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  1. shokatto

    Nerf Sturmgewehr

    I asked all weapons for all for years,now all is good,no need to nerf nothing,just buy the gun............
  2. Tip to US players get STG,MG42,AVS36 OR PPSH41.
  3. shokatto

    Mod for captured weapons, when?

    They are just close last topic,so im just got this to say,delete all my US weapons and just give me 1 german just 1 weapon MP40 ,MG42,STG or MG13 just on one that can be fully moddable just one for all my US wepons.
  4. shokatto

    AVS and STG OP now ?

    Best smg mp40,best AR LMG MG13,best MG MG42, somebody in HnG really love GER and hate SU and poor beggars US
  5. shokatto


    This guy is tanker or sniper,HSG forever.
  6. shokatto


    MG42,STG,FG42,MP40 > useless M2,i say all weapons for all frictions,US life mater.
  7. shokatto

    So is anyone gonna talk about the M2

    To all US players,come to german side buy fg42 and enjoy playing best infantry weapon,US is for mazohist hoe want pain and to lose all the time.just stop hurting yourself.
  8. Nobody want nerf MG42,but with what weapon should you counter crouching MG42 user in the corner off room.
  9. i dont understand whay only germans can enjoy in infantry FG42.
  10. UH,this only german players are delusional and not living in reality,fg42 is best infantry weapon even without mods,and thay want mods for FG42,the moment when infantry fg42 be fully moddable this game is goner,FG42 is german nuke bomb.
  11. So much hate against murica and nobody want to play US ,whay whay.GER and SU got slightly better infantry weapons.
  12. shokatto

    Is Pershing worth the price?

    WarHog game rule.
  13. If US is overpowerd then it be overpopulated like germany is for 8 years,best weapons are always in german arms but some skill is needed.RussianSniper butt german player nice.
  14. shokatto

    Update 1.18.1 - Combat Rebalance

    Moded FG42 is monster gun,if germans ever got to mod infantry FG42 and others cant even get is as captured weapon game over for US and SU,FG42 is by far best weapon in game,sorry man but is true.
  15. shokatto


    My favorit gun is FG42,but i love be able to play with it as US or SU 😩.