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  1. CoobaltHD


    I thought soldier specialization is garbage idea but it's not really bad as I think for the first time. Now I'm positive about this.
  2. CoobaltHD

    Panther: Wartime Reports & First-Hand Experience ...

    Yeah, It's considered one of best World War II Tanks for his fire power and protection. :v However, Panther was not the only basic vehicle of the German armored forces of the late war period. He shared this role with PzKpfw IV (most of the PzKpfw IV models were equipped with effective 7.5 cm KwK 40 L / 43 or L / 48 guns, allowing for the destruction of the Soviet T-34/85), as by the end of the war only less than 6,000 units were created, which did not allow the exchange of all Panzer IV.
  3. CoobaltHD

    MG42 Builds

    I think stock MG-42 is berserker... :^
  4. This is not a priority at this time but it's great idea to the game. Probably everyone has already experienced this accidental death. Maybe finally driver will slow down and I will not kill myself. :v
  5. That's right, the sights in the M1903 Rifle and the Karabiner 98 kurz should be corrected. Let's look at the sight in Mosin-Nagant M91/30 which really transparent to use in my opinion. :v
  6. CoobaltHD

    Adding p39-p63 to american- soviet factions

    Reto said they would avoid lend vehicles. SU faction has several lend vehicles (currently 3 vehicles) which will probably be replaced.
  7. CoobaltHD

    Germany > to US&RU

    I think that's not great idea. You can ask why? Look at the fact that then Germany will be a 'lone wolf' faction (I know that Reto could create axis and allies of course). Second, it is difficult to say whether SU faction should be added to the Allies or to the axis-it depends on the year. :v If it was resolved... Italian faction would be best suited to axis faction.
  8. CoobaltHD

    German Recon Camos

    Green Pea blends really great! I recommend you this camo but Oak leaf is also great option.
  9. Oh great! I will buy Mp-40 Hub L42 for my German recon. You know maybe this 3 SMG's can have any skins?
  10. CoobaltHD

    US infantry camouflage of choice?

    From my experience in US faction I will recommend you to buy a 'Forest Caro' or 'Forest Moss'. Both of this camouflages blending really well in my opinion.
  11. CoobaltHD

    E-100 in Heroes and General?

    It's experimental tank tank so probably can't be added but why experimental camouflages are with us? :^
  12. CoobaltHD

    Smoke Grenades

    I suggest Smoke Grenades should have Infantry, Paratrooper and Recon. I think 2 equipment points is good suggestion.
  13. Sight on k98k is sometimes really frustrating... I think not only me don't like or hate this sight.