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    Feedback for 1.2

    Dear Reto, I play Heroes and generals for years now and the current state of the game might be one of the worst ever. Here I'll explain why: Vehicles still flip like if they weighted 50kg ; Mg42 is now the worst gun in the game: impossible to control (I played it slowed down and it was at 700rpm before 1.2 update and now its 900rpm so impossible to play) ; Bugs on maps are still not fixed, there are laggy rocks and landscapes causing even tiger 2s to flip or get stuck ; Bazookas are the most op weapons now (I was in panther or tiger 2 and got 2 hit killed by bazooka/ panzerfaust at 50m) ; Tank HE or AP do nothing to planes (I was shooting recon planes with panther and it took me at lest 2 rounds to shoot 1 down, AP or HE) ; War bonds are still not available, increasing the pay to win ; Semi-Auto rifles, especially M1G are now railguns, capable of killing someone in 2 straight bullets at 200m as there is no recoil on it ; sights on infantry snipers are still bad (I had a 4.2x scope with the german sight (more expencive and more xp needed to unlock) and now the sight I had is on the other scope and I can't choose it without paying again... Thank you for reading, I hope it did help you in some ways, Kunai_Mc, veteran player