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  1. HobosAndGerbils

    What better way to go than with a bang

    After Playing a certain game that just so happened to be in its last Beta phase today and returning for a brief break to HG I made a decision which will be no suprise to anyone I dont actualy like this game anymore and no credit threatmill will keep me running till I either die of a heart attack or stress indiced seizure , I tried to free myself from this games grasp about 12-15 times in the past with no good results other than taking a break for about a month or two This changed today , In the first time in YEARS I have played something because I wanted to and had fun with it and not for some soul crushing slow crawling grind to maintain vet with credits or to unlock the new overpowered toy you have to use to stay competetive , I almost forgot that games can indeed be fun when you are not considered as farm cattle in the grind barn To make my final goodbye I will tank ( see what I did there ? ) everyone at reto.moto for the wonderful decisions you have blessed your game with in the past years To the creator of RNG headshot as balance tool , I hope one day you will get over your misanthropic world view and hate for everyone who isnt using automatic weapons To the Creator of the maps , thanks for the same 4 mapes revamped 12 1/2 times without removing the funnel moba style meat grinder death choke points , hey at least they look good in trailers right ? To the person who invisioned armor 2.0 , Its good to know that there are people in this world that can be so perfectionist , even if its just for driving the cart into the mudd with full force , quite litteraly , I hope somewhere along the line you realize that even tho a few babys cry about weak tanks that doesnt mean you should annoy the people on the other spectrum instead just to please them because its the hot stuff in the market right now , I still hope you one day get to develop the driftracing offroad game you so derperately wanted that you tried to put it in this game instead To the expert maintaining the servers , please seek help , you either need it for yourself if you seriously tried to keep this mess afloat or should consider seeking help to protect your loved ones To the support and QA team , you are the only ones that have earned my honest thanks , you tried to do the best with what little tools you had and I thank you for staying somewhat optimistic even tho your department never had the chance to properly fulfill your intended role in this setup After all the years of mental abuse from dysfunctional servers and a hit detection that awards more headshots than bullets fired I can finaly say that im hurt enough to break free Thanks to all the great people I met in this game , thanks even to the people that didnt like me but had a general interest in improving this game in their own way , for the whole fortnite "more camos , more weapons more tanks , lazer velociraptors now ! , we need 1hk LMGs with no recoil and a 8x scope for my stg" rest - go to hell and stay there , satan has rented his own server down there and im sure he is looking for skilled personel I already hear everyone reading this sarcasticaly rolling their eyes so hard that they are in danger of popping out of your ears mumbeling " sure , hes just beeing dramatic and nobody leaves this game ever and why should I even care about this a-hole leaving " and I can only say , you should not care , like at all , nothing will change and for the people who think I will return anyways , In this very moment I created a randomized password as countermeasure I will not look at for both my ingame account and email linked to this account so if the time comes I try to log in for nostalgia I wont be able to Thanks for some good times and a lot of mental abuse , anger , frustration and a valuable life lesson that sometimes you have to let something go even if you dont want to ! restarted Rodent out
  2. HobosAndGerbils

    Nerf anti-tank

    tanks are still way to strong if you play them in the way they are supposed to be played , helping infantry and not lone wolfing in some hill , the only way right now to get killed more than once by AT infantry right now is to sit in the hills like some sack o shite and HE click infantry , which makes it all the more insulting to the remaining infantry to cry and complain in the forum about OP AT infantry because even under absolute ideal conditions the infantry often payes 2x or 3x the credits on one AT shot the tanker would pay to spawn a fresh new tank and its quite assy for some tankers to claim its ok that you need like 3 AT soldiers to melt down a tanker before he can just take off or kill you when they dont need 4 people to operate their tank , its just a complete and utter pisstake that you need 2-3 people to take down someone who doesnt even have to sit infront of his screen Which is exactly what I meant with my original rant , the tankers that still complain about bad bad AT rambos are the crop of the cream of whiny , statistical cherrypickers and honestly if I hear once more that its "realistic" for tanks to be strong while all this filth can still shoot with busted barrels , drive with broken engine , transmission and tracks im gonna hurl a brick into their window If we REALLY want "realism" to be the gauge for HG that means realism ALL the way , and not just in the parts you carefully selected for your augmented realism fiesta where tanks can drive without engine and shoot without barrel , also apart from a few rare cases the average 5 minute HG tank match has more tanks than the real war saw in 1 month of battle
  3. HobosAndGerbils


    https://heroesandgenerals.com/2017/04/bots-to-replace-all-human-players/ ...It all makes sense now ... reto ... you cheeky duckweeds
  4. HobosAndGerbils

