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  1. Theory on why Axis loses.

    from all faction,us is the most relaxing ezmode i´ve ever experienced. ezmode weapons for ez killing. no tryhard-mode,1918,apcmetagame and still 42/11... can´t wait to get my ezez (1919)
  2. Is it worth to come back?

    if you think the game is broken right now,wait for the "update". the chance that the game will be a walking carcass after this update is very high. we still care just enough not to let go for good,or out of curiosity what the result might be like... but as of right now,this is most likely what retos next moves will be like powered by workingasintended™
  3. Decreased amount of players

    here you go, fixed that for you he will do so anyways...unpopular threads get closed all the time.
  4. A nerf to the Chaffee

    look at the armor of the e8 and then at the penetration of the luchs look at the armor of the panther and then at the penetration of the chaffee your pears taste like apples
  5. A nerf to the Chaffee

    the biggest joke is a chaffee that kann kill a panther with three hits... while the panther needs two to kill the chaffee... compare them and you will smell a familiar fragrance
  6. What is wrong with the German pants?

    imagine customizable clothes,and paintjobs....that is one thing reto should do... but no, they work on weird af fetishmasks...
  7. US Infantry camoflage

    listen to this man,he lives in the shadows...
  8. BALANCED-38

    ehrmagehrd ge won so many trucking wars since the official launch.and back in the day ge won all the wars.
  9. BALANCED-38

    and watch the me getting outturned by the "heavy" p38^^
  10. Hidden UD bonus?

    psssh,just to kill dem at numbers i do that too.they always get an attaboy for it the insiderbonus doesn´t affect your wf gain it just protects you when you start throwing sh*t through the bars of you cage again(netter bonus btw)
  11. Choose your faction

    yeah,like calling ge for aid when sh*t hits the fan
  12. Unpleasent gun names?

    gunnames should be insulting and taunting. unless they are racist,racist stuff is not cool. my schreck is named "sucks to be you" and the matching k98 in that loadout is named "uninstall h&g plz"
  13. Hidden UD bonus?

    So i was fooling around with my murican acc. not playing serious at all... capped 9 times and had 31:13 stats with 2nd Lt equipped with 1918 ez mode aside, i got 10k creds, over 3k xp and over 2k wf for a 35 minute battle i can´t remember last time i got 2k wf as ge,even in tryhard mode so could it be that sneaky reto still gives the doggydog bogus but secretly?
  14. Poll for other carbines than the M1a1

    what would this guy do without his extra protection and "very speshul boy"-status says a weapon used by a small group of specialists should be inf only... delusional at best if you ask me and reto wants to choose the panzerbüchse 39 as GE counterpart...the weakest at-rifle. i call that a nerf right from the start. but you are right,they should get a buff. they both need to be a bit more accurate with a closer pattern it´s h&g, so the sks will be full auto and eye on eye with its counterparts
  15. Poll for other carbines than the M1a1

    from inf !