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  1. game_lover_77


    yes that's correct i ve experienced the same issue.
  2. game_lover_77

    location ban

    this question is to reto team, plz inform me that is there any solution for location ban? can a banned player play this game again with a new account from the same location? as it is not a hardware ban so obviously there ll not be a need to change the hardware, if you are leaving the hardware then there must be any option to play this game again, I do not want to use tricks, I just need to know if there is any legal option as hardware is not banned... I ld like to ask this from reto team and I ll be satisfied with their answer only. thx
  3. sometimes when we launch in a vehicle ( or drive our own ) when we try to leave a vehicle we just can not, if its our own vehicle we can move it a bit ahead but if we spawn in an already parked vehicle we ve to commit a suicide or wait to be killed, this problem is occurring from a long time, if mr.reto has really decided to focus on quality then he should correct this error from the game.thx.
  4. game_lover_77

    Bad Experience

    i ve gotten very bad experience of this game with the effect of guns...i ve been noticing that when i fire an aimed burst of my fully upgraded mp 40 from a very short distance , even i fire first i die because enemy has an american revolver, and kills me without making any head shot, no issue with any other enemy gun, what magic is this?
  5. game_lover_77

    stop blaming players for team kills

    Award wining CALL OF DUTY
  6. game_lover_77

    stop blaming players for team kills

    yr card system is not perfect, allow player to report the killer player as many times as he kills, i ve been killed by a tema mate riche34 in two matches, i could nt report him more than one time even he was killing me again and again, this whole system should be changed , team should not be allowed to kill own team, we left many games ( with our 6 squad members) just because of yr useless report system which does not allow a player to report a player, yr red card comes after many deaths of the player and the killer knows that red card ll be issued so he he kills so much his own team and stop killing b4 he get banned for 48 hrs, this is extremely annoying method, block team killing feature or allow reporting the killer player as many times he kills the team.
  7. Mr.reto should make the balance in this game, rifle is not a joke, i ve no latancy issues but when i fired on an oponant who has bursted gun, even i fire 2 t o3 rounds in his body v accuratly but he kills me cuz he has a bursted gun, od u ve a little bit knowledgw about rifle bullets? do u consider its damge like a needle injury? what the hell is this ?
  8. walls and walls, no open playable map, just useless.
  9. game_lover_77

    version 1.10.1

    version 1.10.1 has several server issues, my internet is all ok but the game is just telling me about server problems. have a system which ensures that u ve gotten noticed about this kind of reports, people dont know and write here again and again and you starts telling them " oh spamming oh spamming" you or the moderators should ve attention to this forum and you guys should inform them that you have taken a notice of such problems in the game and you ll shortly resolve them.
  10. game_lover_77

    Bullets do work

    i ve good internet, but even then a burst fired from point blank even fired b4 enemy fired on us does nt work,several times i fired from point blank with fully upgraded mp 40 but it does nt work, may be heavy sets, but by this we have lost our belief on our guns, yes and this is extremely horrible for yr game mr.reto. because no game has this horrible feature. provide equal damage for guns and if someone fires 1st enemy should die, enemy is running towards us even under aimed fire and then he easily kills us, he is just injured cuz heavy sets r there, tell me which heavy set is in real life? or in any game? a person who fired first and a burst is killed again and again an enemy fired by us is running and chilling under heavy fire, are these guns or a useless fake drama developed my you mr.reto. change this disgusting feature, provide equal damage for each gun and a person should die in the game who got a bullet first.
  11. game_lover_77


    you show "800 battles are going to be started" and at the other end you say " we ve not enough battles to provide a player an opportunity to choose a new battle or a running battle" provide a proper time for battles, you are launching us in the end of battles. change it.
  12. Disable friendly fire in this game, same team should not be able to kill their own team mates, several mistakes can be done by a driver or a tanker because when driving in a bushy area or firing with a tank on an enemy which is far away (can nt see friendly icons there) so when u ve not provided opportunity to see friend's from distance why have you been blaming us and deducting xp for killing team players.
  13. i ve noticed that complaining about worst things of this game's development gets warning points or bans, sounds like reto does not want to hear anything against his worst things here but i m making a thread to tell him about his bad development. sub machine gun 34, fired almost all the bullets but enemy was only hurt and he killed me with his fires, i fired first and he fired a far late, stop giving fake excuses about latency etc and make it very clear that yr game has thousands of problems,people say facts about yr game but you are just dumb and deff. come on ban me like others i do nt care about yr shirt game but stop creating frustrations for your players or they ll leave you for ever then u ll sit and enjoy alone with yr baseball dev ideas. people r justified to comment on yr rubbish development, you ve no idea of game dev or yr thoughts r just useless and frustrating about creating game. put attention on what yr opponent thinkers give you, they give because they care about this game if u are considering them yr enemy then go to hell with all of yr yes sir yes sir team on the forum.