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  1. ...ASSASSIN...

    Update 1.09 Adobe Air Error

    QuarX THX A LOT. It worked. Update started.
  2. ...ASSASSIN...

    Update 1.09 Adobe Air Error

    yes pls.
  3. ...ASSASSIN...

    Update 1.09 Adobe Air Error

    thx i am waiting. İ reinstalled ony adobe air but it didnt work.
  4. ...ASSASSIN...

    Update 1.09 Adobe Air Error

    QuarX I am using Stand Alone version but to play i am using my mobile phone connection. So i cannot reinstall the game. It will be very expensive and it will probably take lots of hour. Do you know another option to fix the problem?
  5. ...ASSASSIN...

    Update 1.09 Adobe Air Error

    I cancelled the update within a minute then i am receiving an adobe air error. When i try to start the game it says "I can not find the descriptor for this application, try reinstalling or contact the publisher for help." How can i get the update? The game doesn't start.
  6. ...ASSASSIN...

    Update 1.09 ‘Battle Flow’ is here!

    I think more different weapon camos can increase the game's enjoyment.