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  1. SovietBushwookie

    We Have Come a Long Way

    how much gold gave reto you for this post ?
  2. SovietBushwookie

    Next round of weapon rebalancing

    51 dmg for scout II, sounds like we are back to pre scout-II times. With the bad hitregister processing caused by 0.8x damage on legs/arms and often on the body it will be standard to need 3 shots. bye bye SA rifles.
  3. SovietBushwookie

    Recons feel extremely "meh"

    recons are nice to play, i like them as many others do. but what nobody likes is to sit in the queue by this oh too good idea to give the players a "fieldmaintenance". that's the main reason why you only see useless recons, they queue directly with the class to get to know or level them. the players(infantry squads or any other class) who would like to play them for a change also sit in too high waiting times thanks reto's update. thats the reason you see all this weaks around. greetings wookie in da bush with his mosin
  4. SovietBushwookie

    Specials and MM

    there are no more clans, the few remaining groups that still romp around try to avoid each other because the maps are so uneven after the spawnrebuild + the maprebuild. overall the game has broken the following updates squad 2.0 = not fixed until today maps 2.0 = not fixed until today spawn 2.0 = not fixed until today vegetation 2.0 ..........dito I won't even mention all the other things. not to mention the sounds. which are not fixed until today, 3 years + later.... (the sounds used to be really good. then some crazy guy had the idea to change the sounds.)
  5. SovietBushwookie

    Wings Of Liberty Update

    you probably have a very good chance that things will come in the future or near future, because it is always important to bring new things to satisfy the underprivileged user. let alone that there are so many toys in the game that are totally useless.
  6. SovietBushwookie

    Possible T-70 field maintenance bug

    unfortunately this is not a bug, this is a heroic idea on the part of reto. they were warned in the forum, nobody wants to wait, the players want to play, but no reto brings the incredible called "field maintanence". you can try to contact the community support. you might find it appropriate, my experience tells me but you will get an answer like "we will have a look into it": means as much as. we read what you wrote, and since you were personally contacted in the topic, we did our work. (with a lot of luck they will have a look into it again, the chances are below 1%.) greetings wookie in da bush
  7. SovietBushwookie

    Next round of weapon rebalancing

    that sounds like a nice idea, hope we get also option to have a sidearm like a pistol without any slot cost, is standard in every game.
  8. SovietBushwookie

    Next round of weapon rebalancing

    the baseball bat equipment points need to be reduces to 1 slot. noone use this kind of melee weapons, because of 2 slots.
  9. SovietBushwookie

    GE Panther Textures

    it is not only the Panther, same goes to TigerII, Stug and Luchs. Easy to spot if you flying. still in shadow place you can find them fast .
  10. SovietBushwookie

    Prototype test: Fighter changes

    maybee not cry so much . planes are balanced
  11. SovietBushwookie

    New Infantry Scopes: Dev Talk #7 Feedback

    with the words. "I think"" never post anything.
  12. SovietBushwookie

    Alt to win

    You thought it or he said it. so again, did he say it ? because he can clearly see through bushes and was surprised by it, so the other must also be able to see through bushes? so the way you describe it here, he chaeated with NVIDIA settings? right or wrong? All right, all right, so it was his words, and we'll hold onto that point. I just wonder how he could know where all the bushes are when he doesn't see them himself, very suspect what he knows all about. so smart people wouldn't say it, would they? why did he say it to you? are you saying he's not that smart? ok, I get it. just because you wouldn't notice your clanmates hacking doesn't mean others won't notice their clanmates hacking. please tell us all, in a detailed description of what was going on there, with you in the clan. and what he has given everything so of himself, thank you in advance. that's wonderful. so please send me by PM. the names you all accuse. unfortunately, does not go here in the forum because of the rules. if there is nothing comes, I think times that goes in the direction -lying behaivor- . what is not against the rules. "easy as that". hard to comment. i just miss the words. or do you mean after weeks no reaction from reto there was at all the alt accounts. and you yourself have noticed that they are not interested. where you hardcore all the time with 5 alt´s the games open? if not, enlighten me. .. will not comment that...
  13. SovietBushwookie

    Alt to win

    alt accounts no problem after all, using alt accounts to cheat on the rts are a problem. but it is -snip-vodkalandplayers-snipe- behaivor.. what i talk here.
  14. SovietBushwookie

    Alt to win

    don´´t know why -snipe77- and -snipesnipesnipe1943- did it in the past, from your disbanned clan. one still play on mainaccount, the other did some other stuff and needed a new account, ="". i enjoy your defend posting style. the old farts laugh about it.
  15. SovietBushwookie

    SU clans?

