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  1. HobosAndGerbils

    Book you read this week .

  2. HobosAndGerbils

    Moscow server currently has 12% packetloss

    #gamingexperience is the heroes and generals version of #MeToo someone should make that a HG meme
  3. HobosAndGerbils

    Heroes and Generals is ruined

    ^^ this so much - the toxicity the game is flooded right now with is a DIRECT result of reto flipping the finger to pretty much every single suggestion ever made Litteraly every single other game I have ever been part of would have been throbbing in excitement for the amount of dedicated people trying to come up with solutions and discussing on how the game can become more fun for anyone We have collections of Vet problems like the list by mastah for example , those problems have been known for YEARS , Id say at least half of them never got any recognition from reto whatsoever Other things like for example the transparent cap icons got major support from the community and had people laying out in detail on how they can be implemented it took a year or so to even get any response to that It wouldnt even be that bad if they simply ignored problems , suggestions and pleas but right now they have the awful habit of straight up doing the exact opposite of what players have been longing for for years in the most cheeky "umad trollface.jpg" ways people are leaving the game in droves because of special class spam and the RTS being broken by AR abuse for YEARS ... what do we get as only response from the devs ? A special class sale and hades telling us that AR wont be removed but everyone can do their job for them and tell them how they should tweak the AR timer for them Even the CEO letter boldly claimed that they will rely EVEN more on statistics this year and it just hasnt worked at all yet I dont know if the person creating the statistics gets the data of the game by asking 3-4 people in global chat or if reto is just this terrible at making any sense of the data but its pretty insulting to constantly get called a vocal minority because "the statistics suggest otherwise " I dont want to promote my own thread here too much but there is a thread about the moscow server where a bunch of people layed out the problem with the moscow server that pretty much say that almost all EU servers are moscow servers and are broken with up to 33% packetloss - this thread is weeks old and hasnt gotten ANY recognition or even an answer I can absolutely relate to people getting toxic - its exactly what happens if you tell people you value their feedback , than not only ignore them but do the EXACT opposite of what the suggestions have to say while flipping the finger to everyone boldly claiming " the statistiscs are always right " I am as toxic as it can get myself , I constantly rant in global chat and I display my utter dismay with retos current course in pretty much forum post because some of the decisions are just straight up DUMB or simply made for another game than heroes and generals , some of the decisions feel so disconnected that its not a wonder that people get upset Hades had a little chat in game a while ago where he said that he personaly forwarded a few things that even he thinks are dumb that got absolutely no recognition if even hades cant get the developing part of the team to care we have absolutely no chance to get anything to reto Feedback is absolutely useless , everything has been repeated ad nauseum to this point , probably 2% of that got a response what is currently happening is that reto tells us what they want for the game and asks us to do the concept work while telling us what they dont want to do They come up with some concept that doesnt fit the game , potentialy harms the playernumbers and we as community get tasked with coming up with a solution on how to make the broken concepts work without removing them because apparently the only one with the greater plan is whoever is making decisions We as community have nothing to work with , apart from the ammo stats we dont even have official weapon stats , we dont have official repair cost charts - we have no access to any statistics or any limitations of the engine , even people that WANT to help the game have nothing to work with In essence reto wants to sell us a car , asks us what car we would like - than do whatever they feel like anyways , end up with a car with 3 tires , no windows , the exhaust on the inside of the cabine and than tasks us to stop the car from falling over or gassing the driver to death from exhaust fumes while they dont allow us access to their garage or factory and dont tell us what parts they used and which cables lead where
  4. HobosAndGerbils

