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  1. HobosAndGerbils

    Your Easter present has been delivered!

    absolutely agree The last few updates were pretty low in quality - not trying to bash the art design , thats quite ok but with most of the recent updates the game simply got completely unplayable for days up to a week and most of the balance issues are not even considered Including new AT weapons like mentioned on the trello board would be absolutely not make anyone happy right now , we all have seen how much the PTRD and panzerbüchse struggle even against light armor , considereing their price they are not worth it , adding more AT rifles will make absolutely no money as even the last garden gnome already knows how comicaly ineffective they are against anything other than infantry they should put quality over quantity now or they run in serious danger of having to game in the future to develop content for they can than sell The servers are not properly working right now , the performance is borderline playable even on good pcs and stuff like tank vs tank battles are only fun fot TDs and heavy tanks etc etc the trick here is , if people dont want to buy anymore find out WHY they dont want to buy anymore instead of just producing more of the product in excess that is already not selling
  2. HobosAndGerbils

    Your Easter present has been delivered!

    truth be told I would be more than happy with a halfways functioning update every half year too but we got to work with what we are given Apart from that , nothing in live is free , ever , not even death as it will cost your life - with free to play games you either pay or you become part of the product Sure you can unlock everything for free but right now that would mean slaving away for months of grind and endless budget battles , at which point you become a low cost replacement for AI People want to play populated games , people only want to pay in populated games , if you dont pay , you are the population , you are the AI , you are part of the product
  3. HobosAndGerbils

    Selection of choices to improve the game

    if you are implying it is because of the servers beeing located in moscow and being controlled by the russian goverment It really isnt the problem , even people living in moscow have exactly the same problems we had a bunch of russian and especialy people in moscow explaining the exact same problem the rest of the world has with this server I can even prove this , you can use a proxy or VPN and mask your IP as russian or more specifcaly located inside moscow on proximity to the servers and they have the same problems there The problems with this servers start the moment the signal reaches the part of Retos moscow network as you can test with a traceroute The moment the signal leaves the routing path of your internet provider and hits the Reto neworks it already gains 30 ms in pingtime increase , more alarmingly however is that the servers hosted by hostkey.ru ALL have to pass one node , this one node is the cause of the problems as its dropping packets left and right and has incredible pingspikes If you mean that its a political problem inside the reto development team than , yeah - its probably too expensive for them since the potential profit you can gain from a new server is extremely low because you can not promote it as new feature and you can not sell it in the store In this case its a political decision of them that will backfire sooner or later because nobody buys anything in a game where they are forced to play on servers that do not fill the minimum requirement for a FPS mmo game server not to mention that the moscow server is the main server for the entire EU region , parts of china and the middle east for some reason - I think it would be a good investment to have functional gameservers for that broad of a potential playerbase Also Id like to add that the sound problems might also stem from the moscow server , a while ago we got to hear that if the server is struggeling under too much load - sound data packets usualy get discarded first to maintain the basic functionality of the FPS parts - if the server is constantly on the brink of a seizure it might cause all the sound packets to be dropped and therefore you wont hear the LMG revving up behind you or the granade landing infront of your feet the new sound system is probably more vul. to this because the newer sound system probably has to process a lot more data than the old "paff paff " sounds - if the server is pretty much wheezing in agony already its very likely that the bigger soundpackets get dropped EVEN faster
  4. HobosAndGerbils

    Selection of choices to improve the game

    *Artists re-creation of expected course of action
  5. HobosAndGerbils

    Selection of choices to improve the game

    I even made some very informative charts Heres one on the % amount of times its fun to play on the moscow server right now
  6. HobosAndGerbils

