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  1. AT Rambos ruining the game

    YOU MUST BE NEW. try play infantry and you see how cancer its is get oneshot nonstop by recons and shelled by tanks. by the way how many players with heavyset gold you runing ?
  2. the caliber mm of cannons make in this game now sence, but i have feeling that another tank hit you ones by that Luchs burst . and he penetrate your flank. on that distance frontal would gave him armor to thick and impactlevle to high on most bullits your video is just to short. he can not kill u with 1 full clip from side.
  3. first video you had only ap ammo , second video not many to see, but my xperience say me 2 tanks shot same time on you.
  4. why we loose vs US

    hey comrades, why we loose vs US so many wars now? are u all afraid fight them or afraid to autoresolve them? come on mates it goes rly boring now after 2 years since squad 2.0 to fight nonstop vs german randoms and win ez pz the wars by autoresolving them over night . i would be a proud vasili by wining fair.
  5. Best HnG Players?

    i agree kd can not count for players what got forced to play nonstop on moskow server, and same goes to kd what can not count for players from russian what play nonstop moskow server (we all know there kd´s would be more worst).
  6. Best HnG Players?

    US: GaiusBaltar and the Saltcrew SU: Waran Players GE: Waran Alt Players
  7. Best HnG Players?

    Well Misha is using an unmmoded moisin so he is allowed one or two bad a screenshot. he linked it only to show he was first time top on scoreboard in a ez defend with 15+teammates.
  8. 1800 Recons

    are u unbanned in the Forum ?
  9. The true reason GE Is Hated by US/SU players

    but have still 5000 post and complain about gun´s!!??complain about GE GUUUUUUUUNS!?!?!?! you never grinded german inf... you just rekt yourself. nothing to say anymore
  10. Anyway to make the Soviet Faction Enjoyable?

    Sorry I am not sure how to do that, Steam won't let me, But I do have 6210 hours in. Like I said I love this game, If I am not playing the game I do not let it run. So steam is pretty close. Going on my 6th year playing. go in H&G on your account name there it shows you under statistic the hours in game. thats what i said in game. steam hours are just your logintime and 5k sounds a bit low.
  11. Anyway to make the Soviet Faction Enjoyable?

    first show us a screenshot with your account name where we can see that you have 5k hours, small tip do not come with a steam hour meter. in game hours, understood? second, embarrass your autoresolve generals.
  12. T34 or T34-85?

    buy the T-34/85 it is 2 hitkill to the rest top mediums. the scope isnt so good and sometimes it look´s like the bullits not going where they should but is is the better one.
  13. Please give us back the 30 minutes Autoresolve, if you do not abolish it already. then the inexperienced how empty the game is. since since 2016 playfully no more war is decided without this. RTS has become really empty, if Reto.RedBjarne knows he has been badly advised about his developers the last 2 years. I think it's a great pity that 2016 H & G has made the most download game in steam itself out of it. Well, who likes to play nonstop moskow server (after you can not set the ping itself), broken spawns since spawncamp screaming in the forum that has brought us this, or by far the worst squad system in human history (Reto.Kraken comment at livestream: "that's not all we test it and will improve it if necessary", 2 years ago hahaha) finally I talk to the vegetation again, a player who knows how he can manipulate the graphics technically gives it very strong advantages, he does not even have to download wallhack. was your biggest plus in this game the RTS + FPS part. But sorry you guys destroyed it. @Reto.RedBjarne
  14. P38 Lightning Overpowered issue

    it is all balanced. noone stop play this supergood game couzs of assymetrial balance.
  15. Ways to Fix Town Assault (images and notes included)

    praise him. @RadicalEdward2 i like that you spend many times to change the maps/the lines/the spawns. but you will only make good work if you play with good players vs good players. and this good players still not anymore in this game. c-line on mountain town was best example to make a attack line more worst as it already was with the 02 spawnsystem for defendersv s the attckers.