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  1. JerryKrαu∤

    History info

    i have no doubt that Stalin and Foreign consultants were under this impression when Barbarossa was launched considering how far the Wehrmacht advanced at the beginning of the Operation. But a look at the OKW reports and supply requests reveals the true situation as these reports are bias free and were meant to be as accurate as possible. By the end of 1941 the Wehrmacht had reached their limits in terms of territorial expansion while they took what, 6% of the soviet core territory? 9% maybe? Germany lost, same as France, due to the sheer size of the Russia and the resulting ability of the Russians to fall back and regroup endlessly. Only 2% or something of the overall LL shipments for the Soviets were done in 1941 and around 12% in 1942 iirc. The Russians "turned the tide" themselfes by the end of 1941 and in 1942 when the Wehrmacht not only became problems with overextension and resupplies (and the Winter of course) but also began to facing heavy resistance from the Russians. The Deconstruction of said Weapon Factories was Completed in 1941 were, as mentioned above, only ~2% of the LL shipment reached the SU. The United States send the Soviets ~7000 Tanks from 1941-1945 (only ~2% of those in 1941=140 Tanks). The Soviets on the other Hand produced around 3200 T34 in 1941. And this is only T34 Production, other tanks not counted in. In 1942 ~12% of those 7000 US Tanks reached the SU=840 Tanks. T34 Production in 1942: ~12500 Again no other Tanks than T34 counted. not really that significant and game changing if you ask me As everything in War this is a question of the perspective i guess. About the SU collaps, i highly doubt that, even without the LL and the Winter. Most of the Historians i've read agree that Hitler lost the War in June 1941.
  2. JerryKrαu∤

    History info

    sure thing, +1 for adding Great Britain (as long as it doesnt stop reto from bug fixing, sound fixing, network code fixing, map fixing, spawn fixing ect.) This is simply not true. by the time the land lease reached its full effect the Soviets already had their weapon factories (within the reach of Germany) disassembled and had them rebuild deep in soviet territory. and compared to the output of those factories the equipment from the lend lease was rather a nice gesture than a game changer. The British did their part, no doubt but this is laughable tbh. It was the Soviets who did by far the most. Without the Soviets and the planed War in the east hitler could completely focus on Seelöwe right after France which btw would have been a succsess in 1940. Without the Soviets Monty wouldnt have won in North Africa as Rommel got starved in terms of supplies and reinforcements because of the war in the east. And without the Soviets Operation Overlord wouldnt have been as smooth as it was. since Rommel again didnt got enough troops for the Atlantik Wall
  3. JerryKrαu∤

    Soviet Faction Bush Wookies

    its reto, by giving SU the best bush camo they train the players to use vegetation as cover whenever its possible. same with germans and camping with 4.0/4.2 scopes on long range and US playing inside buildings and cap points. ofc there are aggressive players and bush campers on all sides but this are the advantages of the factions and ppl will use them, be it consciously or subconsciously if you let an AI play this game im sure it would end up as a German K98-G43 hill/bush camper, Soviet svt bush camper or US 1919/johnson bot on point/in cqc as these playstyles simply give it the highest chance of survival and success i often see way more BAs on axis than on SU
  4. JerryKrαu∤


    Damn, did i said smaller? although.. but of course you are right, thanks. corrected i've never said otherwise
  5. JerryKrαu∤


    Not true. i mean the premise is right, the heavier the weapon the more force is needed to move the weapon and create recoil. So yes a 2kg 5.56mm 850rpm pdw will be less stable than a 10kg 5.56mm 850rpm lmg but every single one of those values is important to determine the recoil, not only the weight. in general smgs are easier to control and therefore more stable than unmounted lmgs because of the much smaller weaker caliber despite them having less mass and often very high rpm (of course there are exceptions). from my experience 50m+ is the range where the 1919 shines this is the worst 1919 build imo. it sacrifices one of the strengths of the weapon(mid range) for pretty much no gain. it kills scrubs faster but makes the weapon worse overall
  6. JerryKrαu∤

    Use Allies vs Axis in war

    You realize that GE is already fighting both? and the reason for that is the same as why we are unable to fight back, cuz players want to play. US/SU clans push eachother for 30mins, 40mins maybe an hour.. then they get tired of the waiting time and push GE cuz here they can actually PLAY yes merge US and SU would be tough for GE at first but not as much as you think since we are already fighting 1v2 most of the time and it would create the basis for GE clans in the future the reason for that lies in staged but merge US and SU would help with this problem imo the fact that we are getting annihilated every war has absolutely nothing to do with our position on the war map (nor with weapon balance). many ppl did blame "German sandwich position" yet reto has proved them wrong by moving us to france (and the US in the middle) which resulted in the exact same outcome. the true reason is the GE overpopulation or the US and especially SU underpopulation, depending on what philosophy you prefer because it makes german clan play impossible and every faction live (and die) with its clans
  7. JerryKrαu∤


