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  1. Very Low Fps
  2. Panzer 38(t) cost to spawn

    reto thinks:
  3. Exact Weapon Stats

    reto will never post the real stats of the weapons. by doing so they would have to admit the heavily nerfed ge-equipment. but sadly they will either dodge this question or say they will work on that soon (roflmao) but hey,i bet they will look into it
  4. The Unbalanced War

    yeah and that is the go-to argument. yeah germany deserves to get wracked for 2+ years just bc they won alot in the beginning. sry, but that is just utter bu||shirt. i remember when ge planes didn´t have weaponconvergence against a p38.....and still don´t have. they nerfed ge years ago and a lot of those nerfs still exist. ge needs to win more wars. you play to win. ppl who say that they just play for fun only are either liars or have a huge shelf full of trophys for participation...well done kevin you are the 8th everyone complains about ge sealclubbing in staged while ge got sealclubbed for over two years in war. sealclubbed and watching the opponent getting a big underdogbogus on top. but yeah,remember when ge won wars in a row in 2k14? you guys sound like a frickin bunch of memberberries. i too,i member mg42....yeah i member it needs nuuuuuurf pl0x reto
  5. Server Down for Maintenance

    europes rush hour and the servers are down gg wp
  6. The Long Promised Anti-Cheat Engine Update

    best bike in the world.after spinning it goes on in reverse at lightning speed ofc
  7. The real reason people play for Germany

    they were biased af,right from the beginning. answer following questions and tell me i´m wrong... 1) in what faction do the devs play? 2) which faction has postwarstuff and rare weapons for inf (hint-> koreabine-m2 and johnson)? 3) which faction has the most OP plane? 4) which faction calls for nerfs on GE stuff and always gets through with it? 5) which faction has the most (biased) insiders and bughunters? 6) which faction has a bike that can´t cross narrow bridges(sneaky devs made them that narrow on purpose)? 7)which faction has a cardbordtank that still needs 2 hits to get killed (and it´s lightningfast ofc)? btw you can spot the most biased by looking at their profile. Faction: All is code for USbiased guys who try to look objective
  8. New Mask Update!?

    it´s the same old same old reto-strategy. you guys asking for reasonable and much needed changes? you want them faster than Soon™ ? here is some camo,take it and be quite i think we won´t see any big changes this year,unless they are about nerfing GE or making ingamestuff more expensive
  9. Using personal weapons from vehicles

    a full car of bazookaspammers isn´t going to cap anything. so they only weaken their own team the looks on their faces when going kaboom from ptrd-ivan feelsgoodman
  10. The Long Promised Anti-Cheat Engine Update

    encounters a wild murican murican spins around and fires his revolver like it is a machinepistol lightningfast.jpeg tfw realizing all the fanbois saying you just need to git gud and that there is no hack and makros will see how many of them are left after Soon™ ...
  11. How much toxic is too much?

    in context of this thread following will be ok,but retos rules and guidelines are basically made in a way that you cant say anything sarcastic,funny or being direct with critique. the rules make it possible to twist every sentence against the user and usable as an excuse for punishing. sharp or sarcastic answers and opinions are concidered toxic. saying unpopular things our making a little fun is used to punish you. and when in doubt they just draw the magic nazi-card and try to get you with that,no matter how bogus it might seem. here is a totally fictional scenario as an example: "all they care about are making shekel and fuzzy beards" never use the expressions "shekel" and "fuzzy beard" when making fun about the facial hair of a dev or retos desire to gather a lot of money. bc you will point out some uncomfortable facts and they will connect shekel with fuzzy beard and accuse you of being anti-semitic towards the devs. that is utterly false,but a much welcomed excuse to get rid of you. ofc the normal reaction would be: haha,yeah his beard grew a bit fuzzy lately.haha omg thats funny. and ofc we care mostly about shekel bc we all want to earn a living,we are a company afterall. but you won´t get that will get a pause. so even if your unwanted pause was for a bogus reason,they made their rules so that you can´t stand up against it. bc the rules forbid you to do so. so it doesn´t matter if you are wrong or right. you get zuckerberg´d for that(stalin would be proud btw) better be a good boy and praise allmighty reto in all their devinity. say yes and awesome to everything they say or do and you will be fine. it is cool that you play h&g for years now,but please stay in the backrow and shut your mouth-is a good example for a toxic sentence. also,there is no such thing as cheats or p38 farm. you just need to git gud. all the talk about it, is just toxic lies,brought up by bad,bad nazi ppl. pointing out the johnson-paradoxon is also cosidered being toxic, so beware. tbh. salt and toxicity have always been a big and fun part of communitys. the fun,the mocking-they are part of what we are. without communitys there are no games,or they live a short and unimportant live. salt is good for your health,your body needs it. and everythink is toxic,the dose makes the poison^^ ps:everything in this post is either fictional or educational (and sometimes both) only the last part is my own opinion about the topic How much toxic is too much?,by @GaiusBaltar

    it´s not allowed to discuss "that experience". but when i don´t say "that experience",i don´t brake the rules^^ so consider it done

    capping recon with mp did that for a time.drives ppl mad.
  14. Germany Wins

    a few US vets joined GE. i bet the did that on pupose, so they can say: dunno what you want wehraboo,you won a war this year...and reto be like: yeah,uhhhhhhhm nerf GE,they won a war*hystericgiggeling*
  15. The Unbalanced War

    ask every SU/US vet to post a screenshot where you can see his warfunds,then ask the GE vets to do the same. after finishing to cry( you will be shocked and empathic towards the poor fellas), you can start a crowdfundingplatform for GEvets bc compared to US and SU they are broke af. the whole countingmechanism is broke.they need to fix it,the real numbers would surprise you. the massive overpopulation of GE let to the outcome that GE dominated the wars of 2017. they won war after war after....NOT! but nice try to get back this *nice* underdogBOGUS