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  1. Nerf the Stg?

    RIP, Really Ignorant People.
  2. US because my weapon no nurrrrrrf
  3. I'm being offended

    Right, in like a hundred or so years to come... im sure all these symbol wont be banned anymore
  4. Medium Armor with heavy armor AT in staged

    Yak9 not op, no op at all. bf104 op. yes. ge > all op
  5. Pershing will be the slowest tank in the game post armor 2.0

    you got me ;( single 4 ever
  6. Pershing will be the slowest tank in the game post armor 2.0

    my girlfriend called me over ;(
  7. How to balance each faction equally

    This is biased towards USA. BECAUSE IM A GE/SU bias . nuuuuub everything in US buffed.
  8. Pershing will be the slowest tank in the game post armor 2.0

    its kinda hilarious when you think about it someone claims he is not biased tho, but can see his profile
  9. Pershing will be the slowest tank in the game post armor 2.0

    lmao i see hellcats running into open fields shooting while on the move... die and change into AT-rambo. great move. 11/10 trump tactics. AMERICA FIRST!
  10. A Solution To The PTRD Problem.

    bro you understand physics. this is reto physics..
  11. BSOD mid playing

    That's great. hopefully this gets solved soon.
  12. make them pay!

    Bro you trolling yourself? Announcing = far higher chances of mines getting blown up by friendly. Announcing = getting your APC unlocked. ez as dat my fren i show u da wae
  13. The P38

    same goes for asian server, p38 player is more than any faction's pilot. i've seen a team of 7 p38 pilots together. hell they cant even capture points.
  14. FPS

    Yes you can, check out tutorials on youtube on how to do it.
  15. BSOD mid playing

    Try upgrading to windows 10. Even Win 8.1 supported is halted by AMD. Try it and see what happens, theres a bunch of program you can use to disable the auto-updates.( no worries) If it is still happening try it in a different computer or something..or a PSU will do. Do you have time to disassemble the GPU again? see if any WD40 has leaked onto the mainboard, because it causes some serious overheating issues. ( on the memory modules or vrm.) Note that if its damaged you really cant do anything about it. Just AMD being an arse. Gigabyte cooling is really good but on certain cards, since their engineering decision on making 2fan/3fan is questionable.