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  1. yipikayei

    P-38 Heavy Fighter Spam

    p38 was stomped by spam of bf109 pilots a long time ago since they know p40 was a ''bad fighter''and heavy fighters and fighters matchmaking is the same, forums trolling as intended
  2. yipikayei

    Balance this game.

    skill bases in this game is grind to heavy set gold and stg44 and avs36. the more gold you pay before you get it and the easier you kill noobs in casual, never pay to win lmao, and most are from the German side farming noobs and they really think they are good, lmao i see a lot of forum warrior spamming their fw109 in casuals and later they come here to pretend they know how to play, so easy to unmask
  3. yipikayei

    Dinosaur warfare

    BFG 9000
  4. yipikayei

    What happened to H&G Pt 2

    ppd40 best foocking weap of history, hitl3r suicide was caussed because he got nightmares qith ppf40 coming to kill him
  5. yipikayei

    AA guns

    I feel sorry for the game, I really like it, hopefully change although I have very low expectations.
  6. yipikayei

    What happened to H&G Pt 2

    ppd 40 is so strong, the little beast scared away all players
  7. yipikayei

    PTRD (and other weapon) ghost rounds

    ptrd accuracy in a nutshell, can apply this to thompson too, my grandfather runs faster than tommy bullets.
  8. yipikayei

    How do the assists work?

    I have been receiving very few assists with the destruction of vehicles and airplanes. sometimes they give it to me just when the vehicle has been destroyed by another in the act and sometimes I hit an enemy (vehicle) and after a long time they give it to me. Can someone explain me a little?
  9. yipikayei

    Rambo Problem

    works decent vs light tanks and recon planes, now its time to try vs fighters, maybe i can hit those fw109 when they fly close to ground
  10. yipikayei

    AA guns

    hahahaha lets rock
  11. yipikayei

    Rambo Problem

    my ptrd liked this post
  12. paratrooper , why only for recons?
  13. yipikayei

    Can't use MG on jeeps

    the size of the bug list is godlike
  14. so not enough germanyland for u, u are in the perfect spot for share this post.