    Nerf anti-tank

    Light tanks that is , tanks that can respawn for 14 credits and swallow 1500 credits under absolute optimal conditions to remove - good luck trying to kill anything heavier than a light alone , for heavier tanks you either need some truly mentaly disabled tank drivers that dont notice that their tank is exploding arround them or 1-2 buddys and even than its no guarantee
  5. HobosAndGerbils

    Nerf anti-tank

    Anyone still complaining about AT equipment does not want a fair game , they want a freefarm mode powerfantasy singleplayer game where the tank barrel gets replaced with a giant phallus ejaculating HE over the whole map Seriously , if you still cant fend off AT equipment right now - Go to warthunder or world of tanks , this is not your game , nor will it ever be because its not a singleplayer godmode experience For any remaining whiny tank manchild in his little fortress of cancer who thinks the "mean AT rambos are spoiling my perfect killstreak " jump out of your restart mobile for a day and play against tanks without instantly switching back into your safespace mobile , after that come back to this thread and tell me how much " fun" you had playing overpowered AT Seriously , every single tanker worth his salt even agrees that the current sitiation is not fun , fair or challanging and litteraly the only ones STILL complaining about "mean AT rambos" are pampered doughy snotty brats who wont stop whining , bitching , complaining untill they can glomp down the whole cake into their own bottomless guts while the rest of the children at the birthday party starve to death or get smushed into a bloody pulp by the parents with a giant nerf bat The new WAR meta is spamming tanks onto the cap points , a tank that can spawn for 14 credits needs arround 1500 credits to destroy , tanks are better AA guns than the mobile AA and require litteraly no teamplay or skill to draw away hughe parts of the already few infantry just so they can progress and do their job without getting HE clicked from the other side of the map If anyone feels offended by me saying this , GOOD be offended - if this offends you it just shows that the shoe fits and I hope this mental retardation of brestfeeding this special olympics of tanks ends before the game goes belly up Have a nice day TL;DR for the case I did not make myself clear , if you manage to get more than mildly inconvienienced by AT right now you deserve to be exploded and griefed out of the game 24x7
  6. HobosAndGerbils


    Just tried another battle , 40 tanks camping on the hill , hot garbage moscow server , left the battle because there is litteraly nothing I can do in this battle without going broke Are you sure a weapon skin is enough to reward the brave/insane few that will try to get 20 wins ? 4 real purple heart badges and a cashprice of 50 000 € seem a lot more fitting for that challange and I even think 50 000€ is a discount considering the amount of money they will have to spend on therapy
  7. HobosAndGerbils


    To be quite honest , I did try to play a few battles but after being put on the moscow server 3 times in a row on completely lost battles where the enemy was about to cap the last point or spawncamp away the resources by parking 3 tanks inside the cap points I instantly remembered why I dont want to and I simply dont have the interest to click arround the RTS map to find a battle to win 10 battles it would probably mean to play at least 10 battles if everything works perfectly , more realisticaly 20 battles and at worst a whole lot more ... dragging through so many battles where it doesnt matter if I hit or not any can only win if I spend 15 k credits repair on AT equipment to remove the scrap metal from the cap points I simply dont want to even think about it , I would really love to have one of those skins but unlocking them would feel like a very tedious 9 to 5 job I hope everyone who pulls through for the skins enjoys them but im pretty sure I wont
  8. HobosAndGerbils


