4. constant network trying to catch up happens 3-4 times per match with healthy 1 gig Ethernet internet connection on fiber optic cable. is this due to poor coding in game or what would be causing this? Note that this is only an issue with H&G, I never with any other game have connection issues.
  5. that's not how lmgs work, they push you back when prone, not decide to jump around to the next city. anyone who has fired a lmg will say the same
  6. mitron43


  7. mitron43

    The massive FPS drops

    He has a point, the graphics in H&G are worse Pretty sure that's cause it's using DirectX9 running in a DirectX11 environment, Orrrrrrre it could be mining, I'll look into that second part, last I checked using process monitor the application (H&G) loves looking into your certificates and going thru your registry
  8. This has got to be the worst bait I've seen all day
  9. If suppressor a do end up in the game the mod would need to increase the fire rate due to the increased gas pressure, decrease stability, wnd increase recoil
  10. mitron43

    Restricting the Granatbüchse 39

    Smoke trails in game are already complete bullshite, they don't exist in real life and they shouldn't exist in game, not even with tracer rounds, and sometimes yes, but only with large tank shells and even then it's negligible
  11. Good luck on reto, I'd love to see how their sound person messes u... I mean, implemets this awesome and totally functional feature and how bugg.. I mean working as they intended it to be and how the shots will sound at distance, as personally I don't believe that the people with absolutely no knowledge on firearms other than Wikipedia will be able to understand how suppressor a work. Honestly, they still believe that guns are still shooting black powder rounds the way the smoke is in game. Also, apparently all rounds have vapor trails too. Anyone that has ever used a firearm will know that is not how they work.
  12. mitron43


    Bipods are going to be way to buggy, retro can't even code in a keybind for landing gear to deploy, what makes you think they will be functional?
  13. mitron43


    needs WAY more sway when standing, the gun itself unloaded is 20.3kg with a barrel length of 1.22 meters, that's an crap ton of weight out front of the weapon making it a lot harder to control sway, and the recoil is intense when firing live rounds, odds are more than half of the people at reto couldn't even pick the damn thing up let alone shoulder it to fire accurately, hell the way RETO designs and has guns operate in their "application" shows that most of them haven't even held a firearm let alone shoot one.
  14. the iron sight for the kar98k in game is horrible, even the m1903 is visible! (which isnt accurate as the 1903's front sight is as thin as a blade of grass, i speak from experience as i own one) the k98's sights need to be enlarged
  15. exactly, it would be a great addition to plane flying and skill level