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  1. yipikayei

    flak jacket

    it's a magical wrench
  2. I usually shoot the caterpillars of the tank but if I fail I'm screwed since it is a very fast and strong tank, for my taste this is underestimated, very good tank for SU
  3. bt7 is a pain of balls, maybe faster than hellcat
  4. yipikayei

    flak jacket

    I have a question about whether flak jacket is more defense for the plane or the pilot.
  5. yipikayei

    Hiding HUD/GUI

    what are ur priorities mon ami ? i am interested
  6. yipikayei

    Some of my favourite guns In game

    ppsh-41 : max rof , sights, p41 ammunition /first aid kit / rgd33 or AT weapon and black camo 🤙
  7. yipikayei

    Heroes and Generals is ruined

    I do not understand anything that is happening in the game. The only thing I feel is frustration and anger.
  8. yipikayei

    US staged team ; home for people with learning disability

    that happens in all the factions, people want to be carried but sometimes there is no carry and they get screwed
  9. because of people like you the video game industry is going to shirt, put microtransaction where it fits. diughrider you're no better than me for paying to carry a red cross shirt or a camouflage, pathetic
  10. Today I have experienced lag or something strange with the fighters and my teammates too, it makes it very difficult to stay in the air, my ping is good because I have tried other games and it is perfect
  11. this is what happens when you let the players take control of your game, they break it and they do well by breaking it because there were never class restrictions and retomoto did not give importance in the past, they took the update as fast as possible and they broke it, classic shirt the good side of this is now there are no rambos and you can go with a friend repairing and throwing with your tank HE to everything that moves
  12. i miss old times playing cod 2 zombies servers 🤙
  13. perfect to hide our identity 🤔
  14. yipikayei

    PPSh-41 vs PPS-43

    use the ppsh41 ( big magazine to defend yourself) with tanks and planes , pps43 good weapon to cap points as infantry( nice rpm and good dmg)