    Nice camos , shame I wont be able to get them Playing enough battles on the moscow server while also getting tankspammed from every possible direction to win the required 10 battles makes my skin crawl and shudder uncontrollably Nice try tho , hope everyone else is going to have fun
  9. With the survey poll I made I heard some interesting opinions about the game and how likely people are to spend money on or in the game but I also realized that I probably dont belong to retos main target audience I thought about what would make me spend money as opposed to what is currently beeing offered and I see some big differences I realized that the only thing I would pay for are QoL changes , better servers and generaly supporting the devs IF they make effort to at least maintain the game in a stable state - im pretty sure reto is currently enjoying the gold sales for all the new AT weapons , new planes , new AT rifles , new camos etc but quite honestly im not interested in that content unless its so overpowered that it pretty much forces me to buy it to stay competetive , I dont need a lower damaged higher velocity AT weapon if I already have an AT weapon that works better at the range I use it at anyways , I probably wont buy a new plane either if it means that I will have no competition in air at all / no chance to even get away because the enemy team has 12 pilots in the air while we have 2 I just think its strange that I rather would have something like warbonds back where I can pay something to support the devs without buying gold upfront to buy some new toy I dont really want or need - but here is the catch 22 : Im currently not sure if the money I would support the devs with would be used to improve the game or one of its problem and instead be used to fund the next line of toys which are expected to be bought aswell , it essentialy feels like a perpetual loop of money to earn more money development - I know its common practise to use the money you earned to earn money , thats how gaming works nowadays but I feel its not used to improve the game or its existing features in any way or form and instead ends up 99% funding new toys I dont know what this says about me but I would rather write reto a blanc check if I knew they were remotely interested in fixing for example the moscow server or hiring more QA testers or improving public relations by not basing their entire PR department on a part time worker I know they owe me nothing for money I spend on the game to buy a thing I want to buy , but I would actualy rather give them money without expecting any upfront reward in form of weapon or vehicle but rather see the money invested in the core features that are not really working great No tank , no plane and no new weapon will make up for the reasons I currently dont enjoy the game as much as I want ( what a screwed up kind of sentence I know ) - the reasons being : extremely bad server performance , Lack of care for the RTS , overall radio silence to communicate direction for the game , a performance that doesnt dip 20-30 FPS when it feels like , all the shiny new toys will never make up for that and THE biggest reason I dont want to spend money on the game is that im almost sure it would not be used to make the game more enjoyable ( at least for me , by fixing those problems mentioned ) but instead be used to fund the development of a new line of toys intended to motivate me to spend more
  10. HobosAndGerbils

    Why are we toxic ?

    I think what you said points out some deeper issue with the game , it does not know what it wants to be and struggles into every possible direction at once If you browse through youtube HG content about 2/3 of the videos you see are either " funny moments" , meme videos or funny team gameplay - I think in all my time playing HG I can remember maybe ... 2 ? frag compilations worth mentioning without linkinpark music because all seriousness is instantly sucked out of the game the moment your jeep polevaults into the air and spins 45 times before you get headshot out of your flying spinning car HG tries to mix arcade with realism too much , those 2 concepts dont work together this way , if they would want to make a realism arcade hybrid game they would have some serious problems getting that concept to work and that would probably have to happen before the game even gets developed the current course of the game is arcade stuff with stapled on realism or realism with stapled on arcade The wacky driving used to be fun but now its so overly punished by realism that I rather walk than to be trapped in a giant tank target practise , some dillhole shoots your wheels and the car stops working , the surface randomly slows your car down to lower than bicycle speed , the random ditches in the road make your car spin out uncontrollably and send you spiraling into the air which in essence would not be bad if the game rolled with it instead of trying to fist you up to your tonsils for it The gunplay is another case of that , the TTK and damage of most weapons is below 200 ms , which is lower than your brain can react , this does work in realistic sim games because you dont dart across the map like usain bolt and have little to no momentum in the direction you go - another thing is the "somewhat" realistic damage model paired with the very heavy hidden aim assist mechanic in game we all know and love as RNG headshot , its simply not fun that you just have to shoot in the general direction and score 3 headshots in 4 bullets just because the game feels like it should grant you pity kills , I dont feel accomplished I feel belittled Either embrace the Arcade and keep in RNG sway and cone , moon jumps , silly physics , auto reloading tanks and planes that can be commanded by 1 player alone OR Embrace the realism and buff the weapon damage up so much that you dont need random headshots to make up for the fact that an arm or leg hit can negate 50% of your damage or even more if you equip some magic imaginary badge Reto should realise that they have to make up their mind on what they want to be , realism or arcade , those concepts dont mix like that and the more stuff you dump on either side of the scale the less happy people will be , either cater to arcade or realism not both , they want to have their cake and eat it and its just not working out - they need to make content for their game that fits the theme and their direction for the game and not what is currently hot and trendy unless we want to end up with Heroes and generals Battle royale and Heroes and Generals ; sandbox RP
  11. HobosAndGerbils

