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  1. weristderbabo1

    Heroes & Generals doesn't want to load

    Did you tried both versions, the stand alone launcher and the steam launcher?
  2. *Salty much* All i hear is "ti<Ga oP ples nerff reto". But if you wouldnt be that biased your suggestions actually sound good. We definetly need a crew internal. The problem is that they copied a good system from tank vs tank games and forgot a important part... Thats why the devs play/played in an american clan,ay?
  3. weristderbabo1

    Heroes, officers and generals

    This is a really creative idea but i think that this could destroy the game flow and take way to many ressources to develope.
  4. weristderbabo1

    Revolution in Heroes & Generals

    That are some damn nice drawings What? How do you think that they make income? Skins give you nearly no advantage.
  5. weristderbabo1

    Voice commands.

    Actually true haha
  6. Therefore you have 3 SMGs. So what?
  7. weristderbabo1


    Could you rewrite your question?
  8. weristderbabo1

    Kill record

    I dont know if i will find it but i saw a screenshot with 150 kills.
  9. Special classes shouldnt be spammed that much. I am an average player and i never waited mor than one minute in this game.
  10. weristderbabo1

    Vehicles, Weapons and Talking Heroes

    Yea lol. Looks like he just randomly copied some wikipedia names haha. Btw they added the last three things on your list.
  11. weristderbabo1

    Remove xp for deflected shots

    Why would you decrease the income in an already hard to grind game?
  12. weristderbabo1

    1.13.1 General Feedback

    They nerfed the income?
  13. Normall, since everybody tries to unlock the new AT guns. give it a week.
  14. weristderbabo1

    Are Mines Useable Anymore?

    They just nerfed mines. You cant do the trick with lying it next to them anymore. Didnt tried it yet tho. Nope. You cant escape, if the first mine gets layed in behind the tank track while the tank shoots. Seems like you do something wrong
  15. weristderbabo1

    Can't use AAA truck

    Good choice. Btw para planes auto repairt while flying, it is nearly impossible to destroy them with an AA in certain positions.