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  1. Too Few warfunds awarded to generals issue

    and plz dont give us 30day free deploy .. that broke much more in the past.
  2. RTS Earning WF's Idea

    what kind of drugs you use ? underdogbonus ez resolve time is over. will be hard in future.
  3. The big end is yet to come

    I just laugh like the whole bad fps and rts players are so happy in German side. a few more days and you sit nicely in the queue again and loses every fight by autoresolve from the opponent and can not defend because 18+ are refilled by the opponent again with matchmakernoobs. haha I say in advance.
  4. Why do Soviet players suck?

    Made by russain haters as Reto-Moto. Our country don't have access to worst games, thanks RKN. Edited 3 hours ago Do not cry little bad fps player, the devs will give you the moskow server. that you yourself do not have the hardware and experience to be better and your countrymen. there can not really be anything for reto, your country have alltime the access to flood games with bad players
  5. US Army AT Boycott?

    why are all of them in the US fraction howling? that is probably something in the bush with the wfs we wait. but I only see that many are caught that the underdog bonus is gone. I wonder if the autoresolve will work as well to win the wars as before, maybe you'll start playing for a fight. that's the same with soviets. there is also a lot of crying. the Germans think of course are just the best and if all deploy again sit in the queue and can only watch as the broken squadsystem collapses their front. I just do not understand what's going on with you US? really EZ guns best ttk but only negative K / D's. I also think the devs should get their hands on the weapons, then maybe you'll learn to play better with inferior weapons. thanks for reading
  6. Potato Players.

    Oh I'm sorry, I thought this was the thread asking about bad players created by one of them and I got confused why you couldn't answer your own question. Also I'm feeling salty today so it's fun interacting with forum people that are 100% troll accounts and shouldn't exist. no problem that you do not understand, is just a stupid habit of people who are lagging behind like you, it just does not understand. but I do not mind you, because my little brother is mentally handicapped and I still like him very much. Thats why I stopped playing SU the most cancerous community in this game... Next time when I see a SU player complaining why they are underpopulated this is why.... statements like this one exactly Edited 6 hours ago with me exactly the same, I play SU very happy but the server is a joke. I just do not understand that at the devs it does not see that many players quit because of this bad server because there is no more fun.
  7. Potato Players.

    you are in the wrong topic. this is not the opinion exchange about the weapons balance where you can pass on your outstanding non existing balance knowledge to others. Thank you
  8. Potato Players.

    why are so many Potato players so bad in H & G? is it because they are full of Potato´s? is it because you have bad computers? is it because you simply have no experience in fps games? I do not get it ? the game gives you bad players from Potatoland all the time the Potato server. I just can not relax in this game with all the nonexistent teammates that can not handle anything on their home server. I have on the bad Potato server the only preferred is not hitboxes on the opponent unregistered hits and it is really hard for me all babysitting the whole Potato players. to make it clear that this is not an attack on a game basis from a certain country, I have many players from Potatoland in my friends list and these are just as frustrated as I, the advantage is that they have no problems with the Potato server. thanks for a few good answers.
  9. Why you mad?

    It's just too exhausting at the same time to use all the AT's and soldiers on my German account for the warvictory and troll GE, SU and the US in the forum. i need a break. You should never have been allowed to be active here. would make my job a lot easier.
  10. Why you mad?

    Funny, because all ive noticed is that most german "sKiLLeD PrOs" stopped getting 80 kill 10 death stats with <50% headshots (im overexaggerating but dont mind it for a moment) cant remeber with the GE vets. but i outfrag you all time ez with my Headshots. Alt clan stop play war `? cant find them in moment?
  11. This is the end!

    i don´tget how people have the permission to type stupid stuff... I wouldn´t type stupid stuff as stupid guy even if i was one!

    fixed ? no underdog ! let the new murican warplayers now learn to grind and earn wfs. the Underdogwhales destroyed it.
  13. if you face all time clans, you would sooner or later get slighty worse K/D ratio, which would place you in lower MM rank. imagine, personally i have positive K/D ratio, most of us propably has, wondering then what happening... where are these "negative" K/D ratio players, yep they are currently sealclubbed in staged. even if it wont be a perfect solution - It will at least separate newcomers from rest,. technically from RTS perspective its also positive aspect, as you are not handling anymore 0/40 players. all of them will run around with similar players, so they'll most likely do something more positive than now. you have positve k/d? rly ? i outfragged you on all of my 3 alt´s... to many noobs in this game what boost your 1.1 k/d.
  14. US Army AT Boycott?

  15. war at the moment