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  1. After waiting 15 minutes for a battle that ended up on the utterly broken moscow server yet again - had 4 infantry in total and the rest tanks and recons where I shot someone directly between the eyes without doing any damage just to get headshot across the map by a pocket pistol seconds later I think I can finaly say that im at a point of complete indifference I know I have threatened to permanently leave a couple of times in the past and im 100% sure some people will be celebrating that I finaly vanish In the past I kept on returning because of some wrong sense of spite and and hope that the next update will bring the change that turns the tide - this update will never come and playing right now makes me so miserable that its taking a toll on my real life I usualy play 1 battle a day that I absolutely loathe just for effing horrid the balance is - sniping people with my LMG while everyone sits in a tank and ignores the caps is nothing I can work with ... and I think that summs up the current game pretty good - everyone spams tanks and ignores the caps , assault rifles and LMGs still reign supreme at litteraly anything but sniper distance and there is just nothing left in this game that I enjoy and since reto doesnt even understand the problem and even tho the battles were already completely overspammed with tanks and special classes we still get a 50% sale on special classes Now queue the insults on how im a quitter or complainer or whiny baby and dont forget that famous " good job reto - im leaving ... for at least a week " all the taunts will be way less painful than actualy playing this game
  2. HobosAndGerbils

    GaiusBaltar won the game

    legends say that gaius was the first prototype of reto.moto that ran amuck after they tried to cast the first pure troll MMO out of enriched trollinium - the prototype ran amuck because someone at the dev studio dumped about 4 1/2 metrics tonnes of salt onto the solid block of trolinium - by the time the devs noticed their mistake he already escaped the secret torture laboratory in a hijacked reto moto APC Since then he has sworn revenge on his creators while trying to maintain his vital salt levels living on the salt left on the battlefield by retomoto in attempt to recreate and finish their masterpiece - consuming the very essence he is made of to stay alive and hunt down his creators
  3. HobosAndGerbils

    Every Reto boardroom meeting since 1.12

  4. HobosAndGerbils

    The terrible state of the gaming industry - and people who can't see it

    Im pretty sure that we didnt even scratch the surface of what can be done concept wise but as with all big buisness its probably decided by some boardroom meeting what gets funded This in return creates a envoirment where innovation is frowned upon because the asshats financing it still think its a safer bet to make the same game everyone has made already with tiny variations *cough cough * battle royale *cough cough* MOBA somehow they still dont understand that you cant play it safe by copy pasting in a media that is entirely about innovation and creativity as for the indie devs - there mights be some 4-5 man dev teams that develop a game in their free time and probably fund servers etc by donations but im almost tempted to say that even some of the indie devs are only in it for the money - just look at the amount of unity engine survival zombie games with reused assets etc
  5. HobosAndGerbils

    Effect of Updates on some players

    I probably could .... If I remembered the matching passwords 🤣
  6. HobosAndGerbils

    Battle Royale Mode?

    we already have a battle royale mode tho - they sneak implemented it with the last update The last infantry player to ragequit in the tankspam battles gets a handsigned fruit basket from reto ಠ_ಠ
  7. HobosAndGerbils

    Effect of Updates on some players

    yep - been on board since closed beta day :> probably my 12th account now since I joined at point in my life I played this game so religiously that I did a 10 hour marathon - went to bed only to play again next day some of my greatest gaming experiences were with this game for example headshotting a enemy APC driver through the hatch across the old towns river I felt like a million bucks that moment Now I carry home 15-25 meaningless headshots a game by randomly spraying my LMG across the map and in the end I feel repulsed by the game that I sometimes dont play for days only to return , play 2 uninteresting tank spam battles where the entire team is camping the bushes and leave again
  8. HobosAndGerbils

