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  1. So every day my friends one by one start to play the game and actually they liked it and they introduce in the same time the game to there own friends. What i mean is that the game is getting more players every day and it's getting bigger and bigger and in the same it should have more updates to give those new players and the old players (like me) a better experience of the game. First let's talk DOWN IN THE COMMENTS about what kind of new tanks the game needs and planes and mods Secondly what they reto-moto should do in the game as fixing bugs changing the server (having a better one/faster one) etc.... Anyways hope you will share yr ideas in the COMMENTS and hope ya'll are having a good day PEACE!!
  2. so i search for tanks that was used in high number in the WW2 and there are a big number of them a really big number so i just wanted to ask if we can get those tanks in the game asap for a better experience and about planes i think a game with only 4 planes for each faction is a low number of planes

    Ask questions for Q&A & Why #13

    when i look to heroes and generals tanks number and world of tank tanks tank number i see a lot of different like for exampel for tank destroyers the su 100 or the su152 for soviet faction or the JPanther or JPpantherII for german faction or the Jackson or T25 AT and we really need much mucchhhh... more planes and with time we might reach bf1 (hope so!)

    Ask questions for Q&A & Why #8 (click link to survey)

    1. what we asked for is "LMG" for the soviet terrain vehicule "GAZ-67" i know we got the "t20" but there are a big difference betwen fiering from a "t20" and from a "GAZ-67" 2. Having a 35 bullet magazine size for the soviet pride the "avs 36" and we all know what means having to reaload each 3 sec after fiering