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  1. Tete_Brulee

    Actual good build for G43

    Since G43 is arguably weaker than its competitors, I prefer to min-max its performances. Anschusspatrone s.S. (bullet) and Scout II-s (barrel) are a must. Allowing to reliably 2 hits kill up to 100-ish meters. Even Heavy sets Gold. The only time you will 3 shot kill is when you hit a leg 2 times, or an arm. Scope ZF-41 is a good add-on. It helps at longer range, but it's the most expensive mod of the build. It's up to personal preference. If you are comfortable with the iron sight you can skip this one. I don't use trigger, and I use a heavy spring. I slow down my rate of fire, but I also decrease the recoil. Effect are ; I almost don't need to aim for the second bullet, no matter the range. When I fire, I don't lose track of my target, and the adjustment I have to make for my second bullet are minimal. In my experience, despite the slowest ROF, it's the fastest way to kill in 2 hit (except RNG spraying in CQC and getting lucky) In CQC, which is the worst situation for this rifle, I rely on 2 precise taps from the hip, as fast as my rifle can fire. Because of the slow ROF, my second bullet tend to go where I am aiming.
  2. Tete_Brulee

    The Team Player

    11. He often carry a wrench to repair either friendly APC or tanks, after he dealt with the Mr Rambo threatening them. 12. He will stay on objectives to defend them if he sees everyone on his team pushing. Often preventing the point to be lost by a single enemy. 13. When capital objectives are involved, he will F11 from his current position to be able to quickly reinforce the enemies' objective being neutralized by his team's pusher, or his team point being captured by enemies' pushers. 14. He often communicate a lot with his team. Signaling enemy apc movements on the map, or helping tanks to spot other tanks. 15. If he is aware, he will warn friendly vehicles of the presence of mines (either friendly or foes) in the direction they are heading. 16. If he dies on a capital objective, he will share the position of the enemy that killed him with his team. 17. He will spend the credit to deploy anti personnel mines to defend an objective against an incoming hard push (most likely from a clan) 17.5. He will not deploy AP mines at places unavoidable for his own team. Instead, he will leave gaps for his team to safely slip through the minefield. 17.6. Same goes with AT mines. 18. Your team player pilot will not chase the smoking enemy plane. Instead, he will chase the plane chasing your friendly pilot who his chasing the smoking enemy plane. 19. Your team player pilot will avoid unnecessary risks of friendly collision. If 2 pilots are chasing the same plane, he will likely give up the plane kill (and the exp and creds) to avoid losing both his, and his mate's plane if the likely-hood of a collision becomes too high.
  3. Tete_Brulee


    Juste une mauvaise utilisation du lance-flamme. Le lance flamme lance des flammes (Dûh!). Et ces flammes "s'accrochent" à la première surface qu'elles trouvent. En courant + lançant des flammes devant toi, certaines d'entre elles ont fini sur le sol. En avançant tu as marché droit dedans et as fini à point. En revanche oui, la hitbox des flammes reste active quelques petites secondes après que les flammes se soient visuellement éteintes... ça peut t'arriver de bruler dans tes propres flammes alors que tu te pensais en sécurité.
  4. Tete_Brulee

    New update not cool

    While I do agree that this update blure the uniqueness of the factions, I do not think it is a bad thing... Now having all weapons (and mods) available to all factions (just like with anti tanks weapons mind you) the discussion about the balancing of weapons will be a lot easier. Especially if we start seeing a proliferation of a certain weapon across all factions. It will be harder to counter argue with a bias based opinion about the faction fighting against seeing the weapon as too strong, while the faction playing it thinks it's weaker that it seems... Also, the more expensive buying price of the captured weapon helps a bit to preserve a faction's uniqueness... because not everyone can afford a weapon 4 to 7 time it's initial price... And if despite the price, there are a tons of said weapon on the battlefield, then we would have a strong basis to think said weapon is performing above concurrence (well, once the hype fall down, I am expecting the next couple of weeks to be total chaos...) 100 % Agree, the client not remembering the player's custom searches is annoying as hell. Please fix it asap
  5. Tete_Brulee

    What do I need to start a vehicel7tank?

    You will have to be more explicite, I can't figure what your problem is...
  6. Tete_Brulee

    Kubelwagen type 82

    Salut Tartagueule, Bon, en premier lieu, tu es ici dans la partie anglophone du forum. Si tu as des questions et que tu ne peux/veux pas les poser en anglais, je te recommande plutôt de te rendre sur https://heroesandgenerals.com/forums/forum/53-french-français/. Tu seras plus susceptible d'y trouver des gens pour te répondre. Pour répondre à ta question : A partir du moment ou tu à bien acheté la voiture, il te suffi de faire un glissé déposé depuis ton dépot (à droite) vers l'inventaire de ton soldat (à gauche, en bleue sur le screenshot) (dans l'onglet véhicule de ton soldat). Une fois la voiture équipée, tu pourras apparaitre sur ta voiture pendant une bataille tant que ta faction aura les ressources nécessaire pendant cette bataille (les voiture sont représentées par 3 petits cercles "< ooo >" ) la phrase que tu obtiens " le soldat doit avoir un objet équipé ici, faites en glisser un autre dans l'emplacement pour le remplacer " signifie normalement que ton soldat à déjà la voiture équipée. tu ne peux pas la dé-équipée (étrangeté dû à une limitaion quelconque...) Mais tu peux équiper un autre véhicule à la place de la voiture si tu le souhaite. La voiture retournera dans le dépot de ton soldat, remplacé par le véhicule que tu auras choisi (la Kettenkrad par exemple dans mon screenshot). ça peut porter à confusion au début mais il n'y a rien de bien sorcier
  7. Tete_Brulee

    Why russians still have big scopes ?