    LMAO this thread the US plebs in this thread are still butthurt about GE winning wars 2012-2014? are you sh!tting me? i mean what a sad and pathetic life does it have to be if you are butthurt for 5(!!) years over an online f2p game? in fact being butthurt for five years sounds like a serious medical problem, maybe you guys should visit a doctor.. this one is the best its like saying in a gunfight "oh look, this guy has only one arm and one leg. he has to find his own way of fighting instead of trying to fight like we do but he has advantages and disadvantages because of that. He has a smaller hitbox! He should use that to his advantage"
  8. JerryKrαu∤

    You brought AT rambos back

    Nice whine post nonsense. nobody came back, all we got are new players, most of them are War Thunder/WoT Rejects that enjoy having a high K/D without having to use their brains. and most infantry player that join just leave the game after unlocking tank spam battles. What YOU dont understand is that the game doesnt work with god mode tanks simply because the infantry, the back bone of this Objective based fps, is not willing to be the practice targets for invincible tanks. either make it arcade, 2-4 hits to kill any tank, or make it realistic , 1 hit in the right spot can be lethal but at the same time tank can survive 100 hits if all hit a not critical area (like tracks) both could work imo but not that bs you are asking for
  9. JerryKrαu∤

    Mal so richtig Dampf ablassen!

    Jede Fraktion spammt Panzer ohne Ende, ist nur eine Fraged er Verfügbarkeit. Die Amis sind halt meist in der Vorwärtsbewegung und haben dementsprechend nur zur verfügung was die clannies ihnen mitgeben während die Deutschen ständig zurück gedrängt werden in Bereiche, wo alles zugestellt ist mit den Panzer-ATs von irgendwelchen AFKs/Randoms. Wenn die Amis mal zurück gepusht werden sind deren Teams genauso voll mit Armor Squads. Abgesehen davon, dass man den Randoms leider nicht verbieten kann überall ihren Müll mit reinzuschieben kann ich mich an so einige Matches erinnern wo nur Infanterie drin war und trotzdem den Squads aus dem MM der Vorzug gegeben wurde. Keine Ahnung, kenne die Jungs nicht. Hab sie nur letztens mit ca 15 Mann ne E Linie gegen ein paar KGBs verteidigen sehen. Daher weiß ich, dass auch Deutsche mittlerweile volle Teams rein kriegen können. Nur ist der Zug halt schon abgefahren.
  10. JerryKrαu∤

    Mal so richtig Dampf ablassen!

    Wen wunderts? Wenn von 15 Spielern in der Warteschlange nichtmal die Hälfte ins Match kommt (trotz ATs) und es stattdessen aufgefüllt wird mit Randoms aus dem MM (also Recons/pz1/Henschel Piloten). Und dann hängen die 6 Mann fest gegen 18 PMK spammer oder gegen Hellcat und P38 spam.. edit: hab letztens 'n ganzes Team STS in einem Match gesehen, scheint also mittlerweile nicht mehr das Problem zu sein. Was aber wohl eher an dem beschissenen Armor-Update liegt und nicht etwa daran, dass Reto den Matchmaker gefixt hätte. Allgemein ist H&G mittlerweile so schlecht das sich mir die Frage, warum GE/SU clans so schwach sind, garnicht mehr stellt. Die Frage ist eher warum US clans es nicht sind.
  11. JerryKrαu∤


    there is a big difference cuz "could be destilled down" also goes for bugs that need to be identified. Identifying those bugs is the main problem and can take hours, weeks or even months even tho the actuall fix would be just a "change of two lines" here we are talking about a change that literally takes 2 minutes cuz nothing needs to be identified retos laziness is not an excuse and should not stop ppl from demanding fixes
  12. JerryKrαu∤


    yep, asking reto to change one, maybe two lines in the game code is way too much! spending 2 minutes of their time on that will clearly stop them from developing new assault maps (which they dont develope anyway) or fix bugs/gamebreaking "features" (which they dont fix anyway).. totally Agree. Biggest problem for me is the low volume of all small arms, if we had proper gun sounds i would not have to play on 100% volume
  13. JerryKrαu∤

    Celebrate with me ! the 77th day of World of Tanks & Generals ... WW2 !

    wow so much truth negativity.. not sure if censorship mods can allow this. anyway everything will be fine cuz see? don't worry
  14. JerryKrαu∤

    New Map & Building Concepts

    pretty sure it was him " On the Campaign map all cities currently consists of just one battlefield and thereby one map, but for larger cities we wish to have several maps in one city which should represent different parts of the city (e.g. Dresden = 16 maps connected, Berlin = 80 maps connected). " insane how ambitiously reto guys were in 2011 compared to today
  15. JerryKrαu∤

    Ignore button inside battle.

    @orochi_kyo when in battle you can alt-tab to the desktop client. there you open chat and click on "mission team". here you will find all 18 players of your team and can mute whoever you want from your team.