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  1. the new and improved discord server Die Mächtige Wehrmacht is searching for new recruits to join since the server i relatively small we need all the help we can get so sign up and help your faction today. link to join: https://discord.gg/esvsXun
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    it's sad to see that so many people lost their jobs but i hope it's for the best can't wait to see what reto will have to offer in the future
  3. there was nothing wrong with the old deploy system and the maintenance system i mean the respawning for vehicles like tanks and planes is sooooooooo long i wrote this forum while i was waiting to deploy and i still had to wait 20 seconds i'm fine with making the deploy time a bit longer everytime you die but 2 minutes everytime you die is a bit extreme don't you think how am i supposed to enjoy a game where you have to wait 2 minutes (or more) to play again this game is going down a dark path only you can change that it just feels that reto just ignores what the fans want cuz i can't remember the last time that reto did something that the fans actually liked
  4. chrissinator003

    All Soldier Types Unlocked Seeking Clan

    hey there read that you're looking for a clan to join well i've got one for ya but do note that it's not a large group but a very active group with kindness, memes, music and most importantly h&g matches here's a link if you want to join: https://discord.gg/46Rqt3T hope to see you in the welcome chat soon
  5. chrissinator003

    Panzer Division clan?

    hey i got a german discord clan for ya but it's not only panzer division please reply if you're interested
  6. to me it seems like it's been ages since we've had any new vehicles so i had some suggestions for the Americans i thought the T17 Staghound would be a good choice and for the germans i thought the sdkfz 234 puma would be a good vehicle and maybe the sdkfz 9 with flak 88 and maybe in the very far future things like a new resource jets for example for the germans the me 262 schwalbe just a suggestion and for far future development i would love to see vehicles more customizable for example that you can choose to add armor plating to your tank or that you can add sandbags to your tank or for the willy's that you can have the top on or for the kubelwagen the top on things like that would make vehicles a lot cooler
  7. a new clan called es grosse SS this new clan will try to compete with the kgb in the future the only requirement is that your main faction is germany together we can win don't forget it try it out by clicking the following link: -removed-
  8. i caught -snip- using wallhack whole team did agree and had a k/d count of 45+ kills 2 or 3 deaths which is in heroes and generals impossible i'm not talking about the kill count but 45+ kills and 2 or 3 deaths that has to be cheating b.t.w the whole team agreed
  9. tankhunters we've all seen them we all know them but what are they really? they are sneaky little rats but that is what they are but they don't need to be removed just because they're really annoying cause otherwise we also could be removing snipers the reason is realism. tankhunting is the most unrealistic thing i've ever seen, i mean come on even tf2 is more realistic than tankhunting. i real life you needed an entire squad of people to take down one tank. in this game one guy can take down all the tanks in the match. i've been trying to contact reto moto about this subject for quite some time now and would have hoped we could have come up with a solution together i have one solution that is throwable tank grenade's are out of the game come on i mean how does that work anyway but regular AT grenades need atleast 5 seconds or more to be planted and once you start planting it makes a sound, each faction gets their own bazooka except the russians since they have the AT rifle but i'm going to come back to that what i mean is the russians can't use the bazooka and panzerschreck anymore the germans can't use the bazooka anymore and the U.S can't use panzerschreck anymore and those weapons can only be fired if crouched or if you lie down. the AT rifle becomes more unaccurate and can only be fired when you lie down and now you might think "well now tanks are too op" and that might be but with the new way of combat coming up when vehicles use an internal hitbox tanks will be balanced again but then without tankhunters and maybe just maybe germany will stand more of a chance in war since germany was so powerful cause of it's tanks and i'm happy to announce that tankhunting will be harder and maybe impossible to do after the next big update since all vehicles will use an internal hitbox so AT weapons will be more ineffective against tanks so will need to hit the tank in different area's to actually destroy different parts of the tanks internal hitboxes are already being used in the prototype severs and i love it AT weapons are no longer able to destroy tanks but only able to disable tanks immobilizing them
  10. chrissinator003

    Help us shape the future of the Dev Streams

    when is tankhunting gonna get removed from the game?????