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  1. CharlesP.

    Goofy battle stories

    With all the bias arguments, flame wars, and nerf discussions, I thought a light-hearted goofy battle stories thread was in order. Share your funniest moments throughout your time playing here and if you happen to not have any, then you're lying. (I know it)
  2. CharlesP.

    how to destroy PLANES?

    Why not use the Gaius Scope(TM) on the mighty m1 Carbine?
  3. CharlesP.

    We should cut Reto a break.

    Gaius this is why i love you. (;
  4. You can take out the part where im suggesting that PLUS other badges, thats not what im suggesting.
  5. ... I dont think you understand what I meant by this. Stamina badges would be completely gone. With the current system new players are already 'relatively weaker' because you still need to unlock marathon man through the physical training badge anyways. You are acting like it would be a huge buff, when in reality, it would not be that big of a difference. Think about it before you reply.
  6. CharlesP.

    We should cut Reto a break.

    We should make a poll, collect the 10 -15 most suggested, run a secondary poll, and the top 5 we can send in emails to reto directly, post on multiple parts of the forum and overall spread the word.
  7. CharlesP.

    m1a1 carbine vs ppd40??

    Action game talk or off topic please. Obvious fencepost is obvious.
  8. CharlesP.

    We should cut Reto a break.

    I suppose you're not wrong; but it is sometimes difficult to see what the community wants if everyone has differing opinions. I say that if we want something changed in-game then we should compromise on our wanted implementations and instead unite on things the majority of us want
  9. CharlesP.

    Gun names!

    SVT-40: Suka blaster 4000 PPSh: Too biased for you? PPS: My PP(S) is big Nagant: Mysterious Magnum
  10. CharlesP.

    We should cut Reto a break.

    Interesting idea; if we had representatives to filter out ridiculous or impossible items that would be great.
  11. Alt title: An open letter to the forums. For as long as I can remember, there's been mostly complaints within these forums; mostly along the lines of "Muh good old days" when, ironically enough, they complained then too. I can see that reto is trying their best with what they have at their disposal. Their best might not be what your ideal vision of the game, but we just have to deal with that. There is a fine line between constructive criticism and advertising your unrealistic fantasy for the game under a thin veil of 'giving criticism.' I think you should all be able to say your opinion, but at the same time i dont think that you should express it as what is inherently 'best' for the direction of the game. Starting flame wars and complaining about the same problems that are already known is not helping the game at all, in fact, it is doing the opposite. Don't get me wrong, I think that sharing what you think might be a good addition to the game and having the community help improve upon it is splendid, but it has devolved into petty arguments and wasted time. This is probably going to be a pretty unpopular post but i'd like to see what you all have to say. Thank you for reading. CharlesP.
  12. Hi all, i've come to the conclusion that Stamina should be a passive skill that slowly increases with each level of the Physical Training badge. Carry weight would of course still be it's own separate system and less weight still = more sprint time, but all players would get a passive bonus to their sprint time as they leveled the badge. Cheers, CharlesP.
  13. CharlesP.

    3rd Shock Army

    Welcome, Tovarisch! Since you're here. I'm guessing you're interested in fighting amongst the 3rd Shock Army? If so, please continue reading. Open slots: (in order from most important to least) Guard's rifles: 1. Squad leader. (Command squad to support shock troopers in any way you see fit. Equipped with your weapon of choice) 2. Machine gunner. (Self explanatory) 3. Marksman (Must have Mosin Nagant or dedicated Sniper SVT: Support squad from a distance) 4. SA infantry. (This slot will always be open. Reserves are important.) Armor Support: Commander: (T-34-85 required) Tankists (T-34-76/85 required) Junior Shock Troopers 1. Petty officer (Command men within the Junior Shock Troopers and train those within the ranks. Equipped with an SMG of your choice. Rank 6+) 2. Recruits. (Only requirement is to have a PPD.)  This is not an extremely dedicated clan.  You do not need to leave any other group you may already be in (This does not apply to Squad leaders.) Please message me if you would like to join. Have a great day.