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  1. Shimano_aN

    ideia para atualização

    A ideia de espandir o war para o norte da africa é relamente muito boa, ia gerar uma gameplay bem interessante com elementos como tempestades de areia (no lugar da nevoa) e relevos que influenciariam de forma diferente nos veiculos e no proprio jogo. Alem disso imagino que recriando os mapas em determinadas estaçoes do ano e adicionando novas roupas (camuflagens brancas para o inverno por exemplo) seria deveras interessante
  2. Shimano_aN

    My loving scopes are gone!

    I used to play a lot of heroes and generals in 2017 and 2018, i putted loads of cash in the game and bought scopes for stg44, k98, mosin and gewher, now i came back to play and they changed it for some baseball shirty scopes that give me headache, i used to have a soldier of each class in infantary. A black k98 with scope and a p38 in one soldier, stg with scope and a p08 in other, in another one a mp40 and lansmines...
  3. Shimano_aN

    My infantary fg 42 is Bugged

    I recently unlocked my fg42 in my infantary but i cant put the scope and other atachments that i use in the paratroper soldier, i spend a loving week to unlock it and now it doesnt work as it should, please reto have a look at it, its so disapointing whats happening to this game...
  4. I agree with Svenren, it should be unlocked by the 11th lmg assault . Some atachments should be allowed too such as the ones in the paratrooper soldiers.
  5. Blitzkrieg works gret in atacks at weak countries such as poland and netherlands, because they weren't armed enough...
  6. PZB-39 I was having a quick search on internet last week and I found this german gun. Produced and used among ww2 during operation barbarosa as a anti-tank rifle.Used against tanks was realy effective to armor (it could penetrate even a t34 model 1941), it wasnt a game changer for ww2 but it cuold possibly balance the warzone inside heroes and generals. So what about you? What do you think about it? Would it fit the game?