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  1. [ORB]Mobster01

    New technologies and gaming communities

    Discord is to debating what drinking bleach is to Covid. On the plus side, maybe boomer vets can make some young kiddie friends, as they're who populate it.
  2. [ORB]Mobster01


    HnG is/was very processor-intensive. Your cpu is balls, and a 1050Ti doesn't cut it for many games these days. The fact you're hitting 60fps is good for those specs imo (not that you've given the important RAM info anyway)
  3. thank god for AT equipment in tank v tank. no other way of killing the tanks
  4. [ORB]Mobster01

    2021 Veterans Day discounts,

    he's been on the sauce I think, lads
  5. [ORB]Mobster01

    Heroes & Generals: The Sad End

    No trust me it still has wasted potential. That's the only thing that hasn't changed in the last 5 years.
  6. [ORB]Mobster01

    remove soldiers?

    Submit a ticket and ask Gargamel nicely
  7. [ORB]Mobster01

    many esp and radar hacks

    See BallTorture06 is in full flow here, nice one chaps, keep the tears flowing
  8. [ORB]Mobster01

    The end times are here!

    11th July 2014 was early access on steam I believe, you can probably google it for yourself if you're sad enough like me idk
  9. [ORB]Mobster01

    The end times are here!

    That's funny because I thought HnG was released on Steam in 2014.
  10. [ORB]Mobster01

    The end times are here!

    You have absolutely nothing to back up the assertion that 'most of us' don't use steam.
  11. [ORB]Mobster01

    H&G, Factions, RTS : promising change

    debate is pointless, we needs to first see Ireland added on GE side first No britain, already have two aliieds
  12. [ORB]Mobster01

    [G&K] Griffon und Kryuger (2021 Update)

    DB to G&K 😭😭 now that's what I call a fall from grace
  13. [ORB]Mobster01

    suggestion of Capitals shift

    When people try ask for change and/or balance
  14. [ORB]Mobster01

    suggestion of Capitals shift

    couldn't agree more. deluded, biased, subjective, myopic, 1 could say possibly foolish. not like me, a AX supporter thru & thru. yes. liberate berlin comrades? succinct
  15. [ORB]Mobster01

    This game is dying, so...

    m m m m m m...master Bayonetta has given Mobster a t0nk! Mobster is freeeeee