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  1. Deviro0

    Is it worth buying trained tank crew?

    Credits are the main reason, unless you like the grind. I've found that US tanks are good, but only in the last tier. So i suggest getting the Chaffee, Easy 8, Hellcat and Pershing. US tanks tend to be weaker in the lower tiers but using right and knowing them can give you high sucess
  2. Deviro0

    British Commonwealth

    That's where I feel a rifle range would be a great tab, no XP earned but a great way to learn about the weapon and upgrades that you put on. At least new people have a great why to learn how their weapons work, weirdly pubs in England had them, albeit for earlier wars but was still a thing
  3. Deviro0

    British Commonwealth

    To be fair, besides the vets how many new players know about the adjustment sights?
  4. Deviro0

    British Commonwealth

    Off memory Piats had a close, med and far aputure sights so it was all guess work anyway, so at a guess alot of brains required
  5. Deviro0

    Remove grenades for new player

    Nades do have a purpose, but... i get sick of people just wasting them in an open field. nades should be the best friend when you need to advance quickly in a tight spot, or a quick clear of a room. but I hardly have to use them they shouldn't change the damage radius, as then its not accurate, Grenades have a large radius in real life. But yes better limits to carry and dynamite lover are needed
  6. Deviro0

    SHOVELS - Teraforming for H&G

    I really do like the idea, but wonder about the few points. What would the data load on servers to cope with multiple terrain editing at once. Will it make buildings destructible at the same time, giving Tank branch i big advantage, also adding more load. and how can you limit what a player can edit ie dig or sandbag at a time
  7. Well Users I have to admit one thing, I'm one of the worse players, my accuracy in not to point. So I apologize to the developers for this thread, but i wish for something that will take some effort I wish for a new tab called Range. this is a one player map that allows the user aka me to test and see the best action on the weapon of choice in a no exp. or reward rifle range. I'm really new to MMOFPS and i find the weapon handling a bit of a pain, i'm used to more modern ideals, and have fired many weapons in real life, but find it hard some days to understand the weapon i'm using. i feel that a target range up to 100m to help users understand and adjust their weapons, with no additions would be of help. that way as you progress the player could try several weapons and help the player understand the handling, and recoil of certain upgrades can do to a weapon. I fell some sort of range could accustom new players and faction cross overs as they can get a feel of how the normal is. hopefully fully understanding the weapons that the users chose hopefully would help people chose other factions too. All feedback is wanted
  8. Deviro0

    British Commonwealth

    I still think some Maori and Indian melee weapons would be good. And just to add a Brit touch a table leg wrapped in barbed wire. Maybe a possible 'Native' uniform a grass skirt for Maori, turban for Indian, and standard beret for Brits would be a nice touch
  9. Deviro0

    British Commonwealth

    the SA rifle was a .303, can remember its name off hand, but have fired one in real life, very accurate but for melee weapons, just for a plug to NZ the Taiaha should be considered, as the Maori Battalion was not given its full glory in WW2, but i would love this faction to become a reality, as that would be my main faction, although i would rename paratrooper to commando, as that was the norm then, the commandos did do more behind enemy lines than the later paratroopers, although it was gliders that got the red berets in. but the morale was impressive by any feat, to be fair, this Faction needs more looking into as it was there long before USA joined