    Selection of choices to improve the game

    I think its time to offer Reto.Moto a very useful list of things they can do to improve the game in many aspects Its a rather big list so they can even pick the one they want to start with , no pressure at all ! 1. Fix the moscow server 2. Fix the server with the IP range 91.218.245.xx 3. Repair the machine currently located at longitude 37.617300 and 55.755826 latitude that sends and recieves data from this game in an attempt to simulate a virtual firefight 4. Revres wocsom eht xiF 5. Fix the moscow server again ( its broken enough for 2 repairs ) 6. починить московский сервер 7. 01100110 01101001 01111000 00100000 01110100 01101000 01100101 00100000 01101101 01101111 01110011 01100011 01101111 01110111 00100000 01110011 01100101 01110010 01110110 01100101 01110010 8. Fix the sound dropouts in game caused by the moscow server dropping sound packets by fixing the moscow server 9. Fix the hit detection problems caused by the moscow server and its packetloss and pingspike by fixing the moscow server 10. Sue the clown company that sold you this dingus server as game server for compensation 11. Fix the moscow server 12. Repariert den Moscow server 13 . Roses are red , violets are blue , Fix the moscow server or I poop in your shoe 14 . Knock knock ! whos there ? moscow server ! moscow server who ? moscowserver in serious need of fixing or replacement 15. Stop pretending that the moscow server is the only datacenter up for the task , its not up for any task and I have seen private servers for WoW handle more players with less lag and problems 16. Fix the moscow server 17. Offer the players you mentaly scarred with this server an emergency psychiatrist 18. Fix the moscow server about 4-5 more , im absolutely, 100% sure it needs it . 19. Failing to do all of the above , replace the Moscow server with a server that is not hosted on a casio learning computer or my grandmas windows 95 desktop 20. Even tho you have a WW2 game that doesnt mean that you have to use a soviet server from that era 21. Fix the moscow server a final time for good measure 22. I lied - Fix the moscow server again 23. Never ever ever again say that a server like this is working good enough for a FPS game , its not only untrue but also insulting for your players 24. Dunno ... fix the moscow server a couple more times This comprehensive list of tasks you could attempt to make the game more fun to play should offer you a good amount of choices you can pick from love hugs and kisses restarted rodent out
  7. HobosAndGerbils

    Vehicle colours are awful

    Red GAZ makes comrade stalin proud
  8. HobosAndGerbils

    H&G Select Server Option

    There is one major reason server selection can not be included right now and until it is changed there is litteraly no chance of it ever beeing fully implemented Some of the current servers are just straight up worse than the other options , moscow server especialy , for me as EU player I get better results in playability on US servers If there was an option to opt out on the moscow server - litteraly everyone would opt out of it , leaving reto with 6 empty servers they pay for while the other traffic for the NL servers for example would probably skyrocket Also it would probably allow everyone to play on every server regardless , Im pretty sure Aussies would play outside their region , US players that are up late at night would play on EU servers and vice versa As for VAC safe options to block server IPs as a response from circinus when he was still active in the forums I understand so much that every third party software that interferes with their "intended design " is potentialy prone to punishment , this includes mouse software apparently but there is hardly a way to ever say wether or not someone is using a clicker mouse macro or just jitter clicking While in the real world this rule would not hold up because its not determined what "interfering with intended design " means , reto is currently holding all cards in their hands , if they are suspecting that you are using software like this they will probably ban you if they feel the need to With most VPN servers you pretty much change the end node of your connection , some VPN services tunnle your data through their own network to the location so the routing is shorter or less crowded , the end point usualy determines the location you appear from , that means if the end node of the VPN is in france or NL you will appear in france or NL and are more likely to be routed to the NL servers by logic of proximity , if the game cant find a battle on that server ( usualy arround 2 to 7 in the morning ) the matchmaker will increase its search range and most likely send you to the moscow server anyways because it spans 3 time zones or more and even tho its lagging along the routing line the ping time is usualy considerably lower than the other options like US servers or japan servers The problem here is the moscow server may have a ping of 50 ms which should be better than 150 m to US or 200 to JP servers but more realisticaly that server play like 300 ms To return to the first statement of mine , IF they were to include server or region selection im 100% certain reto would sit on 6 empty servers at day 2
  9. Edit : Ingame pictures are not from me , if the original creator wants me to take them down I will
  10. HobosAndGerbils


    maybe it was strategy all along , if people had time to prepare for the battle beforehand there would probably be a lot more people participating and more movement on the RTS than it already is right now , im not entirely sure the game could handle that massive surge at once right now , with the recent frequency of server crashes and emergency reboots they probably made a decision to make it a suprise and start it in the middle of the week instead on the weekend if they gave everyone 2 days to a week to prepare and start the event on weekends the servers would probably collapse into a supermassive black hole and eradicate all life in the galaxy servers are already completely overwhelmed when normal war campaigns end and everyone has to relog , imagine that 3x - the reto server rooms would make notre dame look like a cozy campfire created by boyscouts
  11. HobosAndGerbils