    My scopes ain't big enough... I can't see this guy's point...
  8. Tete_Brulee

    German weapons as US faction.

    You can upgrade the STG as a German soldier. But you will have to do it from the GE soldier that bought a STG for himself. Which mean grinding Infantry assault to be able to unlock the stg, then farming the stg progression ribbon. Your US soldier have a STG for himself. He can not mod it except for one bullet mod. (still good, but not the best gun imo, nice to farm some credits) Even if your soldier is promoted to General, his STG can't be transferred to an other faction.
  9. Tete_Brulee

    RETO you won - I join the dark side

    Yep, you guys made a good point. I mostly play as random...
  10. Tete_Brulee

    RETO you won - I join the dark side

    GE is a weird faction man! Sure, in staged, GE usually roll over everyone. But in war, GE get rolled by everyone. Seems like due to over population, GE has trouble having the resources it wants to have in war (because more players use the stock pile, and many at are AFK most of the time). Resulting in many battles with infantry only against the whole allied arsenal... And since theses battles are hard, most of the GE players just like to endlessly farm staged... Oddly enough, a good part of the GE players in war are the newbies making profit of the war's boosters. Newbies from other factions also farm wars, but they profit from the underdog bonus aswell... So, join GE if you like, but be aware, staged is not what you will play the most later in the game...
  11. Tete_Brulee

    Advanced Roles - Infantry

    On the Rambo build: This badge only works on infantry. As far as I am aware, the extra damage written on the badge description does actually not affect vehicles or tanks. Only Iron fist will help you deal more damage to tanks. So I highly advice switching this badge for a fast reload badge (on the smg ribbon) to increase the DPM against tanks. Good guides otherwise!
  12. Tete_Brulee

    Disconnect by BattleEye Anti-Cheat protection

    For testing purpose, I've made an other window user and tried to play HnG from this user. Games worked properly (although all the custom keys were back to the default profile, as expected, BattleEye was not bothering me.) Seems weird, is there a problem with my window user? What could possibly differ between those 2 profiles..? I logged back on my usual profile, tried the game once more, without any faith... Next thing I know. Game works perfectly fine. I am now well into my second battle without BattleEye getting mad at me... Sooo... My problem is solved? I guess? But the mystery still remain.
  13. Well, hello everyone! Here is my problem: since today I keep getting disconnected by battleEye, at the start of every battle. Sometime it kicks me right away, sometime, I am allowed to walk a few steps. So far, I have tried to verify my game files integrity via steam. Then I tried to completely uninstall and reinstall the game. BattleEye is still angry at me. Looking for some advice (I don't need trolls, telling me uninstall my cheats, love off if that's your only answer!)
  14. Tete_Brulee

    H&G Axe Communauté FR ✠

    Surnommé affectueusement la squad papillon ^^ N'hésitez pas à passé si vous voulez rencontrer du monde. Nous avons des Vétérans des 1 ères guerres, jusqu'aux novices absolue! Il y a souvent du monde qui veille. Passez dire bonjour! :
  15. Tete_Brulee

    thoughts on Rambo Recon?

    I enjoy aggressive recons a lot personally. It is not a game-play you see often, but it has its perk. Recons are able to bring their rifle damage to crazy levels. Especially with the recons special barrel (Chrome Moly) and the pure damage, non ranged bullet (Bertie if I remember correctly) mods. You have a rifle that is almost capable of one shooting heavy set gold, and has no problem going through heavy set silver. The few things I do different than you, - I grab the Field adjusted sights for my rifle. I play 80% of the time at rather close quarter, just like an infantry with a garand would. So having a 8 time scope is detrimental most of the time. And the few times I could use it, I am just so used to the iron sight, that I can manage without the scope. Times 4 scope is a good alternative to be able to hit long shot more easily without penalizing close range that much. But I still prefer the iron sight. You probably use your rifle at close range on hip-fire position, and no scope people from prone position. I don't think it's optimal, but if it works for you, and suits you, then go for it! - I bring a side arm with me. An unmoded pocket pistol (1 slot). It's only usage is to quickly finish the heavyset gold that dare endure my bullet. I use it in conjunction with my rifle for a quick one-two combo. The rifle does so much damage that I basically just need to tap them everywhere with the pocket pistol. No mods required. The pistol don't have that much ammo, but I don't need it, so it is fine. -Lastly I bring a small med-kit. (I only bring 50 bullets on my rifle, it's plenty enough, and I often fight near objectives and ammo crate anyway) As for the badge, I like to have the all holy heavy set, for the same reason my enemy like to bring a heavy set against me, and a combat medic badge. Thanks to the combat medic badge, I now have 4 med-kits with me, that allow me to stay in fight for a very long time, and allow me to heal team mates on capture points. I like this badge a lot as it basically gives your recon 2 extra equipmenet slots (instead of bringing a med-kit, I bring a med-kit and a med pouch...) My recon is not here to be sneaky, he is here to get dirty, and to get things done. I don't need camo, bit if I would to grab one, it would be one to help me blend into urban environment, or to blend with walls...