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  1. ShagEnTieten

    Misha1633 new frag movie

    Misha top 1, tovarish!
  2. ShagEnTieten

    Armor plates

    This, and then they can still add the armor for new players. +1
  3. ShagEnTieten

    Armor plates

    Yeah, the part where new and old players are more equal is good. but the part where both get shot at even more by scoped rifles (that you cant hear bcuz amazing audio system) is pretty concerning.
  4. ShagEnTieten

    Armor plates

    nice, converting all my soldiers to snipers now. first shot wont kill? the second shot definitly will kill. 😕 Edit: I'm ready.
  5. ShagEnTieten

    Week Montage (VIDEO)

    who needs a gun when you have a wrench. +1 😄
  6. ShagEnTieten


    I can't enable TAA anymore, it keeps reverting to FXAA. Does anyone else have this problem?
  7. ShagEnTieten

    1.15 patchnotes

    How can they make the directional sounds even worse?!
  8. ShagEnTieten


    I rather buy a zippo on aliexpress and keep my sanity
  9. Hey, I am shag ( Nick name: shagentieten ) I play this game almost daily. I want to get better at video editing. Since I have over 700gb of H&G footage, why not make some videos with it?! Here I post my videos in the hope that they will get better eventually. http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCKlaQIwZr5eQe1npUf07pjw Feedback is highly appreciated @Sir_Joje @Nonstopalot @hectorhfm@Loopping_Louie @Jmj191 @AfonsoQQ @Mitttiir @Lucianoantivil15 @ValorousTF @Belgwyn
  10. VERY informational and serious guide to git gut
  11. ShagEnTieten

    ☭Order of the Red Banner☭

    In-Game name: communismeentieten Age: nein Country: The Netherlands Reason for Joining: i dont talk spanish and you are the only SU clan that talks united kingdom. Do you have a PPSh/PPS/AVS/Dp28 on an infantry character?: mosin all you need Do you have Assault Teams?: plausible If so, How many and Type?: recon squad 1 & 2 what do you expect from us? i want someone on teamspeak that sings for me and i want to bring my bush.
  12. I do see an "advanced options" tab but its greyed out, i assume they rushed this update before finishing that. As always.
  13. Go ahead and ignore everyone that is against you " Tank Rambo's Deserve no voice.". @zaerius made some very good statements on this tank topic, why dont you react on those/or break them down if you think that you are in your right? Instead, you take the easy route by blocking him.
  14. "A single tank was able to destroy the entire teams Assault Teams worth of infantry with a couple HE shells, each with machine gun firing speed. Tanks need to be nerfed right now! I counted 80 HE shells from his tank before he ran out of ammo and he fired and fired and fired.. Every-time i spawned he single handly found us. Everything i killed him TWO SECONDS LATER he came back. 12 Infantry lost From 1 player we named him EZ-Mode HE boy because all he did was sit on a hill firing HE"
  15. ShagEnTieten

    Armor tweaks feedback

    Doesnt that make the H3 your main weapon? "in theory you could create a soldier with 4 sets of H3's and take out 4 tanks" but on the other hand you would be defenceless to anything else.
  16. ShagEnTieten

    Tankas & Tankes

    Its currently not fun to play tanks, neither is it to play against them. Its not fun to spin in circles after "one poorly aimed panzerfaust". But dont forget that there are 9 other teammates in tanks that are still shelling the enemies with HE. I dont think the tanks are a problem, i think the unlimited supply of tanks is.
  17. Tried something new, i hope its an improvement!
  18. ShagEnTieten

    We need limits on specialists NOW!!

    Less HE = more infantry = more battles with tanks. win win?
  19. ShagEnTieten

    Make tanks paradroppable

    Sounds good, i also want to get more support from the remaining 2 infantry currently playing. So can we please force those players to repair my tank?
  20. ShagEnTieten

    Im back guys

    @AfonsoQQ2.0 forgot to mention that he also uses bacalhau. If you eat it you can see trough bushes, it should be banned.
  21. ShagEnTieten


    you mean those things that will make players camp even more and will make attacks even more unwinnable?