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  1. peterking2000

    Recoil for American Weapons

    good jokes
  2. peterking2000

    Hotfix: Old Timers are back

    i think it's good for war only, why ? because in war, people tend to team played and play more serious where as in Skirmish and Assault, they just sitting in the bushes for the whole match (and those tanks....),only 2-3(Khutor) players in a game are actually trying to cap(from personal experience)
  3. peterking2000

    soldiers income

    During the time you actually playing the match, for example: 30 mins game will give you half of your soldier's salary plus your in-game scores(XP).
  4. peterking2000

    Looking for German clan

    IGN: peterking2000 Character: German: 3 characters -Infantry: rank 14 -Weapons: Fully modded 2HK G43 + max RPM MP40 or C96. (many more but i don't use that much except for Skirmish maps for fun) -badges: Heavyset Gold + Hoarder. -Paratrooper: rank 10 -Weapons: Max RPM FG42. -badges: Free Fall + Fast Reload or Heavy Set. -Tank Crew: rank 2 (i don't play that much.) I don't play War Battle that much, so i would like to join some clan that can teach me. English is not my first language so expect to hear some thing weird come out of my mouth. btw i'm 17 Below are my stats: https://imgur.com/UqTIOJo https://imgur.com/a/ptvWT