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  1. MiliBrat

    now even more headshots

    it's called a macro. often passed around the chat section in all factions for the privileged and used as an erection foundation for a lot of players. either you're in and you have it or you're out and you don't have it. easier to configure now with the new update than before, enjoy.
  2. this obvious little bug has been reported MONTHS ago, without a reply and without a fix for it. It is super annoying and gets in the way of gameplays as it tends to appear and re-appear during battles which turns the game to "Video Settings Manager" instead of a ww2 fps. I imagine that new players don't know about it and end up with really crappy FPS and then they leave and then we have to hear about the difficulty of retaining players in dev streams....
  3. MiliBrat

    Good FPS and PING but LAG

    its still very much relative to the current version of "the game"
  4. MiliBrat

    zoom in H&G

    the nvidia thing was passed around in the chats.... combine the no bushes nvidia thing with an easy to find no recoil macro script(thats also passed around) and you have an H&G superstar vet! yaaaaaaaay!
  5. MiliBrat

    How to queue for all tank classes?

    Alt + F4 and ure in
  6. MiliBrat

    cant switch to med pack when prone

    obviously the so called deves dont care about actual bugs, they are more concerned with the irrelevant imbecile crybabies that dont even play the game much, but are insufficient at life so they have a lot of useless posts here which devs and forum moderators pat attention to instead of actual bugs. They can thank the tankers and forum imbeciles for being out of a job soon.
  7. MiliBrat

    So we are back to this huh?

    someone buy MOUSTAPHAS a beer! That man deserves it, kudos MOUSTAPHAS, kill em all!
  8. when prone, can't switch to medpack to heal because you decided to implement imbecile useless multiplying bipods which you DID NOT test and are not working correctly still. CANT SWITCH TO MEDPACK WHEN PRONE AND HAVE A WEAPON THAT CAN DEPLOY A USELESS STUPID BIPOD! fix it!
  9. MiliBrat


    it's such an obvious "Germany event" and it should be insulting to the German faction. Lots of great players on the German faction and lots of great generals as well who take part in defining Heroes and Generals are now given a farm freebie. None of the other lame events were such obvious freebies, and I don't care for any other faction more than the other, and this event is insulting to their skill, it is insulting to their time spent in game and it is a personal insult from the creator of the game who is telling the German faction that it is incompetent to win a war unless the creator of the game gives them a freebie. German faction criticizes for the position of the overall German faction in the game but when they give them a free war victory farming simulator now the German faction is OK with it? What's gonna happen after the event? We are farming a free war victory ribbons which are pretty much meaningless and that gets our panties all wet after year and years of feeling go girls! For the sake of the game, as most of you seem to present yourself, you should be angry and insulted.
  10. MiliBrat

    Graphic Settings Reset + High CPU usage.

    This has not been fixed yet unfortunately, even though it was reported as soon as this last major update came out. Here is a workaround until it is fixed. @daeqolax has a report been made to the so called dev team? if not, i'll send it in.
  11. MiliBrat

    video settings update 1.15

    @ReSpaWn2 This has not been fixed yet unfortunately, even though it was reported as soon as this last major update came out. Here is a workaround until it is fixed.
  12. MiliBrat

    (UPDATE) fix found for high cpu/low gpu utilization?

    Yes, choose disable all inheritance and all profiles will be removed. Then, per hobos instructions, you can select the profile that will be the only profile with rights to read and execute the .ini file.
  13. MiliBrat

    AVS and STG OP now ?

    This plus Tight Grip Gold, scope is optional. can go without scope if u want cqc or use scope if you want mid range, or make 2 soldiers with one of each. scope will delete all of your credits.