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  1. GAIUSkiBALTARovski

    Let's get the para busters back together!

    MHH para. Miss me? 😂
  2. GAIUSkiBALTARovski

    So what's up with War anyhow?

    that was the time when US and SU just fought some little fakebattles over scandi,right? rts is broken and designed to screw ge,even you can´t deny it.
  3. GAIUSkiBALTARovski

    Nothing Wrong with Game : Change my Mind

    the ghosts i called...the petsie-bogus made your favorites rich in wf,but what about us poor GE fellas? or is it part of working as intended™? and how far is your progress in stopping the no-bushes and no shadow guys? i should be punished for my good graphics and dense vegetation... i can´t see through bushes,but ivan smirks bc he has no bushes and no problem waiting for your response enjoying my vegemite sandwich your favorite misfit of all love Gaiuski <3
  4. GAIUSkiBALTARovski

    What happened to war bonds?

  5. GAIUSkiBALTARovski

    What happened to war bonds?

    reto doesn´t know if this game will survive soon™ or even 2k18 so binding players in longterm comitments will cause problems if they just shut it down. so it´s easier to just put them on hold until soon™ well wanted that but wasted my gold for 90 days instead...stupid me but i guess they just didn´t want that for the same reasons warbonds are no longer available my tinfoilhat-theory becomes real
  6. GAIUSkiBALTARovski

    Are we second rate customers?

    good idea.keep gopniki out of normiezone (v)
  7. GAIUSkiBALTARovski

    Grenades - Help a Newb Out

    make it russian way,bc russian way is right way brate. spam all your nades inside building. nades go boom,enemy go ded find crate and refill nades repeat spamming until satisfied.
  8. GAIUSkiBALTARovski

    We are at a point where battles dont even last long enough to Troll

    doing the honorable thing.he takes a point and you take it back,then he takes it and so on. it is like recognizing in a 1on1 that your opponent only has a shovel do the honorable thing and get your shovel out
  9. GAIUSkiBALTARovski

    How to Change the Meta: Reward Desired Play-styles

    ppl would still wait for others to start capping wait till some of them died while trying then jump in and cap the point and pick up the dead guys weapon. free xp and a free weapon-bingo. the most costeffective meta,thx for that idea!
  10. GAIUSkiBALTARovski

    Redbjarne fan, who admits?

    i was so happy to see that he finally found the time to see a barber. he now looks like: hobomode:off but i have to talk to him about my idea with the red right hand. i need a voucher just for that (but i still want to create my own tank with a big red right hand on it) kinda hope they aint flying but driving all the way to cologne. i have vacation nao and will wait for them on their way back. i do live near the german-danish border. i could film them when the guards check their vehicle for illegal immigrants... he will be screaming: nej nej...JEG ER DANSK....neeeeeeeej #jegerdansk just joking #multinationalcoffeattheborder<3
  11. GAIUSkiBALTARovski

    Redbjarne fan, who admits?

    yeah but why he so mad nao? bocaz is my nu bff <3
  12. GAIUSkiBALTARovski

    Theory on why Axis loses.

    believe me he isn´t gargamel. gargamel is so far up on the edge....someone could chainkill us ingame,garga would slowly applaude and ban the victim the reason would be: you ran into his faust and week for you ! and since talking about stuff like that will give you a ban, they can treat us misfits like they want. the other reason is that gaius has his original hair oh and added: he couldn´t be a reto alt acc bc he acts way to fast. his trolling and his ideas would be in soon™-speed. and instead of coming up with a new tactic he would be like: oh wow look,still crooked but it has a cool camo nao
  13. GAIUSkiBALTARovski

    Find Reto.RedBjarne at Gamescom and get a unique helmet paint!

    interesting....a red right hand...i feel like someone asked for a paintjob/camomaker to put a big red hand on his tank...
  14. GAIUSkiBALTARovski

    Spawn farming by pilots should be a bannable offense

    from "summer vacation"