    Reto AT Rambo's are Disgustingly OP

    battles where the enemy team has 4 tiger tanks sniping every single infantry that gets anywhere near the caps is extremely fun - especialy if you than decide to organize 2 AT soldiers drive up to one of the tigers and still take like 2 minutes to get him down because even tho he is missing his engine , the transmission , both tracks and and the turret ring he can still snipe away your team - at one point we ran out of rockets and got MG sniped by the other 3 tanks because they finaly woke up from their AFK farm after 2 minutes - we ended up dying to insta tank mg headshots only to see the tanker jump out of his tank to repair it back to full before we were able to get to the tanks again .... best 5600 credits I ever spend on slightly inconvieniencing 4 people that can just spawn a new tank 334 credits I mean we can still hope for a fix right ? its only 143 days since the update got released and completely broke the game ! Edit: another fun game where half the enemy team was tanks and our half team was tanks .... nobody killed more than 2 tanks because tanks on both sides were way to busy HE spamming into the spawn and headshotting people out of their driving jeeps with their mg out of desperation because we could not get on the cap point I tried to destroy a single Panzer IV - 3 stacks of H3 in my inventory and 1 sticky had iron fist and grenadier gold .... used every single h3 and every single sticky I had in my inventory tank survived mostly unharmed , 1 shot from the other end of the map , headshot by tank MG we had 1 infantry who managed to take 1 cap and have like 12 kills .... he got less exp than the worst tanker without a single tank destruction and 3 infantry kills
  5. HobosAndGerbils

    Optimisation Status : ....good

    maybe not everything but if a game that started development in like what ... 2011 ? HG runs considerably worse on the lowest possible settings than a fancy new game from 2018 with all the new anti aliasing and filters enabled there is seriously something wrong I can run over open fields with water reflections , postprocessing , realistic lighting while a tank spams fancy explosions at me that leave impact craters without dipping below 60 in roody toody shoot a man 5 and cant even walk past 2 parked tanks in HG while I have ALL postprocessing effects disabled without dipping 20 FPS or more it may be time to optimize HG a bit
  6. HobosAndGerbils

    New Weapon for the German Army

    I would not mind new guns if they dont break the balance even further I would even enjoy semi or bolt action weapons if they find some that make the game more fun without being overpowered and yeah bolt action rifles need a rework ... they are pretty much the only gun that doesnt work right even in the range they were intended for ... the sway and heavyset + arm hitbox makes them straight up worse than semi auto rifles and I dont quite see why this has to be but *shrug* who knows we will however get a few new weapons soon as seen on the trello board - US gets the recoilless AT rifle and germany gets the granatbüchse as t2 AT rifle I think
  7. HobosAndGerbils

    Moscow server currently has 12% packetloss

    I dont think that the profits of gold right now would go towards new servers - reto creates content because thats the only way they can get any money from the game , they have to get more money because their investors are probably upset , I dont think a new server would make them any money so it possibly has the absolute lowest priority
  8. HobosAndGerbils

    The War Bond Effect

    exactly what I always say - maybe one or two things alone would have been more enough to balance tank vs AT but the amount of changes at once made it uncontrollable they threw everything into one update and didnt really test the changes that thoroughly and even made changes that they didnt test at all before it went live now that the investors got pissed that their investment failed to generate profit and reto is sitting here with an update that will take at least 1 year to make fun again they are in a pretty bad spot right now Hence why heads had to roll , which probably made it even worse because now they can fix the problems even slower
  9. HobosAndGerbils

    Soviet Dog Anti Tanks.

    Those dogs were trained to carry a bomb charge and run under tanks to blow them up from the weakest part of their armor However what happened was that in mid of all the loud explosions and noises of the fight and in fear of the loud tank the dogs got scared and ran back into the trenches for cover ... instantly blowing up and killing everyone in the trenches - the idea got used only a few times before it got retired for less dangerous approaches for example setting the tank on fire burning the tank crew to death in WW2 tanks were still relatively new as they only had a few years to develop since they got invented in mid world war 1 Many anti tank solutions got tested and many of them failed horribly We even have one of those in game ! The sticky bomb was highly ineffective as it was coated in glue to stick to the tank it was thrown at ... this proved to be highly ineffective as tanks were often wet , muddy or dusty causing the sticky bomb to fall off Another major problem of the sticky bomb was that it often got stuck to the clothes of the poor sob who tried to throw it causing him to explode into a bloody mist anti tank solutions were still in their infant stage just as the tanks in WW1 the first AT solution was probably regular ammo where the bullet got put into the catridge in reverse to puncture the armor like a bolt , this however reduced the flight characteristics of the ammo and made it less precisie
  10. HobosAndGerbils

