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  1. W8taminute1941

    Message to Tacotim or TacoMex

    Because I don't remember his name so I figured I'd publicly apologize in the hopes he would see it.
  2. W8taminute1941

    Message to Tacotim or TacoMex

    The funny thing is I didn't kill him, just bumped into him a little with the bicycle. He went full nuclear on me the whole match. I kind of felt sorry for him. He must be in a lot of mental and physical pain in real life to act the way he did in game.
  3. W8taminute1941


    I can barely see the image due to it being so dark. Must be the new weather effects.
  4. W8taminute1941


    I agree. If people thought the grind in H&G is bad wait until you try Enlisted. Enlisted, however, is a fun game to play. I don't care what the critics say. Does it replace H&G? No way but I love the gunplay and RPG elements in Enlisted as much as I love H&G.
  5. W8taminute1941

    This post will change the gunplay

    HLL or PS are a little bit too realistic in my opinion. I like a balance of realism and fun. Check out Enlisted. Here is some game play sample from me.
  6. W8taminute1941

    This post will change the gunplay

    Have you tried Enlisted? It's actually quite fun.
  7. W8taminute1941

    Message to Tacotim or TacoMex

    I don't remember your exact name but it started with Taco. Yesterday I hit you with my bicycle when we were playing against the bots in Samree Depot. I am sorry I did that. It was an accident and I didn't intend to hit you. I understand you were so angry that you kept team killing me and I deserved it for hitting you with my bicycle. You called me nasty names and I deserved it. I am sorry brother. Please forgive me. Jesus loves you.
  8. W8taminute1941

    Rushing ruining the game?

    Well let me ask all you STG superstars this question then. Do you like playing matches that only last for 5 minutes or less? Wouldn't you like a better challenge? Why not share your tips and help the new players play better? Just sayin'.
  9. W8taminute1941

    Gun names!

    I like the loyalists. Rogal Dorn is one of my favorites. Which side do you like? Now this is a good example of using a non-faction gun in a historically correct way.
  10. W8taminute1941

    Gun names!

    Oh yeah! I have Fallout: New Vegas. I do remember that faction. I'll have to check out that slogan. Good stuff!
  11. W8taminute1941

    I found a way to make the game fun for myself again

    I wonder if the game is fun for all those german superstars who can win matches designed to last for 20 minutes or more in just 5 minutes? There is not much chance to earn credits or XP I would imagine. Oh well, I agree if I see a match against the Germans I quit because the name of the game is getting xp and credits and if german superstars are going to limit the match to only 5 seconds that does not give me time to earn anything substantial. I'm not butthurt by german superstars who are gods greatest gift to the world, I'm butthurt because there is no time to make money when fighting against them. Hahahahahaha!!!
  12. W8taminute1941

    How to la-7?

    I respectfully disagree. Using the mouse and understanding how to accelerate/decelerate at the right moment allows me to win turn fights with those who use classic controls. Now if we're talking about IL-2 Battle of Stalingrad then yes, mouse and keyboard is not going to cut it. You need a flightstick and a good head tracker.
  13. W8taminute1941


    If you are in a match hit ESC on your keyboard. A popup will display allowing you to change a lot of different settings. If you are in the main screen of the game and not in a match there is a gear icon all the way to the upper right of the screen. Click on it to change settings.
  14. W8taminute1941

    Gun names!

    Haha! I think I've been killed by you before in a match. That gun name sounds familiar. I smiled when I saw that in my kill cam.
  15. Whenever I select Quick Battle using selected soldier I end up getting into a match for a soldier I did not want to get into. For example, I select my infantry man and get placed into Luneville Tanks. This was never an issue before the new patch. What gives?