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  1. LANDGRAF2016

    Heroes and Generals the "not so" WW2 game

    I can understand your point of view but in my opinion there shouldn't be a limit for rare weapons. I mean if you want to do the game historical correct you also have to fill a team with 18 rank 1-11 soldiers and one single rank 12-17 soldier who is the field commander for his team. Ofcourse it would be interesting if the number of the weapon usage is correct but to be honest it's just a F2P game and a lot of players will be annoyed if they have to play with rifles althrough they own a SMG or an AR. Maybe RETO can introduce a game mode which just allows semi automatic rifles for people how are interested in. I support the opinion to limit or remove infantry scopes because they cause many camping players but this is already a big discussion.
  2. LANDGRAF2016


    Was there a nerf of the Stg and Mp40 again? Last time I played in october. Today it feels like that this weapons got worst over the time. It seems that they don't deal damage anymore. Am I the only one who has this feeling?
  3. LANDGRAF2016

    Tank support

    In the future I will support them with an infantry man. I thought that it is also possible as tanker but the game proved me wrong. I was so naive. But ok, so I have to grind a little bit with my inf.
  4. LANDGRAF2016

    Tank support

    Last game I played staged and we were winning this game. So I decided to support our tanks in the last minutes. I switched my inf to a tanker and noticed that it isn't possible to spawn as tanker on an allied tank even if it is spawned. I can just use this support gunner mode but this sucks because you can't leave the tank (a lot of tankers lock this gun too so I can't use it as non-member of his squad). I wanted to spot enemy tanks with the binoculars, repair the tank if damaged and defend it against rambos. Why isn't there the possibility to spawn in an allied tank (with the opportunity to leave it) as auxilium tanker? Why do I have to spawn an own tank or to be in a squad with the tank owner?
  5. LANDGRAF2016

    Tiger 1 Good/Bad ?

    The Tiger 1 is a very nice heavy tank. If you know how to drive the Tiger you will be able to bounce the shots of other heavys. The cannon is two hit kill. (especially with APCR) This tank costs about 350 credits per spawn so it is very cheap to use and it doesn't hurt that much when it gets destroyed by AT rambos. The only down side is the bad mobility.
  6. The current Anti Air equipment is just dangerous for recon planes but against medium and heavy fighters it is useless. Especially in battles where only one faction has these planes the other faction is sentenced to lose because these planes can kill the infantry of the enemy relatively easy even without HE Shells. The problem is that you couldn’t destroy this medium and heavy planes.(of course you can destroy them but it takes just too long. They just turn around destroy the AA and land to repair) Also you can’t just increase the damage of the AAs because recon planes will get destroyed much faster. So my idea is to make the damage of the AA depending on the class of the plane you are shooting at. For example: If you shoot on a recon plane you will deal 100% damage to it (100% = the amount of damage which the AAs deal right now). Against medium fighters the AAs deal 120% damage and against heavy fighter 140% damage. (this numbers are just variables and can be changed). I think that AAs can be balanced to the planes in this way and that it makes them more useful to prevent situations where 3 pilots rule the battle without any resistance.
  7. I suggest that all anti air trucks get a second ammunition type which deals more damage to planes. This ammunition is exclusively for trucks and has to be unlocked by the player. The aa trucks aren't dangerous to medium or heavy planes at the moment. It is easier for the pilot to kill the aa than the other way around. The only advantage of the truck is to change the position what a stationary aa can't do. I think that this new ammunition would increase the worth of the aa trucks because they will be more useful against planes and it would justify the price of 88000 credits and the apc slot.
  8. LANDGRAF2016

    Open chat while running

    Thank you for your advice. Now I know how I can fix it if it happens again.
  9. LANDGRAF2016

    Open chat while running

    I am not sure whether there is already a post about this. When I played the last time I found a bug in the game. If you are running( doesn't matter foreward or backward) and press the key of the ingame chat your character will still running in the same direction althrough you aren't pressing a key after you closed the chat. You can negate this bug for a short time if you press the key of the opposite direction but if you lift it again your character will start running again. The only way to remove this bug is to restart the whole game.
  10. To be honest I didn't play very often encounter or skirmish as soviet just to get the first mods for the Tokarev. Then I played the storm and war mode. When I needed money I could grind it with my germans and the underdog bonus pushed my XP too. But if you are new one you can't do that. After nearly 200h with my germans I had enough experience about the game too. I started playing the soviets in september or early october 2017 I think. At this time the problem wasn't so extrem like it is now. In this time there were 1-2 maybe 3 high tier weapons in the whole enemy team the others used low tier guns. I think that this problem came up in the last months. Maybe it is phenomenon which comes up and disappears sometimes. But this current abuse of high tier weapons to farm beginners which I regonized in the games I played this week isn't fine.
  11. I played H&G nearly 500 hours. After Germany and UdSSR I wanted to try the american faction. So I bought a new soldier and went into battle. After some minutes I was totally shocked that nearly 50% of enemies ( Germany) were using MP40 and STG44. In skirmish battle there are a lot user with this high tier weapons too. At this moment I understood why so many people play Germany and not the other factions. The beginners have no chance with their starter rifle against full modded Stgs, Mp40s and snipers rifles. I think it will help if there is a kind of weapon lock so that you can't spawn a soldier who has an high tier weapon ( tier 2 or higher) in an encounter or skirmish battle. Otherwise it's totally frustrating for the beginners (who just have semi-automatic weapons) to engage enemies with full modded maschine guns and assault rifles and to get one shot by snipers rifles. Ofcouse there will be a lot of people who will deny this because they want to use their weapons everytime but for player who are new in the game it would be very nice because they won't get screwed up already in the first game mode they have unlocked.
  12. LANDGRAF2016

    What is the advantage of the AVS-36?

    The question is in the title. When I compare the AVS with the STG44 (both cost the same amount of money 208000 credits), I see no reason to use it. It has only 15 rounds in the magazine that means if you mod the weapon to 3hk (which is really expensive to use) you will be able to kill 5 enemies with a single magazine (if every shot hits). The 4hk STG is able to kill 7 enemies with one magazine without reloading and you will have still 2 rounds left ( 30:4 = 7 and 2 left). Also the AVS is harder to controll because it has more recoil. So a lot of bullets will miss. Ofcause you can negate it with the "Tight grib- badge" but this means that you can't use "Heavy set gold" anymore. The iron sight of the STG is also better because it's easier to look through. At the moment I can't compare the AVS to the american M1/M2 because I didn't played it yet. The only advantage oft the AVS is the accuracy at long range but there are other weapons like the semi-automatic ones which are better to use at distance. Like I already said I don't know why I should play the AVS because even at close combat it isn't a match for MP40, MG42 or Johnson. In my opinion the russian DP28 is the more effective weapon.