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  1. GAIUSkiBALTARovski


    😱 c-c-c-could it be true? greetings to gibemoney-gal from germoney
  2. GAIUSkiBALTARovski

    Mein System für 4k gaming

    nene mb war auch abgeraucht.....teurer spaß...
  3. GAIUSkiBALTARovski

    Look what Tree do to tank!

    the tank must have done something bad. ents aren´t that easy to provoke. so the entthing must have decided to take some actions against the "agressors made of steel"
  4. GAIUSkiBALTARovski

    Response To Studio Restructuring Feedback

    2017 was the year of Soon™ 2018 was the year of Working as intended™ 2019 will be the year of ██████™ (unpopular comment deleted by mod/dev™) started playing august 2014 when changes were made and stuff was fixed. (r.i.p old mountaintown-i miss you) and nowadays reto is like:new is always better.lets bring some new stuff instead of fixing the main chokepoints. JM was brought in to speed things up and make stuff better. so,what do you think,did he? did he really? i don´t say they aren´t trying. i don´t say that they aren´t working. but srsly, did he?
  5. GAIUSkiBALTARovski

    war wins

    has anyone the actual wars won by faction since the official launch? GE must have a lot of wins since then. bc the ud bonus must be in place bc GE was steamrolling US and SU for the last few month. or could it be that the steamrolling teams get a bonus on top,despite chainwinning wars? so has anyone a chart showing warvictories since official launch? and what is more important,playercount or cp count?
  6. GAIUSkiBALTARovski

    So when was the last time GE won a war?

    *chrrrm* beta*chrrm*
  7. GAIUSkiBALTARovski

    Stop deforming the game

    yeah and that is the sad part where the melancholic music sets in. ...but what they don´t see is...that....excuse me.....*tries to chokedown that feel and the tears* what they don´t see ist,that we still care. we do this bc normal ways didn´t work. -they wouldn´t listen. *dramatic music coming in a crescendo* -so we get creative within the rules. *music abruptly stops at its peak* -silence- *a tender voice comes out of the dark void that appeared with the silence* you know,games should be about.....FUN
  8. GAIUSkiBALTARovski

    Stop deforming the game

    tonight was fun.was playing with my us account.finally got the OP1919 laz0rgun whatabless.jpeg instantly and effordless started shaving enemies down like crazy. played defence against ge. ge got 6-7 pilots in the air workingasintended.jpeg plus some tanks. easiest defending ever. we need a specialist cap in relation to inf. we need a game where the cardboardtank can be killed just as easy as it should be reto be like: what you want fixes? here are some fetish facemasks ohhellno.jpeg
  9. GAIUSkiBALTARovski

    AR is still not gone

    google maps says 2h27m...
  10. they don´t like us to talk about meta...
  11. GAIUSkiBALTARovski

    Macro users

    yeah yeah,heard that.fanbois with black skies an very low vegetation^^ denying a problem is easier than working on a fix and fanbois who use shirt like that will be like: git gud
  12. GAIUSkiBALTARovski


    danke (v)
  13. GAIUSkiBALTARovski


    my 1080ti went up in flames and took the motherboard down with it... so i seized that chance for mor RL-action yeah changes can be scary but i can´t take ppl that need a "save space" serious. when it comes to my persona mr. monochin and dr.smurfhater seem very twitchy so is there a list what has changed at reto and who got fired?
  14. GAIUSkiBALTARovski


    watch out buddy,their skin is extremely thin lately. i got muzzled for less. crtitical statements are concidered to be a hostile act towards the devs. naming the devs can also. using gulag and the name of a dev within one sentence could be worse than standing in front of a mirror and saying redbjarne three times in a row... you don´t wake up the smurfhater or the greek god of the underworld. hilsen fra flensborg gaiuski,dancing like its 1864
  15. GAIUSkiBALTARovski

    Heroes&Generals WW II

    haha nice how you danced around the johnson nice try. and the effective range was like under 200m...compared to the stg it is like taking a leak towards the enemy^^