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  1. PvssyFeckMaster69

    Auxiliary-slot Solution

    I might need a tut though, when there's no aux system. Because Idk how to do things without. I've been here for about a year and I only know the aux system.
  2. PvssyFeckMaster69

    Auxiliary-slot Solution

    Thanks for your reply. I assume we can expect that next fall 2019 ?
  3. Hello reto.moto and all others of the HaG community! We've had a lot of discussions already about the auxiliary slot system and instead of removing it, I would have a much easier and better way: Would it be possible, to add a small help button somewhere, which you can press and it explains to you, how the auxiliary slot system works? Because this way, new players would know how to use it, once they rank up, instead of experienced players getting mad at them. Also you could add information like what does it mean, when it says "there are no resources"? That's really all there's to it. I hope this gets seen by the developers of HaG. (PS: sorry for posting this previously in the wrong thread)