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  1. weristderbabo1

    Tiger 2 is really unbalanced

    Nah, the KT looses nearly all health if you destroyed the transmission and engine. Flanking is more useful than ever.
  2. weristderbabo1

    immersion update???

    Only good thing in this update is the skin change for captured vehicles
  3. weristderbabo1

    Polls about <Captured Weapon's Modification>

    I agree with Ding. Destroys immersion and grind, i am not happy about it.
  4. weristderbabo1

    Pausing veteran membership until snow theme is over please

    Could you stop crying once atleast? Also the snow maps bring variety. I liked them last year and still do.
  5. weristderbabo1

    Special Classes Balance

    You are so biased, its incredible. The recon class is the only class in favor of GE. how does the Johnson/PPS underperform compared to the FG42? Also with the tank class, like WTF. You can literally OHK the Panter with some tanks since Armor 2.0. Whats your loving point. And the Focke-Wulf got nerfed so much, that it facts wise underperforms.
  6. weristderbabo1

    Remove rivers?

    No. Rivers bring atleast some diversity. Maybe they could let them freeze this winter?
  7. weristderbabo1

    Held off 6.7k Troops with 24 men.

    i picked up an unmodded svt from some dead dude. took out 300 soviets, 3 planes, 1 tank and pushed d-line on church alone. Damn that gun is strong.
  8. weristderbabo1

    How to get other faction guns to spawn with?

    Once you unlocked them, you can buy them. But they are 3 times the normal price and you can only mod the bullets.
  9. weristderbabo1

    Optional daily war targets

    They work currently on missions, dont they? Good ideas
  10. weristderbabo1

    HnG weapon calculator

    Really good, thank you!
  11. weristderbabo1

    LG4JWNBJM5FHFOKBWX code limited to 1000 users!?

    Spending 20 dollar a year on a free game is just fair. You dont have to ofcourse, but we shouldnt complain about people buying things. This literally keeps the game running.
  12. weristderbabo1

    Post-Flamethrower Implementation Thoughts

    I really dont know where all their development time went. This was no small company, they created Hitman. How many developers do they still have? 2? They work 40 hours a week, i dont know what they do in all that time.
  13. weristderbabo1

    Post-Flamethrower Implementation Thoughts

    Yes, this. News maps, maybe even a new gametype. I mean, new weapon types such as flamethrowers are definetly better than just remodeling an MG, but the game lacks diversity after a few hundred hours...
  14. weristderbabo1

    In dire need of better balancing

    You know, as a newbie i also always complained about this or that being better. But the imbalances arent game changing. If for example, one semi auto, would need one hit more to kill, it would be indeed unfair. But no matter what balance changes they do, no faction is currently really favoured. >Shoot first = Win the fight
  15. weristderbabo1

    Next round of weapon rebalancing

    Sure GE is op™️ Lets see, we will have... -An Mg which you can only use on Bipod -An AR which still cant 3HK HSS -An SA which cant 2HK and has by far the lowest ROF -A pistol which cant 2HK, the revolver can Lets face it, we have by far the best player/most veterans. Since Reto uses only killrates for balance changes, our stuff gets constantly nerfed. This is unimportant for the vets, but the GE newbies will have it harder and harder after every update. Maybe thats their tactic to bring more players to US/SU?