    Neuer Mist

    hoffe ich stark weil so wie es war als ich das letze mal einen blick drauf werfen durfte ist das gestell nach einem burst von der BAR schon abgehoben Mich würde das sehr interessieren in wie weit die jetzigen stats die stats der stelzen beeinflussen , bis jetz hat man sich darüber ja noch größten teils ausgeschwiegen , zumindest kann ich auch nach suchen darüber nichts finden Genau so wenig wie über waffen wie die PTRS und die granatbüchse , beide sind auf dem trello board mit bipods abgebilded , ich geh vom jetzigen trello board zustand stark davon aus das die PTRS , granatbüchse und das recoilless rifle noch vor dem bipod update auftauchen werden , wär interessant zu wissen ob die waffen gleich daran angepasst werden oder erst später Zumal ich da ein wenig die befürchtung habe das wenn die PTRS mit 5 schuss magazin released wird UND ein Bipod hat das da entweder heftig unfug mit getrieben wird oder alle wieder rumheulen wie OP die soviets doch sind und all der ganze übliche driss
  12. HobosAndGerbils

    STG Underpowered

    if a 1919 kills me its OP , if the STG 44 kills me the player is just 5x better Logic.exe has stopped working im gonna have a unpopular opinion here and say the 1919 , STG and AVS are ALL a lot better then they should be "lol nub you just need to git gud vs the STG " the funny thing is , whenever I play with the STG , 1919 or AVS my KD in that match doubles or triples if I played other weapons before That is not my skill momentarily suddenly increasing the moment I pick up those weapons I can guarantee you so much I have seen enough people who could not hit the broad side of the burj khalifa without those weapons , let alone kill someone the thing is , GE simply has more skill crutch using STG green pea experts than the other factions simply because they have a larger playerbase yeah 2-3 1919 people can probably cause havoc in staged but after playing GE and SU for a while now I had about 1-2 battles a day in the past week with more than one 1919 , might be dependant on location , region , time of day etc BUT if you play against GE you are almost guaranteed to have at least 3 STG experts sitting infront of your spawn every battle The grass is always greener on the other side , sure fighting 1919 sucks as GE or SU but its absolutely nothing compared to fighting GE , you are more likely to finde the YETI chilling in your fridge than you are to find a battle without a squad of GE players with STG Doesnt mean that the STG is in any way more or less restarted than the 1919 it just means that there are more GE players using the STG because they have a bigger playerbase be it STG , 1919 or AVS they all share 1 thing , they are absolutely 0 fun to play against if you dont have the corresponding OP weapon for your faction
  13. HobosAndGerbils

    Neuer Mist

    genau so wie ein panzer vs panzer mode die farben für die kill exp von rot auf grün ändern kann oder ein sound update granaten sound mit soundclips vertauscht wo jemand beim nachts auf das klo gehen auf einen welpen latscht Nichts ist unmöööööööglich Toyota Reto.Moto Edit: ohne zu übertreiben , wenn du 91.218.245.xx im HnGSync bei "action server " siehst wenn du ein match startest , einfach rausgehen , bringt garnichts - entweder kein einziger schuss trifft und man verliert in 2 minuten oder man gewinnt gerade so eben aber jeder einzelne kill ist wie geschlechtsverkehr mit dem küchenabfall zerkleinerer - so oder so verliert man , entweder man verliert den kampf oder nach 2 kämpfen seine nerven und seinen spaß Ich würd ja allen raten sofort aus dem kampf zu gehen wenn sie diesen server auch nur sehen aber dann fress ich wieder einen forum bann oder sowas weil ich zum boycott aufrufe oder sowas , mach ich nichtmal , jeder kann HG spielen bis er am stuhl festwächst aber den moscow server hat echt keiner verdient Mal davon abgesehen das man auf dem ding sogar mehr reparatur kosten bezahlen muss weil das kack teil 33% deiner eingaben frisst und somit auch schüsse , granaten und AT waffen schüsse
  14. HobosAndGerbils


    Im gonna be honest here , even with all the stuff that doesnt make sense I would still participate in the event at least half hearted but ... Every single battle I got to play in WAR today were on the moscow servers and im gonna be honest again ... I would not play on that server to save my own life , let alone voluntarily , maybe I will find a few battles not on that server later but I wont play a single war battle on the moscow server again until it is sorted out That server is already unplayable in staged and even less playable in war