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  1. Tanks are getting realistic values!!!

    Ok, that was lucky
  2. Tanks are getting realistic values!!!

    Oh, now im sad. No ezz tank hunting in this game anymore Now evey match will be full of german bushcammping tankers.
  3. Tanks are getting realistic values!!!

    Yea, and thats good
  4. Can't connect to Prototype

  5. Can't connect to Prototype

    Same problem... atm this game is a joke
  6. Sir- can u make game a bit fair ?

    Dont join GE bias..... pls
  7. Mal so richtig Dampf ablassen!

    Ja, wird immer trauriger. Wenn das Vehicle Update Müll wird, können die Insolvenz anmelden....
  8. Fragen und Antworten Thread

    Ich habe auch kein Problem mal ein paar Tage zu warten. Es sollte dann halt früh genug angekündigt werden.
  9. 9 hour downtime

    3 days vet code
  10. Wiona is so pretty

    You mean the music or the girl?
  11. Silencer

    This game has so many other problems, so why you post this?
  12. Screen settings

    On any system the default graphic settings are the badest. You should test the "perfect" settings for your pc.
  13. Your overall K/D

    True, K/D is useless in this game...
  14. Mal so richtig Dampf ablassen!

    Das frage ich mich auch manchmal....