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  1. BilliamGamesMate

    Sniper Rifles

    Why are they in the game? 0 Skill garbage pay to win BS Remove them entirely Make the Right Choice Reto If you disagree you are actively contributing in killing the game.
  2. BilliamGamesMate

    @Reto, [H&G] collaboration with @HololiveEN member [Mori Kalliope]

    delete your account please
  3. BilliamGamesMate

    FG42 for US/SU Infantry!

    I'm not reading all that garbage I disagree with the title as all captured weapons should be removed and never should have been added to begin with. Delete your accounts please
  4. BilliamGamesMate

    Money back for captured weapons

    If you were dumb enough to buy captured weapons that you knew were stock, that you thought were better than anything your faction had to offer and are asinine enough to want a refund over an rpm nerf it's your own fault. Use an LMG. You'll be fine
  5. BilliamGamesMate

    Clan/Guild System Suggestions and Ideas

    Eloquently illustrated suggestion Nicholas.
  6. BilliamGamesMate

    Gun Imbalance

    hello reto moto i am sure it is know in tgame that balance are not an idea that are present in game play,, furhther all weapons are usless against spamm of higer tier weaps as stg avs and carbine reto i think gun grease gun carbine and all smg and all lmg need to be made one hit kill weapon inorder to achieve balance also tankers need buff as gun to good
  7. BilliamGamesMate

    Please investigate

    ha yes i am in agre e i say to do banned players ,,polski_ziomek'' terrible playyer with MP-44 who use aimbot,, triggerbot, macro, an wall hack / e.s.p. plz ban
  8. BilliamGamesMate

    When there will new anti-cheat ?

    Why would they waste their precious time on adding an anti-cheat that works (not that that is even necessary because nobody cheats to begin with), when they can spend time drinking at the dozen local bars around the office.
  9. BilliamGamesMate


    No. The kidney stones prevail in all walks of life. They are overwhelmingly present on all maps. Truly disquieting to galavant about the maps whilst they host such grim reminders of my late 7th uncle Ferdinand McGee.
  10. BilliamGamesMate


    I am most grieved by your choice to put kidney stones around the edge of your maps, such as airfield and factory. They remind me of my late 7th uncle Ferdinand McGee, whom I had the vile displeasure of helping pass his kidney stones just 5 years ago, before he died of liver cancer. It would be most considerate if you were to remove these grim reminders of the passing of my late uncle.
  11. I violently believe in personal exercise and hygiene. All players in the game should be forced to conduct daily exercise, every single day, before being allowed to play H&G. The community would benefit greatly from the exercise forced by this update to the rules. The daily exercise should consist of the usual stretches of the legs and arms and various twists, engineered to induce flexibility and long life to the members of the community. A question that should be asked by Reto is, 'well, how are we to be certain that our players have conducted their exercises?'. My solution to this would be for every member of the community being forced to send in videos to Reto.Moto of them conducting their workout. But then, you ask, how, pray tell, are we to be certain that our players are not simply re-using footage of themselves exercising? Well great question! The individual players would have to have different identifiable marks in their exercise videos to make sure they aren't stealing or re-using videos!(A great way to implement this would be by having the player stand in front of various landmarks such as the Eiffel Tower, or the Pantheon. Another way of verifying the legitimacy of the exercision videos would be the players shouting random numbers, such as their credit card details or birth dates. Now I understand that this would be a rather hard rule to implement due to the varying physical natures and abilities of the community members, but I just believe that physical exercise is really a growing trend in the modern video game communities! P.S. This would be a great way to catapault the popularity and playing of Heroes & Generals and other Reto.Moto titles' use in local gyms and other physical activities centers!
  12. You assume that they have the funds or the will to actually fix the game.
  13. BilliamGamesMate

    What happened to H&G Pt 2

    who are you and why did you steal my identity