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  1. baja9631


    you also cant repair the tracks with wrench
  2. baja9631


    but no comment about platoon size which is 20 to 50 infantry guys and in this game you can have 6 infantry guys with others as tankers :S... Like i said ramboes are how they are and tanks are weak for the scaling reasons. if there is a limit of 1 tank per battle, i dont mind tank to be terminator but how it is now it would be absurd to make them stronger or nerf at rambo
  3. baja9631


    Tanks are weak in this game but there is reason for it,, there is simply too much of them, in reality this game is clash of platoons ( even smaller ) so there should NOT be 6+ tanks in one infantry platoon sized game, it is infantry based game after all. tanks are there to help infantry out, not to sit behind and snipe, tank-tanking, what tanking means in dota or games like that, taking the dmg for the team . Reality is that tanks should be stronger but only and i mean only if there is some proper scaling involved. ... 1 tank limit per battle and then you can have a terminator , crying about how tanks are weak and rambo is op , but no one mentioned how you are able to repair tracks ( lets not talk how impossible that is) in no time, even if for that you need one more or 2 tanks to just pull you out, not just a simple wrench to do it in 1 second.. what about this balance, nerf at ramboes but also remove the tanker ability to repair it? one more thing, one rocket is how much 180-250 credits and one t1 light tank is 17 credits , where is the balance here and you still need 2 + rockets to kill it
  4. baja9631

    Do you want Fast reload nerf? (From 40% to 30%)

    @Reto.Hades you guys still consider weapons and badges to be unbalanced. Where is the balance of MM when new players q in battle and end up as cannon fodder for games against 12+ orginized players and match ends in 6 minutes. I know this will trigger most of the groups but reality is after 3 games like that , will new player continue to play , If there is no players left you can sit and wait ages for battle to start. If you q as group you should wait for group from other side, if there is no groups they can always go random battle, in that way new players will get different experience except beeing farmed in 6 minutes games. They will also learn something what is missing since you guys did give specialists to everyone so they have nothing to work for like we old players had to do. There is no learning curve, they insta jump in tanks and become farms or hide in bushes (recons) without knowing what is this game about, its objective contest game. My point is , badge change is not needed when other stuff is there which is annoying for new players and its pushing them away, muzzle smoke is in that bucket, the amount of smoke is the same like from muskets in napoleon era for spme reason.
  5. so what with all those captured weapons except STG. Most of them will be nerfed in term of ROF so why dont give use one additional mode for rate of fire, most of them will be not so much viable option to play as stock weapon and we did pay 5 times more then how cost is for original factions
  6. baja9631

    Russian and German automatic rifles

    shooting 20 bullets and hitting the target 5 times ( mg42 alike sway ) m1m2 also lower dmg shooting 20 bullets and hitting the target 10 times (stg,avs) just aprox numbers . now calculate the cost of handling those weapons, its not 0.36 anymore
  7. baja9631

    Russian and German automatic rifles

    Question here should be why m1m2 is the most expensive one if it needs the most hits to kill due to low dmg and really big sway/recoil
  8. baja9631

    Thanks for supporting Vets

    i say f them ;D
  9. baja9631

    Thanks for supporting Vets

    Do you play something from paradox cause they are scandi and broken at the release of the game 😀 If someone unfriended you cause you are cycling the factions then he deserves no friend in any game at all.
  10. baja9631

    Quality of US players

    What you must understand that most of the players are casuall guys which are playing 2-3 matches just for relaxation, so asking them to be dedicated as someone who actually wants to do something is unrealistic and i think impossible to achive. 80% of the player base i guess is like that , maybe a little bit less on soviet side, cause there everything is done by 40 players lets say. You will have to find few buddies of similar game understanding and hope someone else will do the same connect with them amd destroy the germans . Problem is that a player base is shrinking by the time ,smaller the base is there is less chance to find dedicated players. On USA side i must admit there is no weapon which will give you some advantage in one segment and be on pair in other ,like mg13 or avs are, so people just dont stick long enough to get deeper in the game , they go somewhere where they think its easier. We cant blame them for that. Are the US wepons bad , i would say no, but they are not better then avs and mg13.
  11. baja9631

    Here we go again

    Told you german civil war is a solution. Something like in Hoi IV. 😂
  12. baja9631

    Here we go again

    Germany is my main and i did invest like a lot in generals and soldiers but mg 13 is simply not fair to other factions and looks like people keep skiping this part. Keep mg13 like this and against who germans will fight cause everyone will flee to german ez super weapon. And untill when it will be fun to have one day wars. You want to send troops all over again every few hours? Oh wait ,new war i will get my paras out. Few hours later. Damn i was not on, war is finished few hours ago and i wqs not online. Nothing from planes tanks and paras this war, wait 3 more hours for new one .😂 Civil war is a solution i guess. That gun simply doesnt have a single bad characteristic what i cant say bout dt, bar or johnsson
  13. baja9631

    Here we go again

    Dont worry, as it looks germany will need to have civil war to have someone to fight against . Then you can have your mg13 buffed or nerfed to kill fellow comrades. Or complain how game is dead. 😂 In short that gun is a f bull... Point click headshot, fast reload, perfect ironsight, decent mag size, first 10 to 13 bullets have no recoil even with max rof ,etc etc. Only lmg without any downside. Buffed AVS in short.
  14. baja9631

    When will you fix the infantry first meta?

    Would have some effect if sound is not broken 😂 . Now you can't hear a car 20 meters behind you. Hell, even tanks are hard to locate by sound .
  15. baja9631

    Game advertising.

    but for that one you pay with GPU, this one is free XD