    Rubberbanding without high ping and no packet loss

    hm , all you could do at this point is writing a support ticket with DX logfile attached but it will probably take arround 4 weeks to get answered . as you already heard from the other people here the servers are incredibly laggy at the moment by the way you explained your problem its probably a problem on Retos servers
  12. HobosAndGerbils

    Unofficial HG Community Survey Poll

    I appreciate the feedback but the whole poll is not representative anyways which I clearly said in the opening P.S even if the entire forum voted it would probably be 25% of the playerbase at best , its always hard to put feelings , mood and gutfeeling into statistics , statistics are cold hard numbers that say nothing and have to be interpreted in the right way first , feelins are something emotional ungraspable , this thread pretty much boils down on how happy or not happy the people participating are and at best its a hint for reto to take into consideration to understand their own , probably more complete data a bitt better by providing perspective of a part of the community TL;DR this poll is more about providing a somewhat vague gauge for mood than about overall % of happyness across the playerbase , while this thread CAN be helpful for reto with enough participation it probably provides soft data ( feelings , mood , trust ) more than Hard data ( usage statistics , player statistics on where they fall on certain spectrums etc )
  13. HobosAndGerbils

    Does Infantry First apply to planes?

    both the video and the redemon tools were last updated pre armor 2.0 so they might BOTH not apply at all If I remember right everhart was july 2016 while the video was in december 2016 - also I faintly remember the redemon tool only updating the guns and not the explosive section Also recently poopdrip of the community reddit did tests with the AT rifles and found out that RNG damage fluctuation still applys and even that infantry first might affect this a bit to cause some "crits" completely regardless on where you aim on the tank / vehicle There really is no way to 100% be certain right now and tests may get screwed over by varying amounts of RNG sooooo ... unless one of the retos chimes in and explains the deeper mechanics and stats pretty much everything we can go by is gutfeeling and patterns
  14. HobosAndGerbils

    Unofficial HG Community Survey Poll

    I think neutral answers are kind of important tho , some people are extremely indifferent towards the the whole community and dev relation thing and those people could not care less about the whole thing and dont understand the commotion about it , those people would probably be grouped with either side of the extreme not because they apply to that spectrum but because they are either indifferent and it would turn into a survey about their general optimism and or lack thereof Also yes , kind of yes , kind of no and no are neutral answers aswell and I tried to avoid neutral yes or no answers because it would probably run down to problems like " yes I trust retos decisons but im not happy with the current game , or no I dont trust reto but they somehow made a nice game - thats why I added that people are free to add their answer in the comments if they dont feel represented at all and explain why - trying to find fitting questions and fitting answers for all parts of the community would be impossible anyways so its just easier to present a set a few answers people can vaguely relate to on both sides and let the rest of the comments represent the people that dont feel represented Even not partaking in the vote is a form of vote in the form that you feel none of the answers represent your opinion , in this case it would be important to write into the comments what you feel like .
  15. HobosAndGerbils

    Rubberbanding without high ping and no packet loss

    This is the US server , so unless you are not from that region it should work fine 71 ms ping is a bit higher than usual for games , a normal value would be 30-60 ms if the ping fluctuates a lot this is called jitter , jitter can cause the connection to feel unreliable or even cause some slight rubberbanding , it would be interesting to know if the ping also changes that much in other games but its just less noticable in there , HGs netcode is very picky with pingtimes and jitter