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  1. Not usually greedy. I'm talking about a thread overall rather than a specific instance. I would but that badge is only available to my legacy infantry as its a tanker badge Just gonna let the tanks despawn from now on and my team will be on its own. I usually only try to steal tanks when were getting slaughtered by 5 to 6 tankers. But teamwork and trying to win a map when your at the disadvantage seems like too much work
  2. I have been noticing a tread with tankers (but recons can be guilty of this too in regards to their tanks) I will snipe them out of a tank (or kill them while they are repairing) and attempt to steal said tank. The tanker (knowing he cant get to me before I steal the tank in time) will switch to infantry (with no respawn timer) and proceeds to be back at the tank before I’m even 25% the way through the steal bar. If I stop stealing the tank to kill them or have an ally get their kill they rinse and repeat until either their tank despawns or they capture their tank as an infantry man (as they don’t have to unlock the tank to get in it). The fix can be relatively simple, add a “cooldown” timer when switching back and forth between the different classes during a battle.
  3. Hitakee

    Server dropping you from faction mid war

    ... a screenshot of no end of war message... or a screen shot of me not being in a faction this morning... Either way I was just wondering if there was a rare glitch or if this was a larger problem. Seems by the lack of responses I'm gonna go with rare glitch.
  4. Hitakee

    Server dropping you from faction mid war

    however when logging on it didn't say the war was over like it usually does.
  5. Hitakee

    Server dropping you from faction mid war

    After today I should have taken it as a sign from RETO it was time to switch factions. Seriously SU suddenly came down with a major case of derp.
  6. So this is a first. Last night when I logged off I was in the Soviet faction (with AT teams down) and this morning I had no faction and had to re join the faction in the middle of the war. It undeloyed all my AT teams so i have to play the warfunds cost again. The server I'm on states the war has been going on for 6 days so it's still the same war as last night (and the map looks about the same as from last night). Has anyone else run into this problem?
  7. Ranting at Reto for historical accuracy is no better than going after Call of Duty for the same thing. If you want complete historical accuracy go find a role playing Arma server.
  8. Hitakee

    Roman Legion Names Acceptable?

    As long as the squad name is not racist, not named after a criminal gang, offensive, or sexual it's fine.
  9. Hitakee

    Thanks Reto for new item BUT.......

    Looks like they are planning on taking the server down again tonight. Hopefully some patches to the bugs.
  10. Hitakee

    Tip of the day

    I usually steal APCs then use them as roadblocks. I started doing it after watching someone using stolen vehicles to block entrances to buildings to funnel the enemy.
  11. Hitakee

    Thanks Reto for new item BUT.......

    Last night a small sandbag literally flipped a Panther on town's C4 bridge. I was pissed. That is all.
  12. Hitakee

    Giving Rides to use less jeeps?

    If you were going to just drive around consider driving the APC around. Because most wont be waiting around for you to return to spawn. You'd have more success if you made it convenient for the average player.
  13. Hitakee

    Forums got rekt?

    U good mate.
  14. From what I've seen on forums they've been celebrating ever since the US nerf. Only natural there will be players that will just follow the advantage around.