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  1. When i am in the menu sending assault squads or just watching war map after a while the menu just freezes and then crashes. I have tried to uninstall and install game again, tried to verify the integrity of the game files, tried to uninstall and install graphic drivers but none of these have worked for me so if somebody knows solution for this or any tips what maybe could solve this i am glad to try them out. Thanks in advance. Now the whole game keeps crashing
  2. Lehti-Pihvi

    Finland to HNG

    We really need Finland
  3. Lehti-Pihvi

    Finland to HNG

    Well i want Finnish team to come to Germans side because German is f-u-c-k-e-d up now days by Russian and Americans so German needs better guns or something else that´s one reason and second reason is because we need something new to the game from my perspective and its not really that hard to make new characters or new weapons and it could be good if Finnish team comes to the game Finnish team would have Molotov Cocktail and that´s not so hard to make to work in the game. The Finnish team would just fight with Germans not other Faction in the game just more characters to play on Germans side.
  4. I am just thinking why Finland is not in the game like it would be so cool to have Finland in the game and for the history like Finnish soldiers would fight on Germany side in the same team and Finnish soldiers would have Finnish weapons and Molotov cocktails and Finnish cars