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  1. skills? to win in this game you do not need skills, buy the best weapons and modify them to the maximum, you will not win credits but you will destroy, until the most noob with a modified pps43 destroys. Buy the rainbow six if you want skill. Nice clickbait , wehrabs and vets are coming
  2. yipikayei

    Estados Unidos muy roto

    la gente se toma muy enserio esta mierda, se creen mejores que los demas y la verdad es que no lo son
  3. yipikayei

    So, Uuh...Yeah, I’m Back...Ish

    who the foook is that guy ?
  4. yipikayei

    Give the H3 Back

  5. yipikayei

    Soviet Dog Anti Tanks.

    do not blow a dog under a tank but throw a couple of atomic bombs is fine 😂
  6. yipikayei

    petition to make this forum a World Heritage

    trolls? ur avatar is bald mon ami
  7. yipikayei

    New Weapon for the German Army

    check this cool gun
  8. yipikayei


    ppl is asking to reto(not to you) how the planes are gonna be because we dont know and there are u talking shiut, thats the point, some information about fighters, like trailers looks good, reto might show some details like update notes, patch notes , etc This game is difficult to know what direction it takes until it is taken.
  9. yipikayei

    please buff the warhawk

  10. yipikayei

    flak jacket

    it's a magical wrench
  11. I usually shoot the caterpillars of the tank but if I fail I'm screwed since it is a very fast and strong tank, for my taste this is underestimated, very good tank for SU
  12. bt7 is a pain of balls, maybe faster than hellcat
  13. yipikayei

    flak jacket

    I have a question about whether flak jacket is more defense for the plane or the pilot.
  14. yipikayei

    Hiding HUD/GUI

    what are ur priorities mon ami ? i am interested