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  1. Why not just add manual bolting as an option?
  2. RedComm

    Tank machine gun

    Press [4]. Keep in mind that this won't disable the gun for squadmates.
  3. RedComm


    Yes, that would be a good solution, however, would the AVT be a mod for the SVT or would it be a completely different rifle? If the former, then there's probably be a lot of whining from the other factions (especially Germany) about how "it's not fair that they get a 2HK full-auto rifle" or something along their lines. If the latter, then it's effectively almost without 2HK as the AVS-36 would outperform it in every single way.
  4. RedComm


    When you talk about the timeframe like that then the line really starts to become blurry. The official start year for WWII was 1939, but that was only the British and French entry into WWII as a result of the invasion of Poland. Case in point, the Japanese invasion of Manchuria and the subsequent start of the Second Sino-Japanese War, which was later incorporated into WWII, began in 1937, which is the year you have specified. If Reto really wanted to add this gun they would use loopholes and bend logic just a little bit in order to allocate it. In this case I just think they don't want to add the gun.
  5. The problem is that ranking officers in the field were almost never stupid enough to wear just their hat (they usually wore a helmet), and usually carried a little bit more firepower than a pistol (such as an SMG).
  6. RedComm

    [BUG] Handgun Nagant M1895

    Probably not a bug as it's been around forever.
  7. RedComm

    Terrain Vehicles upgrades

    Apparently the Weasel had three variants with weaponry, including one with a 37mm M3 antitank gun, a 75mm M20 recoiless rifle, and a flamethrower.
  8. RedComm

    Tier 2 Reconnaissance planes

    Douglas honestly seems underpowered, compared to the armament of the the other 2 suggested planes. If I may, I'd like to suggest the Boeing P-26 instead, a single-seater interwar fighter with a .30-cal and a .50-cal and two 100-lb bombs.
  9. RedComm

    Terrain Vehicles upgrades

    ZIS-30 upgrade would be utterly broken in "infantry only" matches, but yes.
  10. RedComm

    Underpowered Anti Tank Rifles

    Just for the record though, I did have a ton of fun one tapping jeeps oe Skirmish maps. Once I got a five-man collat on a civ truck.
  11. RedComm

    Soviet LMGs OP

    Ironic that your post is titled "Soviet LMGS OP" when there's only one Soviet LMG.
  12. RedComm

    Revisions of field camouflage ...

    Even this disgusting one?
  13. RedComm

    Revisions of field camouflage ...

    I'm aware. Still is one of the most effective camos, however.