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  1. Anasstas1a

    1 Infantry in 20 man battle - Unplayable

    I agree, unplayable. I think Reto should fix this problem.
  2. Anasstas1a

    Hit Markers

    Reto please, delete your annoing cross on enemys (hitmark) This sooo annoing, terrible.
  3. Anasstas1a

    Round 2 and 3 winners

    Good question. I'm asking you the same, Reto. Where is the list of winners for rounds 2 & 3, which you should have published long ago. People suffered on the bad prototype server for nothing. I think after this terrible update you should gift everybody t-shirts as a final good memory about the game. RIP
  4. Anasstas1a

    Update 1.12 - General feedback

    Reto you ruined my favorite game. I`m very angry at you after this update. Let me list you all the cons in order: 1. Your update causes a lot of lag. I lose lots of FPS now very strong. Its not only me that has this problem. 2. Terrible sounds. (all sound is very distant and poorly directional) Grenades without sound. when somebody from enemys throws grenades in a house, nobody hears it, and dying. Sound of grass is terrible. You made ASMR for rabbits ?! When I`m driving cars on grass this sounds like I`m fken lawnmower. Sound of grass so loud that I even don’t hear my music on stream anymore ! And this pieces of grass that fly in all directions are very distracting! Sound of my MG42 terrible now. 3. New deploy system making spawnkilling the #1 tactic to give enemies minutes of deploy time. And easy capture points while others spawncamping with this deploy. Unexperienced players will just quit playing. 4. Forcing people to use roads which will be full mines now. If you want to cut off road and drive on the grass now, this grass will cut your speed by 50 % and you`ll get killed by snipers and tanks. 5. Light tanks and medium tanks are getting put together into the same staged battles and makes progress for new tankers near impossible. Medium/TDs just farm light tanks. The same goes for recon planes and medium planes getting in the same battles. 6. Now it’s useless to use bicycles, it will be faster on foot even riding a bike down hill doesnt even give you increased speed hardly. Also the sound of the bike is terrible. 7. Can't turn some vehicles like the GE motorcycle without accelerating full speed instantly. Your better off going reverse when objects are around you. 9. With this patch Recoil got really messed up for lots of weapons, which Reto didn't recognize until after they released it. My MG behaves inadequately now. 10. My screen is getting spammed with meaningless +1 XP for every vehicle part I hit when I try to kill a driver with an SMG. It's difficult to even see if it says you wounded the driver or not. 11. It is very easy to break a tank gun/breech with a bazooka and other tank guns. I'm always left with a broken gun on my tank and cant bail out to repair it because at me shooting 2-3 tanks + infantry + repair of tank very long. I'm very angry from this. Reto made from H&G second World of Tanks. Now nobody won’t want to play for infantry and attack points. Every body just wants to play for tanker and pilot now. 12. You did a terrible job with physics in game that allows you to drift and roll over. I can show you the video evidence as well as screenshots if you need it. I'm always recording, cause I stream every day. APCs, kettenkrads, and tanks drift in such a way which really doesnt make sense 13. You still didn’t fix invisible barrier on the stairs on the bridge D4 14. Too much spam of vehicles due to No restriction and deletion of AUX seats (sometimes you'll see as many as 7-8 tankers or pilots in a game. 15. APCs dont have a spawn delay anymore. I saw how an APC can spawn 5+ guys instantly on the last capture point and win a game with no counter. 16. Design of icons in the bottom of the screen are uncomfortable now. They make me always forget to choose and spawn a transport. I preferred the pre patch simple spawn icons that showed up while spawning. 17. Now Selecting a character is slower and more confusing. Changing to the correct character that you want takes time to scroll through the list and read the name or weapons they have instead of looking at icons. Also the're in random fixed order. 18. Infantry can now spawn on the tail gun section of a plane. This promotes more dummies just sitting around in vehicles instead of on foot. Only pilots should be able to spawn in aircraft. 19. Buggy kill cam. 20. In squad of infantry you can invite only 3 players now, in squad of snipers you can invite only 1 player. This not good for streamers, 3 space for friends not enough really. Before i could invite 5 my friends in infantry squad and i was happy with this. After update, f... no. Reto pls. Return the game like it was before. This is just a shameful update. I will delete the game if you don’t fix it and I will just play in something else. This will be better then a waste of my nervous system, mood, and stream this sh... Nobody won’t have hope that Reto will listen to normal players who really play this game. (Don’t need to listen to forum trolls who don't even play in HnG, just sit all day on forums and crying and creating stupid ideas to spoil the game with more updates ) this update was terrible. This first time when I said this after update. I hate this update.