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  1. SJGunn

    equipment points

    Always been ridiculous how few equipment points para have. Very unrealistic. Reto is overly cautious about making para too op. I guess jumping out of a plane and having half the enemy in the game shooting at you while enemy planes try to shred you with their props isn't dangerous enough.
  2. SJGunn

    This game is dying, so...

    H&G wouldn't be H&G without the same old complaints cried about in the forums. Not balanced. Game dying. AT Rambos suck. Bots suck. T2s op. Pay to play. Old maps. Too much grinding. But it's still one of the better, and more fun, WW2 fps games out there. We've all tried some of the new games, but most old H&G players still wander back frequently to play or try whatever is new. The other new games I've tried look better (ok.... way better), but none I've played put the whole "combined arms thing" together quite as well in 20-30 minute games. An improved map and soldier appearance would help a lot to keep it more modern looking. Also new maps would add more interest. And after the 5 years I've played they still need to work on balancing how fast special units can reenter games (example: tank spam vs waiting ridiculously long to respawn your tank). But every H&G "veteran" knows how to work around most of the annoying things. I don't put as many hours into the game as I used to, but I think Reto has done an okay job (considering their resources) fixing and balancing most things pretty well and I still enjoy playing.
  3. SJGunn

    M1 carbine, it's guff

    The regular semi-auto M1 carbine has it's place. I look at it as the "'4th pistol" for US players that has better range than regular pistols. Weight is good and you can have 150 rds with only 5 weight points. Performance does suck compared to other main weapons, so mods are necessary which unfortunately make it expensive to use. Best is the para version which has 150 rd capacity with only only 4 weight points..... but Reto only gives those to para right now.
  4. SJGunn

    Assault weapon?

    -POW-kenred, the big difference is definitely the selector for full auto, but there are a couple other things. Like the barrel length. Military M4s have a 14.5 inch barrel while the civilian copies have a 16 inch barrel (US law says no rifle barrels under 16 inches). This isn't a big deal unless you get a bayonet and find it won't work on a civilian gun without rigging an adaptor. The old M16s had a 20 inch barrel and surplus bayonets for those won't fit either. Also the barrels (and sometimes many other parts) on civilian ones are usually not made as well and overheat much faster than a military one with rapid fire shooting. Best to buy one that uses mil-spec parts and avoid the cheap ones. They are fun to shoot if you can afford the ammo.
  5. SJGunn

    Assault weapon?

    Not a big fan of wiki-anything. Modern military guns are defined (mostly) by their ammo and design: SMGs - Usually use pistol ammo, have high-capacity magazines, usually have a 12 inch (30 cm) or shorter barrel, and are light & small. Assault Rifles - Use "intermediate round" ammo. This is ammo that has some of the performance of rifle ammo but is shorter and lighter. Assault weapons usually have these features: slightly less recoil (from the smaller ammo) to be easier to control during rapid fire, a more "straight line frame" to control muzzle climb during rapid fire, a pistol grip, a "selector switch" to go between semi and full auto, are usually 8 pounds (3.6 kg) or less, use high-capacity magazines, and have 12 to 15 inch (30 to 38 cm) long barrels. Battle Rifles - Use full power rifle rounds. This ammo is heavy and long, but allows for longer range shots and has more knock-down power against enemies. Battle rifles are usually 9 to 11 pounds (4 to 4.9 kg), use slightly smaller capacity magazines, are now usually semi auto (but can be select-fire), and have barrels 16 to 20 inches (40 to 50 cm) long. Battle rifles are very hard to control on full auto without a bipod. By these universal definitions the GE STG44 was the first deployed assault rifle. The SU AVS was one of the first attempts at a select-fire battle rifle. The US M1M2 carbine was kind of an assault rifle, but the .30 carbine round is a slightly long pistol round, so the M1M2 is also part SMG (kind of a mutant gun). Oh, for you anti-gun folks and euro-socialists...... The semi-auto rifles which are legal for regular citizens to buy in the US are NOT military assault rifles. They are rifles which COPY the appearance of true assault rifles to increase sales. Are they dangerous? Yes. Are they just like military guns? No. It requires special licensing (like in most countries) to own an actual assault rifle with military features (see above) in US.
  6. SJGunn

    Looking for good soldier loadouts.

