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      Early Preview of the Soviet Skirmish map 'Khutor' on Prototype server   01/17/18

      On our prototype server you will now find a very early preview of the Soviet Skirmish map called 'Khutor', that we have in development.   Please note that this is a preview, and not a public test as such, which means that you should expect that a lot of things are not final yet.   The 'Khutor' map will be on the Prototype server until Wednesday the 24th of January.   Read more here:    


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  1. Good German guns.

    How do you mod it though?
  2. Get More Gold for Less Cash

    too true
  3. Good German guns.

    Any idea how to mod the MP40 cheaply? Trigger + Light bolt / Trigger + light spring? I prefer the gun to be controllable SMG repair cost is really expensive.. Using the light spring + trigger is 30% cheaper compared to trigger + light bolt but it increases recoil and decreases accuracy. How about dropping just a Marksman trigger job so its RPM is comparable to other SMG?
  4. Re-Introducing the Gaius Scope (TM)

    op sniper plz nerf
  5. M1941

    What? Its a seriously good weapon and I use it on both infantry and paratrooper..
  6. Good German guns.

    But as far as I know, they are both pretty expensive to fix when modded right?
  7. Good German guns.

    I have used MG34 and now is abit dissapointed due to the fact that you have a large cone fire unlike Johnson or the BAR. Should I buy MG42? or just buy MP34 then upgrade to the MP40? or maybe a 2HK gewehr mod. (The fact that mp40 has a bad dmg for long range and MG34 has bad accuracy using hipfire in close range, MG34 can't shoot anything beyond 75m..)
  8. M10 TD Tips

    Why not buy the hellcat its much harder to be seen..
  9. SU war losses

    the game was okay, they added SU. how bout combine US+ SU in war..
  10. SU war losses

    SU player keep becoming anti-tank, they really think their tank is THAT inferior compared to the german. Please remember to capture points, german tanks are all silver and is easily seen.. I have played US and GE I can tell you how much advantage US/SU has on spotting GE tanks.
  11. Add Corsair F4U-1C for americans

    p38 plz
  12. is Spawncamping Planes allowed ?!?

    I rather switch to infantry, or crash my plane. Just for the sake of it because reto doesnt want to balance out pilots
  13. Price of H3 / Bazooka / Panzershreck

    I have both tanker in US and GE, with US having many hours and GE having Panther. I play infantry most of the time. Tank hunting just seriously ruin it for tankers so I just put tank crewman as a aux seat and only using it when there is alot of enemy tanker present. I agree anti-tank should be changed someway, right now most of them just run around killing tank using rockets and mines, then proceed to complaing - tank 2 op they shell me 10km away -AT weapon make me lose moni Reto should definitely change how AT works. Hopefully armor 2.0 wont feature shirt like optic fixing because all you need is one grenade or a shot to destroy optics, and it doesn't make sense IRL since tanks are protected by infantries. For the track, not sure about tanks like hetzer/stugs because it would be really unfair to them.
  14. GTX 1080 for H&G

    This game rely heavily on your CPU. If you want to use the GTX 1080, its probably pointless unless you want to play on 4k res/ higher.
  15. Just get a cheap gun with el chepo mods... so spawning a tank require you to be alive for about 3-4 minutes, assuming its a highest tier medium tank.