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  1. E=MC2Trooper


    THEME: "Ring Ring Motherf..." (Working Title) OBJECTIVES: Kill a certain amout of enemies by using only the civilian bicycle DURATION: 1 or 2 weeks AFFECTED PLAYERS: everyone that doesn't take the game too serious AFFECTED GAME AREA: action game POTENTIAL REWARD(S): I have no clue what would be an appropriate reward to make anyone try this, I just like the idea of people trying to kill each other with bikes
  2. E=MC2Trooper


    a few weeks ago, when the lmgs where "balanced" and the german scopes where "overpowered" the situation looked quite a bit different: but absolutely no one complained back then
  3. E=MC2Trooper

    I told you not to give AT rambos power

    but why? (serious question)
  4. E=MC2Trooper

    Community Map.

    Well, it was just my suggestion to create a urban style map that is not completely disadvantageous to tanks. I really did not want to start the perpetual discussion about tanks and rambos again 🙄
  5. E=MC2Trooper

    Community Map.

    If I understood correctly there is two main reasons we dont have a larger urban style map: It may be not fun for tanks, as the narrower streets offer much more options to ambush a tank or to sneak up to them and kill them. the engine would need to copy the terrain together with the buildings and place them outside of the playable map to create the feeling of an infinite map/ city. Apparently the engine is not able to do this and also it would seem odd to see the same patterns of the city again and again. I think we can face these problems by placing the city in a corner of the map instead of the middle. That way we can make the city itself much bigger compared to the current medium french town map but still have enough space outside of the actual city to create open fields where tanks and recons can unfold their potential better. I think it would be interesting gameplay wise to begin outside of the city in the more open areas and as the attackers progress the fight will shift to more suburban districts and then to a more combined urban part where the final objectives are. Problematic however might be that the attack lines could become much longer than they are on the current maps.
  6. E=MC2Trooper

    H&G Quit

    Aber ist das wirklich so schlimm? Infanterie ist der beste/ schnellste weg einen Panzer zu zerstören, aber Panzer sind auch das beste Mittel um Infanterie zu farmen. Damit kann ich leben. Man muss sich im klaren sein, dass H&G ein "combined- arms" Spiel ist. Wenn Panzer am besten zur Panzerbekämpfung geeignet wären, aber schlecht wären um Fußsoldaten zu töten (und andersherum), dann würde der ganze "combined arms"-Aspekt wegfallen, die Interaktion zwischen beiden Klassen auf ein Minimum reduziert und man könnte gleich eins der zahlreichen Infanterie- oder Panzerspiele spielen. Wenn Panzer der beste Weg wären um Panzer zu jagen, gleichzeitig aber auch Infanterie zu bekämpfen (so wie es viele Panzerfahrer hier wollen), dann wäre die Interaktion zwischen den Klassen ziemlich einseitig; warum würde dann ein vernunftbegabter Mensch noch Infanterie spielen wollen? Wenn Infanterie wiederum das beste Mittel wären um Panzer und andere Infanterie zu jagen, dann wären Panzer ziemlich nutzlos. Viele Spiele vertrauen auf ein "Schere-Stein-Papier" Prinzip, aber das würde in H&G nicht funktionieren, denn sobald ein Element herausgenommen würde, würde die ganze Balance zusammenbrechen. Das Spiel muss für alle Teilnehmer Spaß machen, selbst wenn eine Ressource fehlt. Und ganz davon abgesehen, so schlimm ist die Situation Panzer gegen Panzer im Moment auch nicht, mit einem mittleren Panzer kann ich sehr verlässlich leichte Panzer mit zwei Schuss zerstören.
  7. E=MC2Trooper

    I told you not to give AT rambos power

    There is only two reasons people hunt tanks: 1.) Self defense: Tanks are a huge threat to infantry and people are sick of not being able to move 5 meters across the map without being targeted by at least two HE/MG spamming tanks so the hunt them to face the threat. 2.) to grind for better AT weapons people want to have better chances to counter tanks so they need better AT weapons. Armor 2.O made tanks a bigger threat than before and made the grind for strong AT weapons unreasonably long and annoying. So your constant cry for armor 2.0 gave people actually more reasons to hunt tanks. Congrats tankers you played yourself.🤣 _______________________________________________________________________________ when you deliver "facts" you should make sure they are complete, because the same hotfix that halved the armor hp also halved the damage input to tanks (when the surface armor isn't destroyed, and the armor weardown effect of AT weapons at that time was neglectable) so the only thing that changed (for AT infantry) was that the xp earning, and therefore also the credit earning, was reduced.
  8. E=MC2Trooper

    "no more then 6 specialist can join a match via matchmaking"

    I took this screenshot before the battle begun, so people wheren't able to change their class and I could see what class is actually hidden behind the squadname. You can see that on german side there where 8 tankers and 2 recons that joined via MM: Also in this battle there where on US side 5 tanks and 3 recons: The Matchmaker restrictions are definitely not working. Apart from that, I dont find it that problematic if people join as infantry and then switch the class, because they are actually willing to adapt to changing conditions on the battlefield by switching through their classes instead of using recons or tanks in the most stupid situations. (But I agree that hard caps would be actually nice)
  9. E=MC2Trooper

    Class limitation bug?

    I also had a few occassions where class limit was exceeded. This one for example had 8 tankers and 2 recons that joined via matchmaker. /M 5412867828809661222 And no those where not infantry squads that changed their squadnames, I verified that before the battle started.
  10. I really miss the part where you say you want to increase the overall effectiveness of AT-weapons. All this sounds just like another unjustified nerf for Infantry (except AT-Rifles). Seriously how can you still think that it is fun for infantry players to be constantly spammed with HE-shells that are cheaper than a rifle shot. Decreasing the amount of tanks per Assault Team will not change anything if you nerf AT-weapons again and even keep the production untouched.
  11. E=MC2Trooper


    You just wanted to farm easy infantry kills and now you are pissed of because your targets started to defend themselves lmao
  12. E=MC2Trooper


  13. E=MC2Trooper


    You need to ask on Discord, the forums have been abandoned. It was just a missconception on the newspost, there are no additional ressources.
  14. E=MC2Trooper

    Tankas & Tankes

    Thanks, just have read on it on discord. Kinda sad that the forum is more and more neglected in favour of the discord server. Also dissapointing is that AT-weapons adjustments where deprioritized, the hope for a buff in early May was actually the reason why I renewed my Vet-Membership