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  1. Reto.Millan

    Gracias por todo Reto.Millan

    Muchísimas gracias , a ti y a todos, por vuestro apoyo y atención todos estos años. También aprovecho para saludar al nuevo moderador y desearle suerte. ¡Nos vemos en el campo de batalla!
  2. Reto.Millan


    Ok, before anything, don't panic! This account only has regular user permissions now. It's therefore missing all the cool buttons that allow you to do funny stuff with forum posts, which means that I am as inoffensive as an eagle that has had its beak and claws removed. I just wanted a chance to say thanks to those who have showed appreciation and to clarify a couple things. First, the fact that I no longer work for the company doesn't mean that I'm not under the wings of Reto. Try to think of me as some sort of former President: although I no longer hold any real power, I've been the guy carrying the briefcase with the nuclear codes (And the meme stash. When I think about those memes that now won't be shared around I get really sad). I know that my former bosses respect and appreciate me, and my former colleagues (both moderators and employees) hold me in great esteem. Please, don't give Hades or the mods the chance to insist on this idea via warning message Second, for those who were worried, I'm doing fine. I'm looking forward to continue my professional career doing what I always wanted to do. Life has given me recently some satisfactions that compensate for this loss. I'm going to use now this opportunity that I've been given to apologize for whatever mistakes I might have committed during my period as employee and moderator. I blame them all on my lack of experience and maturity. I also want to remind you that I don't hold any bad feelings towards any player (no matter how many times you were naughty on the forums or put mines under my tank). If you regret some or anything you might have said or done, your can consider yourself forgiven. I'll finish now by replying to the posts: Robotron, KenSolo and McFly were the best bosses one could have. Soon™. We need to play together Don't worry Gesh, every time you enter a house and you are blown up by a treacherous SMine or PMK, I will be there. Every time that you are killed by para that was sniping or tossing AT grenades from from roofs, I will be there. Remember, my only bias was towards having fun and giving those without much skill a chance to enjoy. And carrying unusual loadouts, I really love those. But the spirit remains But he's a cool guy and not a snitch, so he'll keep his mouth shut 😎 . And no, I'm not the campero, I have too bad aim. Instead, I eat the camperos, especially with fries and a soda. Or run over them with light tanks. Whatever happens first. So, see you in the battlefield! and, until new notice, I only have one more thing to say: Cheers!
  3. Please contact Support if you're having connection issues. /thread
  4. Reto.Millan

    Nominate Heroes & Generals for a Steam Award

    Ok, enough. This conversation has degenerated too much to provide a meaningful discussion. /thread
  5. Reto.Millan

    Wouldn't it be nice

    Flame topic. /thread
  6. Reto.Millan

    Why was I sent to this battle?

    Missing opening post. As stated by @geschlittert, please use an external image host. /thread
  7. Maybe some other time. This is the first time we do a vehicle camo sale, and I was really looking forward to it :) We do many different sales over the year, some will be more interesting for you, some might not. Well, we only update Trello like, once a month, so once it is updated it reflects the maximun amount of changes possible. Please contact Support, they are the one that know how to help you. Cheers!
  8. Reto.Millan

    Help crush a bug and win!

    ¡Muchísimas gracias Pep! Esperamos que lo disfrutes mucho y te agradecemos una vez más todo el esfuerzo y atención que has puesto en este juego. ¡Saludos!
  9. Reto.Millan

    Dynamite Lover to favor mines and not H3s?

    All I know is that you currently can't select which weapon gets the extra ammunition/rockets/rounds. It's not a bug but a technical limitation of the UI. I'll poke some Devs and try to get their opinion on the issue. Cheers!
  10. Reto.Millan

    I am sure a lot of german idiots are cheating

    If you suspect that anyone is cheating, please report him using the in-game report system. Press Tab to see the scoreboard, right-click on their usernames and report them there, or if you didn't use that tool, then send a ticket to Support and denounce them there. There are very few hackers, and most of what looks like cheating is either good players or network issues. The anti-cheat is very effective and regular banwaves are done to get rid of anyone cheating (or trying to). Hacking might happen from time to time, but it is something rare and not an issue to worry about. You can contact Support here. You can also watch this video where a Reto employee explains how our company deals with cheat reports (from minute 26). https://youtu.be/nhTbHlTkUHA?t=1592 Cheers!
  11. Reto.Millan

    Are integrated crosshair considred cheating !!??

    Any device that gives you an unfair advantage is against the rules. /thread
  12. Reto.Millan

    RETO Daily Bonus for Generals?

    Generals won't get a bonus. Cheers!
  13. Reto.Millan

    Objective marker concealement

    You can disable objective markers while ingame. Press Esc, then click interface and there will be a drop down menu for you to select the option you prefer. It was disabled because players would accidentally remove it and then they wouldn't figure out how to put it back. Cheers!
  14. Reto.Millan

    Tier II terrain vehicles?

    I'll just leave this here :) Now, the Horch 901 really looks like a comfy ride for war...