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  1. game is again crashing v frequently , fix this bug or we can not play.
  2. Rock.87

    it ld be loosing mr reto

    i totally disagree with yr opinion , do not try to fight a false case.. discord is jut a chat
  3. you are providing 50 percent xp for using a player and on other side u want us to send players on vacation..does it make sense? you r asking new players to play war by offering them more rank xp ( which really ruins the war ) and when we wanna use them in comparatively easy battles or in stage battles you are asking us to send them on leave ? what kind of wisdom is this this? how it make sense? plz explain..thx
  4. You announced to exchange forums with a discord, let me say that discord is just a chat , no message ll stay there to get an answer from the community..u said its fast , but if no expert is there to answer that question at the time it was asked , then? that question ll be wasted. all good companies including Microsoft has both systems , chat help line and forums also... as u ve not provided any sort of info about the game as a tutorial and players are becoming fed up due to this thing ( e.g.. 216 inf is required to hold auto resolve, many many things more which are not described ) , forum was the only way to ask something even when the an expert is not online.. if u can not make a tutorial , if u can not answer to direct questions at least handle yr forum well to let players make this game alive.thats all..
  5. Rock.87

    what is rank

    how does it effect on ats? u did not see properly , the ats is already fully upgraded but still in rank progress
  6. Rock.87

    what is rank

    what is this rank numbered as 1,2 and 3 ? and how does it effect on ats? can any body guide me about this.. thx v much.
  7. its been 3rd time that enemy has not been highlighted in the point and i got 0 notification about that....normally when enemy comes to the point the point icon shows how many enemies ve arrived or i ve heard that u r going to shut down the h&g forum..is it true? present in the point.. i was killed thrice cuz of this in war... i am a dedicated general and use large ats with continuous fps playing to play war ( check my log details, used to play hng for 30 to 40 hrs non stop ) and i believe that every single spawn in war is extremely important cuz sometimes it really matters. This bug is very annoying for gameplay as well...so plz check it and fix it... it was fixed once b4.... The other thing is that generals map has become extremely slow after the last scheduled server down. it was perfect b4 it for a long time. plz fix it cuz its impossible to make in time perfect moves. i again repeat that do something for paras and medium planes and tanks cuz these things ve not been available in the beginning of war for years. ive not been able to use them at all , that's not a good development feature. must fix it.
  8. what is this rank and how it effects the ats ? https://i.ibb.co/4fzpYFr/Capture.png
  9. Are we god that we can see any team mate laying down in the bushes when we r driving in the bushes? Why we r blamed for team kill? Or has reto highlighted every members name from 1000 meters that ignored? Nobody knows and somebody is camping rigt in the way so why we r blamed? If someone suddenly jumps from the spawn truck and get hurt by your game system , you start asking '' press e1 to report a player '' this is not more than a joke reto , a player jumps and u hurt him , not even his mistake and asking him to blame the truck owner... What is this
  10. h&g has started the old move by crashing after few battles.. it has started crashing v frequently...
  11. if a noob player becomes sq leader he nver changes the line even when we are near to capture the main points from other line , all 3 players in hid squad is bound to spawn on the wrong point..which ruins the game , in that situation i ve to quit the that match.. so whats the benefit? do not bound players to the sq leader let them spawn where ever they want , finish this squad system or exchange it with a better one.
  12. Rock.87

    bullets should work

    i ve been playing this game since 2014 , never seen a good ping.. i play this game only so can do anything except asking them to fix, they can if they afford..
  13. Moving and dancing saves you from bullets which are fired from very near in the same room...sounds like broken guns.. as u ve changed many things i complained about ( but in years e.g. i asked to put more points for para and recon years ago , added anti cheat system named as battleye , made the guns better, made fast up ranking possible , fast vehicle unlocks ,fixed v frequent game crashes etc ) someday you ll realize more things too.. i do not know you realized by yr self or players drove you in that way but i am glad that even after years you came to the point... now let me tell you again about something , make yr servers eligible to reduce ping as it is effecting game experience ... turn broken aims and guns into fully accurate and working weapons to let us play normally , if you can not handle ping then it is more necessary that you fix guns cuz hitting is useless until it is effective.. your game is different than ww2 games cuz infantry to planes ve broken aims. it;s extremely annoying and disappointing the way you ve developed the aims of these guns and planes even tanks. you made shooting in a strange way... does not mater a player shoots from point blank distance or from 10 meters , just moving saves anyone from bullets...is this a joke or shooting ? whoever shoot 1st should ve benefit of killing in the game & this happens in real too , nobody moves and shoots back after taking many bullets in his body , i ve been playing for many years and this is the worst feature of this game.. to play this game a man should be a quick dancer instead of good soldier who targets and shoot but dancer wins...worthless.. if this feature is fixed i bet this ll be one of the best game of ww2. remove rocks... roads are full of mines.. why you force players to drive on mines? hell of rocks there , in other words its like a driving game instead of ww2... let the players enjoy driving.. make vehicles fast, you r reducing the speed day by day which is extremely boring.. we need to play instead of driving so long.. Finish spawn timers... in the heat of battle we can not spawn and ve to wait for so long.. this is the feature for what i left many games like day of infamy etc after playing just for a while.. we came here to play not to wait at that time when we r playing and exited.. why you do not let us spawn and play the game? what is the reason ? cuz interruption sounds bad in any kind of work. Game has become too much lagy and slow after the new update. fix it.. war games are showing 450 ping frequently after the hot fix of war servers ( war map was not showing the ats in battles ) , i reported that problem to yr help line and you stopped the game services and fixed it in 30 mins.. thx for the in time help. anyhow... plz fix these issues.. thx v much
  14. all new battles are not showing any ats from both sides, impossible ro send ats to any new battle. Look at chat what players are talking bout this: Look what players are talking about this:
  15. worst broken guns for several years , does not matter how u mod them , even head shots wont work v often... maps are good so we play it , but it is not a ww2 game in any means with such broken aims.. do not anything but fix these broken guns.. when u ll need so many bullets to kill and as yr servers ve high ping even for Europe and u are unable to fix em for years, this game has lost its worth in all means when broken aims and guns are still alive .