    Moscow server currently has 12% packetloss

    RU players have the exact same problem with the servers , people living in moscow get the same problem that people from outside gets The only reason the probably use the moscow servers is because they are dirt cheap 200€ a month as opposed to servers from I3D that are like 2000 to 4200 € a month The majority of their EU servers are in moscow and from the same host because its cheap to rent
  11. HobosAndGerbils

    The War Bond Effect

    the concept of armor 2.0 wasnt even that bad but its simply too much stuff at once in a single update , it swallowed too much resources and time now they have even less devs and even less ways to generate money to fix armor 2.0 If they made it like a 4-5 part update it would have been more controllable Introduce new driving physics - see if that is enough , if yes keep it introduce spawntimers and see if they properly work introduce modular damage and see how that goes introduce limit less class changes and see how players react everything went into one update that took a long time , was probably expensive , prevented the devs from making new stuff to sell to generate money and now that the update pretty much failed and is still pretty much not working months after the update they sit here with half of the staff and a game that doesnt work properly and probably wont for at least another year if squad 2.0 is something to go by as scale
  12. HobosAndGerbils

    The War Bond Effect

    Im almost sure that this was one of the reasons they lost one way to get money ... probably not the biggest part of the pie but other things that happened during that time probably lead to the staff reduction I think the investment from nordisk film a while ago might be another reason , they probably had to display an expected growth to nordisk in the negotiation with them to get the investment , after that a few things happened that probably made the investors ( that probably hold a share now) unhappy with the profit First the warbonds money stopped because of new EU laws , probably during the time when they were developing the armor 2.0 update , splixen mentioned that they bit of a bigger chunk than they can chew with the deadline for armor 2.0 , that means that during that time they had no money from warbonds pouring in , they had no new thing they could sell at that time because armor 2.0 took all the attention and new conent was supposed to come after armor 2.0 - because the warbonds ran out without getting renewed there were suddenly a lot of vets with a giant cartload of gold , that means that even when the new tanks , at weapons etc finaly arrived nobody had to buy gold because they had a lot of gold from the now ending warbonds In an attempt to shrink the company to be maintainable they layed off 50% of their staff ... sadly they still dont have the options of payments they had with the warbonds and the only thing they can still sell is new content - new content takes a lot of time and the investors are probably breathing down their neck expecting their investment to return some money so ... yes ... a lot of very unlucky things that all happened at the worst possible time Unless they work very effieciently now and crank out content update after content update they currently have no way to maintain the game
  13. HobosAndGerbils

    Optimisation Status : ....good

    Generic Shooter game 5 FPS:60 ( its a bit tiny but see the green 60 in the top right ?) Heroes & Generals ( every single graphic setting on low ((expect object quality)) FPS:49 dropping to 40 at random times ... ... ಠ_ಠ
  14. HobosAndGerbils

    Do i get a free tank when i buy the tank crewman?

    ^ this However leveling your tank progress with the starter tank is perfectly valid - allow yourself to familliarize yourself with tanks and what to do before you progress the starter tanks are very cheap to spawn and forgiving to use Also you are almost guaranteed to make a lot of credits that way
  15. HobosAndGerbils

    HS rework suggestion

    heavy set is so broken that the game constantly gets bend arround that badge to make every other parts fit arround it I agree with the suggestion as I think balancing other parts arround a badge that adds a straight up HP bonus in form of damage reduction from all sources ( even falling ) is a bad habit also I think its worth to note that the arm and leg hitbox damage panalty adds to the misery , guns become unpredictable and if the RNG hates you , you hit nothing but the arm hitbox and basicly do no damage at all Arm and leg hitboxes + heavy set are way too much reduction and way to random to be enjoyable heavyset in itself is bad enough but if the hitboxes add another layer is just too much just as a frame of reference - the 1903 will do 117 damage without heavy set - and with heavy set gold hitting the arm hitbox its 49 damage just because of a combination of a badge and a hitbox you lose 68 damage points ... this is simply unacceptable