    ol32204, I have just tried a new loadout that is kind of fun. I equip hoarder sliver badge (or gold if you have it), SA rifle with scope for long range, and the little PPD 40 SMG (SU) for CQC. I adjust the ammo so the weapons are both at 5 carry points. Because the SU SMG has a 71 round mag adding the silver hoarder badge gives me 213 rds for it. PPD 40 is easy to grind as a captured weapon and I got one for a US and GE character. Even without mods it works well at close range and annoys the SU players when you shoot them with it. Of course I already was doing this with one of my SU characters. If you were really crazy at grinding captured guns you could do this with a PPSH41.
  7. SJGunn

    Paratroopers need more slots

    This is an old argument. Look at any historical picture of actual US or GE paratroopers and they ALWAYS carried way more stuff than a regular infantryman did. They had to as they were more difficult to resupply. Reto ignores this because they don't want paratroopers to be as strong a class as infantry. Maybe they also want to force them to use lighter weapons like the M1A1 Carbine or a handgun. For para to only be able to carry as much as a tanker who jumps out of his tank is ridiculous. IMO para should be able to carry at least as much as a recon. The last time I saw this in the forums Reto ignored it and I doubt they will pay attention now.
  8. SJGunn

    SU SMG

    PPS shoots a lot like the MP40 but costs more. I would never grind a captured PPS for a GE character. For US character the Thompson is ok, but MP40 and PPS both slightly outperform it. But the M1/M2 is easy enough to get I wouldn't grind a captured SMG for a US guy anyway. The PPD40 and PPSH41 both have lower damage and not-so-great range, but now have a higher rate of fire which makes them fun in and around buildings. If you want a mid-range SMG go for the PPS with rate-of-fire mods. If you play the short range game the PPSH41 is a lot of fun. The only mod I put on my PPSH41 since they updated it is field sights.
  9. SJGunn

    FG42 Modability for Infantry

    H&G can be a funny game sometimes. US has the Johnson and everyone can use it. GE has the FG42 and only para can get it easily. SU has nothing like either even for para. IMO the FG42 should be as easy to get as the Johnson for GE players (historically there were lots more FG42s used than Johnsons). And the SU should get an equivalent weapon.
  10. SJGunn


    I've left a bad squad a couple times, but it's been a while as I mostly just ignore them now. I think you use tab and click on yourself or maybe you push F4. Somebody here should know. However, I've never left a squad when tanking yet or tried the "squad lock" when I was tanking alone without squad mates. Pushing 4 does work well keeping non-squad guys off your secondary guns.
  11. SJGunn

    What are the most effective GUN camos?

    Camo is overrated in H&G. Movement and gun noise are mostly what give people away. Dark greens and browns are as good as any expensive camo outfits. As for guns, the best would be a "worn & dull" finish like the gun had been through a lot of action. But, because that's not in the gun appearance options, green is probably the best if the standard appearance isn't for you. Black would work but is way too expensive for a gun paint job. I don't see many camo'd guns in the game and probably most players are happy with the standard look or just don't care.
  12. There is enough stuff in the game now for keeping players reasonably happy. Game is actually attracting some new players. H&G is different from other games and does a pretty good job at being an "arcade game" and "kind of historical game" at the same time. The other new WW2 and shooter games I'm seeing haven't gotten there yet. But to "not be left in the dust" H&G (IMO) needs to: -Although slightly better than a year or two ago, the game still needs more advertising. And the advertising needs to show H&G's unique arcade/historical playing experience. -The game needs more new maps. New maps will bring back old players and help keep the newer ones. I don't understand why there isn't a new one at least a couple times a year. Heck, there are H&G players who could probably build some maps and give them to Reto for free (or maybe for a free Vet membership). I never get bored of game play,..... I get bored playing the same maps over and over again. -Newer games have a lot of options for customizing the appearance of characters. Giving H&G players more options for uniforms, hats, and facial appearance would make it more competitive with newer games.
  13. SJGunn

    exploit? bug? hack ?

    Human players I can handle. The problem you mentioned is an issue for me from the damn bots in staged. Thank god the bots aren't in war games yet.
  14. SJGunn

    A few suggestions...

    Lol. I have 40 years of gaming experience. Grinding Space Invaders did suck, although we called it going for the high score back then.
  15. I've been stuck in several places, including the church spot cellbuilder2 mentions. Usually if I twist around, hit jump key, and try different positions long enough I can escape. If I can't get loose it's the suicide key.