    Effect of Updates on some players

    Before update : After update :
  9. HobosAndGerbils


    it would not only slow battles down it would completely grind them to a hold because most of the assault maps for example have mile long chokepoints (bridges etc) you are forced to go down - having 4 completely indistructible tanks cutting corners would make bridge fights even more impossible than they already are
  10. HobosAndGerbils


    almost everyone plays for fun - even the tryhards , for them mastering the game is part of the fun and challange problem here is that neither warthunder nor world of tanks have infantry - if you add aspects to a game they all have their own rat tail of problems dragging behind them , organizing a game is like organizing a dance show - the more dancers are on stage doing different dances the more chaotic and hard it gets to organzize everything and prevent them from crashing into each other as for the 3rd person view it would suffer from the usual third person problem where everyone is camping behind some corner having a clear sight on what is on the other side just wiating for people to stumble arround the corner and get ambushed all the time without being vulnurable themselfs
  11. HobosAndGerbils

    StarOfAfrika, here is my KD that you called a lie lol

    HG is a glorified power fantasy after all I had battles where I went 47-10 with the johnson or solo capped a objective getting away with 22-0 KD where I pretty much facehumped an entire soviet team with a STG44 and a few battles later when I tried to level my soviet by using a unmodded svt I got my shirt kicked in so bad that I BARELY broke even with 6-6 KD Im tempted to say that my skill did not change over 2-3 battles and some weapons just overperform so grossly that it doesnt matter that I suck butt in this game if you are bored enough to waste countless hours on this game in effort to be the master of clobbering toddlers with a sledgehammer this game is probably very fulfilling I agree with you that this game is not competetive at all but im also pretty sure that most people are not actively searching for a challange
  12. HobosAndGerbils


    I think you just named the problem yourself they tried to mix a simulation with arcade elements , which in my opinion is next to impossible to get right If they had sticked with one of the two we wouldnt have that problem right now but its the mix that spoils the dish here its like a cold chocolate chili con carne mix drink - each dish in itself would be a great dish but if you throw them into a blender it degenreates into a disgusting sloppy mush its probably possible to make a game that caters to both if you really really want it but HG managed to staple elements of both on a game that was not made for it without embracing any of it - some changes basicly yell : oh we need to cater to the casuals , lets add this oh but we also need this to be competetive so lets make it competetive too in the end we get a game where tryhards ( overskilled bullies ) still clear the house because they know how to abuse the mechanics but since reto attempted to nerf skill with RNG everyone loses . The casuals lose because they get hit by the attempt to randomize everything the most since for someone who doesnt spend hours on end to figure out the best loadouts its extremely frustrating to fire his gun at a target in 2 m distance and miss all of his 15 -32 shots because the shots litteraly go everywhere and the tryhards leave too because at one point the realisation hits them that no matter how much they tryhard the potential they have is capped by RNG , which esentialy kills longtime investment because there is nothing to master as for the RTS its appeals to noone right now ,tryhards lose massive amounts of wf due to AR spam campaigns and casual RTS generals dont find the time to babysit their ATs all day - I think reto has given up on making the RTS appealing for anyone because they realized that it would take a massive rework down to the concept to make it appealing for anyone who would potentialy spend money on it in a long run , without AR anyone would sit on endless amounts of WF at the end of year one and nobody would buy a thing - and it would take some other WF sink to stop the inflation which would take massive amounts of time and money too also ~ without trying to piss you off gaius but ... I would not consider you a casual , casuals usualy play a month or two with friends and move on . you spend a massive amount of time and effort on the game but not in the usual tryhard way heck you even find time to respond to replys while on work :P im pretty sure no casual would even bother to - you are not a tryhard but you are probably not considered casual because you probably spend more time on this game than a lot of the overskilled bullies ... just in different parts of the game and over a way way way longer stretch of time
  13. HobosAndGerbils


    I think you missed a third possible reason the game was already struggeling to maintain a playerbase and income when the investment was made its possible that they actively searched for investors to keep the ship afloat - they had a small buffer to get back up and running but somehow missed their timeframe , and as result heads had to roll video game investments are a tricky buisness because its a very unpredictable market - once you start funding a game and developing it it might already be too late for the hype you wanted a piece of . For example the MOBA craze where countless dev teams tried to shirt out quickly made MOBA games to cash in on the hype - the teams that took to long made a massive loss