    Where are all the SU clans gone? I remember a time that some medicore SU clans roflestomped 24/7 everyone, because they could play with there full groups vs randoms and set the ping . all left or banned ?
  16. SovietBushwookie

    ALts popping battles proof

    are in your Folder also the screenshots of the warALTan clan? by the way the knowing names permabanned? i didn´d saw them a while
  17. SovietBushwookie

    Seeking a US pilot clan

    Bfa was a thing until NA members got banned for nothing banned for nothing? that is new ? can you help us a bit ? or should we let it here as a small hackerclan ?
  18. SovietBushwookie

    Auto-Resolve Experiment Started 10SEP18

    good time to make xp for new players and maybee some old get rts skill on SU side. overstacking not help anymore(as information). and like some other trolled, the nofunresolve warvictorys. you wise SU players have now the chance get the xp alone by put 216 inf spawns in every town. no xp stealing by whales anymore XD jehaaaaaaaaaaaaa
  19. SovietBushwookie

    Bad score

    i try answer in english. you realy a bad p-38 pilot.
  20. SovietBushwookie

    Buff STG

    I don't like people who complain on the forums because they lack the skill to use a weapon, so they instead complain on the forums or ask for buffs and nerfs, thats what I don't like anything can be suppressed by the garand and gewehr, where did you pull the AVS from it only has 15 bullets while the STG can keep on shooting while the enemy is reloading so why you complain about everything, if you not like people who complain in the forums ? you don´t like yourself. ok i get it.
  21. SovietBushwookie

    How to fix spawn camping in 1 easy step.

    you maybee a bit new in this game. spawns so brocken to cap the point for attackers. how you will win a attack without camping the spawns?..
  22. SovietBushwookie

    Can you make 2 main chanels in rusia army?

    i got attacked in soviet army chat by speaking not cirilic.... rly a shame. /spezial by carrying full team of SU vets to win.
  23. Yeah your right a sentence can mean so much more but where did I imply we needed AR to win, all we need is a playerbase and resources like i said SU destroyed there playerbase by themself with nonstop AR so all medicore soloplayers have to play on brockenspawnsystem and loose alltime, so they leave. no wonder you have small playerbase and only beginners left. but you maybee to new in this game. in older days soviet had better randoms like these days. winning nonstop by AR the war and playing with 18+ vets vs randoms the ez battles must be rly honorable. i hope for new medicore players now and more experienced generals on SU side. will need a while. but your comments in the past to other factionsand players is rly a shame to SU players, as you would speak for the whole faction.... nothing to say anymore
  24. SovietBushwookie

    Auto-Resolve Experiment Started 10SEP18

    indescribable how much fun I have soviets to play. play much more defenses and do not attack all the time. I admit that the players are very unplanned and go 3/25 out of the rounds but they are still learning. good chances to improve the soviet player base again. The whole AR generals have broken the faction a bit with non-stop AR and only attack, no wonder the whole solo players are no longer in the war. It would be nice to test it a little longer instead of 2 weeks. because it is also interesting to see at the beginning of the war. Soviets will first get a time on the cap that is probably foreseeable. but overall it looks good to get new players, the little AT owners now do xp (xp earning is still a hunk). and the problems that probably have some here that your AT's in encounter stuck. now you have the opportunity to learn how to play the RTS part wise, that's good.
  25. SovietBushwookie

    Auto-Resolve Experiment Started 10SEP18

    i enjoy playing H&G as soviet in moment, have not nonstop to play attack´s and my few at´s i can put in towns with low numbers so i earn a bit and make xp ( WFS income is rly hard if some guys overstack it everytime to get most xp and wfs(couz of brocken wfs earning)). a good idea for all longtime encounters that are up and running. These will turn into a skirmish after 30 minutes because the priority is 1.Aussault maps 2. Skirmishes and 3 Encounters are about the matchmaker. so there will a chance that random teams pop it . the players who complain that so many AT's hang in a skirmish would rather change their attack behavior. Nice test @ reto ty