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  1. We are open for new applications again!
  2. samokke

    The problem of the German army chat

    exactly. Me and so many other people have reported the same guys over and over, its pretty much a daily occurrence, and they are still here.
  3. samokke

    The problem of the German army chat

    I do it very rarely, but it really effects the community especially for new players. When someone wants to ask a question and it gets washed away by political or toxic discussions, or in the worsed scenario the player gets attacked.
  4. Here is the problem: German army chat is the most toxic chat I have seen in any game ever. It pisses people off, and its always the same god damn people. Its very simple to fix this, let player mods censor the shirt out of them. But reto will lose players and money right? NO, because the people that talk shirt in German army chat, rarely or never play the actual game. All they do, is log on to talk shirt or political crazy, sometimes for hours straight, blocking any strategical talk or people asking questions. What about US and USSR chat? I rarely joined these sides, but the times i did these army chats are not this bad, on the US side from my own experience and stories from other players its even a friendly environment. German army chat, how ever, you get hammered upon anything you say, toxicity is insane and extremist political talk ruins it. Please add actual ingame moderators, especially in the German Army chat, and I assure you the toxic environment in this game will decrease significantly. I wonder what your thoughts are.
  5. Who are we? 1st Jägers is a team of many decent players, where we are more interested in quality over quantity of players, with a good mix of veterans and new players. In 1st Jägers we play as a solid team with a good % of success in battles, running operations in the campaign map in zones where we are needed the most. 1st Jägers have players from all around the globe. We are one of the oldest and biggest of the Axis clans active right now. We are hunters, we are 1st Jägers and we play to win. Requirements: •You need to speak English (native speaker not required) •You need to choose the German faction in war (since we are a full German war clan!) •You need mature behavior ( if not 18+, we accept younger players if the player has a mature behavior. •You need to be able to work as a team (the most important requirement, we are a clan, therefore we expect that you want to be in a team) •You need to use teamspeak to communicate with us, without communication the battle can become a mess •You need a microphone (headset) What does 1st Jägers offers its members? •Teamplay •Training •experienced players using your ATS, so randoms don't waste your precious warfunds •Help with both RTS and FPS if the member needs it •A fun experience •A team where we can change the war •An opportunity to grow inside our ranks Application You can apply for 1st Jägers here: https://goo.gl/forms/z6PCPxDjU2EVkXv32 (no email required) or via our website: gjdiv.enjin.com (email required). On both methods you will be asked some questions about you as a player. Most of the time your application will be reviewed within a day and you will be contacted immediately via your prefered method. Contact If you have any further questions you can either: contact a 1st Jägers officer in our teamspeak (IP:, Join our discord: https://discord.gg/GVPvK27 or ask me directly (in-game name: samokke, discord name: samokke#8932) We hope to see you in the future!
  6. samokke

    Stg Bullets+ scope problem

    I mean they should add more mods to the STG because there is only 1 available for every part..
  7. samokke

    Give the H3 Back

    that was before the armor 2.0 update. check your information. further on it was good against APCs and light tanks to. After the armor 2.0 update I have not seen a single person asking for german anti tank rifles.
  8. samokke

    Give the H3 Back

    Are you aware that with armor 2.0 you can not just place it where ever you want but it makes a difference now, the damage difference is not that big of a difference for the pros it gives, like being able to be thrown, for example out of a building, more cover, the price difference is not as big, i was talking about the prices of the panzerwurfmine not the RPG, the RPG can be used as a grenade aswell, dont forget that! yes it takes longer to throw all your rpgs, but it blows up on impact, making the chance you get the kill larger over someone else stealing it. the mortar is a whole lot better at penning tanks than our new anti tank rifle, its good for nothing, its OK against recon planes, but what is not good against recon planes. And you already had a anti tank rifle if its such a big deal.
  9. samokke

    Give the H3 Back

    I honestly can not believe that you are complaining about a anti tank grenade that will kill as good as any other, it has its pros and cons, a con for example that you have to get close to a tank, while with a sticky or a RPG you can stay at a pretty decent distance.
  10. samokke

    Give the H3 Back

    because the refill costs are almost 2x cheaper than the panzerwurfmine, the purchase cost is cheaper, and the ribbon is easier to get x)
  11. samokke

    Give the H3 Back

    The best gear? wait what lmao
  12. samokke

    tigers and nerf ger pls

    The panther has been kind of nerfed because of armor 2.0, before armor 2.0 it was hard to pen it, now its really easy.
  13. samokke

    new war game crash

    Yes, you have to be lucky.
  14. samokke

    new war game crash

    This happens because everyone tries to login, join a faction and start a battle. Just wait 10 minutes and it should be normal again.