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  1. Inbefore the forums get locked, I want to post my last feedback. Lately staged battles turned into 15 minute shirt fights where the attacker loses a line in the first 5 minutes. Could we somehow force staged bullies into war mode? That way GE overpopulation would be solved too.
  2. ThaPain

    the tank update makes US even worst

    I mean German tanks were alright-ish, maybe panzer 3 needed a buff and Light tanks definitely needed some sorting out(I'm looking at the Luchs mainly) but they were OK. I might be wrong though. But I still can't see why this update is any good. Back to the original topic, US tanks feel Okay-ish but I feel the E8 and the Jumbo a bit disappointing now.
  3. ThaPain

    the tank update makes US even worst

    I think every faction got shafted with this update. The penetration system is a joke, the HE spam is still there, and the King Tiger is still...King. Only difference is I feel like AT is more powerful, and I seem to bounce a lot more sheels with the IS-2. Oh and the Panther feels undriveable. Reto had one job, to nerf the KT armor, instead they went full Reto and f***ed up tanking completely.
  4. ThaPain


    Aaaaaaaaaaah the good old Heavy set dilemma. I missed it so much. But yeah the badge is not the actual problem it's just the symptom. I think revitalising the Bolt action rifles should solve the problem. My proposed solution is to keep its One hit kill ability, but it can only 0hk under 50 meters so it will be actually viable in CQC, but significantly decrease its damage above 50 meters. Around 50damage/hit to 150 meter and 25damage/hit above 150meters . This will make it impossible to continue bushwookie-ing and encourage playing the objective. Or just introduce hard caps on the specialist classes.
  5. Honestly, I can't even think of a reason why a tanker is even allowed to buy AT equipment. They already have a TANK which should be enough. Also I think AT stuff should be also removed from pilots. Then maybe we could give those 2 classes 2 more Equipment points so they can carry an smg with an ammo pouch and a wrench as well.
  6. ThaPain

    Hard limit on specialist

    I'm not sure the queuing changes will solve this. The hard limits must be introduced so the stupid shirt pictured under here can not happen. https://imgur.com/a/ElxTcBk
  7. ThaPain

    Hard limit on specialist

    I'd say both War and Staged matches need these. I've been in countless matches that were lost because of the factions specialist spam trying to reemulate a famous soldier ( German tankspam for Michael Wittman, Soviet reconspam for Vasily Zaytsev). Though a vehicle requiring more tickets to spawn sounds interesting and might work.
  8. The specialist spam is still going on even with the designated spec only game mode. I think this could be solved by implementing a hard limit on the spawnable specialists. I'm fairly sure this could hinder the HE spam. The limit should be Number of specialist on the enemy team +1. So for example if the Soviets have 2 tankers Germans can spawn a max of 3.
  9. ThaPain

    many esp and radar hacks

    I don't think cheating is a big problem in HnG actually (there are way bigger issues with the game I think). Although I'm pretty sure there are some cheaters, these are along the lines of "removing the bushes" and maybe a recoil compensating macro. I'd these are rare as well. I've seen only one blatant cheater in the game so far and that was a LVL 5 with a Bone-stock G43 racking up 82-2 stat while a LVL17 vet struggled past 32-3 with a KT. So yeah, there are a few cheaters, but mostly macroers and hardware fiddlers I guess.
  10. ThaPain

    The new weather

    I thought using the hardware to modify the way the game looks is against the ToS. But based on this would it be OK (ToS compliant,) if i increased the gamma or the brightness on the graphics card?
  11. ThaPain

    The new weather

    Regarding the troll replies: I like to play the other factions as well occasionally.After all there are 3, so let's use all of them. But if the new weather is good and there is no problem with it after all, then don't mind me getting my Ambush DB King Tiger and camp the opponent spawn or my Green Pea camoed Recon. To the point, I guess the bigger problem is that the allied camoes don't work as well as the German ones. The Amoeba Fall is somewhat okay but the US camoes are lackluster. Even the Hunter Fall as well. And the red sky is just silly.
  12. I know, let's turn visibility into absolute garbage in a game where the maps are already shat full of rocks. Sometimes I think Reto can't love up the game even more and then somehow they manage to do.
  13. Here's my two cents on this 1. I can't believe this AT rambo/ HE spam shirtshow is still going on 2. Ludwig was on point 3. The AT-Tanker balance right now is okay, I guess. The only tank that's actually hard to deal with is the King Tiger. Infantry can be HE spammed easily, so both players can deal with each other relatively easily and effectively.
  14. i would have been okay with the AT equipment points increase a fe months/years ago, but these days there seem to be way more tank spammers. Whether it's because of the dwindling player base or the change in player mentality I don't know. Not to mention there are WAAAAAAAAAAAAY bigger problems with the game than AT ramboing.
  15. ThaPain

    Heavy set - Bolt Action Rifle Debatte

    I'd say make BA rifles 1 hit kill in 50 meters or less distance, above that 2HK. Then you can remove Heavy set and BAs will be actually viable.